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Friday - May 22, 2015

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ID Word Definition
57027 u U is the twenty first letter and the fifth vowel in the English Alphabet. The sound seems to be ...
57028 uberous U'BEROUS, a. [L. uber.] Fruitful; copious. [Little used.]
57029 uberty U'BERTY, n. [L. ubertas, from uber, fruitful or copious.] Abundance; fruitfulness. [Little ...
57030 ubication UBICA'TION,
57031 ubiety UBI'ETY, n. [L. ubi, where.] The state of being in a place; local relation. [Not much used.]
57032 ubiquitariness UBIQ'UITARINESS, n. Existence every where. [Little used.]
57033 ubiquitary UBIQ'UITARY, a. [L. ubique, from ubi. where.]Existing every where, or in all places.UBIQ'UITARY, ...
57034 ubiquity UBIQ'UITY, n. [L. ubique, every where.] Existence in all places or every where at the same time; ...
57035 udder UD'DER, n. [Gr.]The breast of a female; but the word is applied chiefly or wholly to the glandular ...
57036 uddered UD'DERED, a. Furnished with udders.
57037 uglily UG'LILY, adv. In an ugly manner; with deformity.
57038 ugliness UG'LINESS, n. [from ugly.]1. Total want of beauty; deformity of person; as old age and ...
57039 ugly UG'LY, a. [See Hack.[Deformed; offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; hateful; as an ugly ...
57040 ukase UKA'SE, n. In Russia, a proclamation or imperial order published.
57041 ulcer UL'CER, n. [L. ulcus; Gr.]A sore; a solution of continuity in any of the soft parts of the body, ...
57042 ulcerate UL'CERATE, v.i. To be formed into an ulcer; to become ulcerous.UL'CERATE, v.t. [L. ulcero.] To ...
57043 ulcerated UL'CERATED, pp. Affected with ulcers.
57044 ulcerating UL'CERATING, ppr. Turning to an ulcer; generating ulcers.
57045 ulceration ULCERA'TION, n. [L. ulceratio.]1. The process of forming into an ulcer, or the process of ...
57046 ulcered UL'CERED, a. Having become an ulcer.
57047 ulcerous UL'CEROUS, a.1. Having the nature or character of an ulcer; discharging purulent or other ...
57048 ulcerousness UL'CEROUSNESS, n. The state of being ulcerous.
57049 ulcusle UL'CUSLE, n. [L. ulcusculum, from ulcus.] A little ulcer.
57051 ule-tree U'LE-TREE, n. In botany the Castilla, a genus of trees, whose milky juice yields that king of ...
57050 ule FORM'ULA,'ULE, n. [L.] 1. A prescribed form; a rule or model.2. In medicine, a prescription.3. ...
57052 ulency VIR'ULENCE,'ULENCY, n. [from virulent.]1. That renders it extremely active in doing injury; ...
57053 uliginous ULIG'INOUS, a. [L. uliginosus, from uligo, ooziness.]Muddy; oozy; slimy.
57054 ullage UL'LAGE, n. In commerce, the wantage of casks of liquor, or what a cask wants of being full.
57055 ulmin UL'MIN, n. [L. ulmus, elm.] A substance obtained from the elm tree, of very singular properties. ...
57056 ulnage ULNAGE. [See Alnage, Aunage.]
57057 ulnar UL'NAR, a. [L. ulna.] Pertaining to the ulna or cubit; as the ulnar nerve.
57058 ulterior ULTE'RIOR, a. [L. comparative.] 1. Further; as ulterior demands; ulterior propositions. What ...
57059 ultimate UL'TIMATE, a. [L. ultimus, furthest.]1. Furthest; most remote; extreme. We have not yet arrived ...
57060 ultimately UL'TIMATELY, adv. Finally; at last; in the end of last consequence. Afflictions often tend to ...
57061 ultimatum ULTIMA'TUM, n. [L.] 1..In diplomacy, the final propositions, conditions or terms offered as the ...
57062 ultimity ULTIM'ITY, n. the last stage or consequence. [Little used.]
57063 ultramarine ULTRAMARINE, a. [L. ultra, beyond, and marinus, marine.]Situated or being beyond the ...
57064 ultramontane ULTRAMON'TANE, a. [L. ultra and montanus, from mons, mountain.]Being beyond the mountain. Thus ...
57065 ultramundane ULTRAMUN'DANE, a. [L. ultra and mundus, world.]Being beyond the world, or beyond the limits of our ...
57066 ultroneous ULTRO'NEOUS, a. [L. ultro, of one's own accord.] Spontaneous; voluntary. [Not used.]
57067 ululate U'LULATE, v.i. [L. ululo, to howl.] to how, as a dog or wolf.
57068 ululation ULULA'TION, n. a howling, as of the wolf or dog.
57069 umbel UM'BEL, n. [L. umbella, a screen or fan.]In botany, a particular mode of inflorescence or ...
57070 umbellar UM'BELLAR, a. Pertaining to an umbel; having the form of an umbel.
57071 umbellate UM'BELLATE,
57072 umbellated UM'BELLATED, a. Bearing umbels; consisting of an umbel; growing on an umbel; as umbellate plants ...
57073 umbellet UM'BELLET,
57074 umbellicle UMBEL'LICLE, n. A little or partial umbel.
57075 umbelliferous UMBELLIF'EROUS, a. [L. umbella and fero, to bear.]Producing the inflorescence called an umbel; ...
57076 umber UM'BER, n. In natural history, an ore of iron, a fossil of a brown, yellowish, or blackish brown ...
57077 umbered UM'BERED, a. [L. umbra, a shade.] 1. Shaded; clouded.2. [from umber.] Painted with umber.
57078 umbilic UMBIL'IC, n. [infra.] The navel; the center.UMBIL'IC,
57079 umbilical UMBIL'ICAL, a. [L. umbilicus, the navel.] Pertaining to the navel; as umbilical vessels; ...
57080 umbilicate UMBIL'ICATE,
57081 umbilicated UMBIL'ICATED, a. Navel-shaped; formed in the middle like a navel; as a flower, fruit, or leaf.
57082 umbles UM'BLES, n. The entrails of a deer.
57083 umbo UM'BO, n. [L.] The boss or protuberant part of a shield.
57084 umboldilite UMBOLDILITE, n. [from Humboldt.] A newly discovered Vesuvian mineral, whose primitive form is a ...
57085 umbra UM'BRA, n. A fish caught in the Mediterranean, generally about 12 or 14 inches long, but sometimes ...
57086 umbrage UM'BRAGE, n. [L. umbra, a shade.]1. A shade; a screen of trees; as the umbrage of woods.2. ...
57087 umbrageous UMBRA'GEOUS, a.1. Shading; forming a shade; as umbrageous trees or foliage.2. Shady; shaded; as ...
57088 umbrageousness UMBRA'GEOUSNESS, n. Shadiness; as the umbrageousness of a tree.
57089 umbrate UM'BRATE, v.t. [L. umbro, to shade.] To shade; to shadow. [Little used.]
57090 umbrated UM'BRATED, pp. Shaded; shadowed.
57091 umbratic UMBRAT'IC,
57092 umbratical UMBRAT'ICAL, a. [L. umbraticus.]1. Shadowy; typical.2. Keeping in the shade or at home.
57093 umbratile UM'BRATILE, a. [L. umbratilis.]1. Being in the shade.2. Unreal; unsubstantial.3. Being in ...
57094 umbratious UMBRA'TIOUS, a. [See Umbrage.] Suspicious; apt to distrust; captious; disposed to take umbrage. ...
57095 umbrel UM'BREL,
57096 umbrella UMBREL'LA, n. [from L. umbra, shade.] A shade, screen or guard, carried in the hand for ...
57097 umbriere UMBRIE'RE, n. The visor of a helmet.
57098 umbrosity UMBROS'ITY, n. [L. umbrosus.] Shadiness. [Little used.]
57099 uminpaired UMINPA'IRED, a. Not impaired; not diminished; not enfeebled by time or injury; as an unimpaired ...
57100 umpirage UM'PIRAGE, n. [from umpire.] 1. The power, right or authority of an umpire to decide.2. The ...
57101 umpire UM'PIRE, n. [L. imperium, contracted, as in empire.]1. A third person called in to decide a ...
57102 un UN, a prefix or inseparable preposition, un or on, usually un, an, is the same word as the L. in. ...
57103 unabased UNABA'SED, a. Not abased; not humbled.
57104 unabashed UNABASH'ED, a. Not abashed; not confused with shame, or by modesty.
57105 unabated UNABA'TED, a. Not abated; not diminished in strength or violence. The fever remains unabated.
57106 unabbreviated UNABBRE'VIATED, a. Not abbreviated; not shortened.
57107 unabetted UNABET'TED, a. Not abetted; not aided.
57108 unability UNABIL'ITY,
57109 unabjured UNABJU'RED, a. Not abjured; not renounced on oath.
57110 unable UNA'BLE, a.1. Not able; not having sufficient strength or means; impotent; weak in power, or poor ...
57111 unableness UNA'BLENESS, n. Want of ability. [Not used. We use inability.]
57112 unabolishable UNABOL'ISHABLE, a. Not abolishable; that may not be abolished, annulled or destroyed.
57113 unabolished UNABOL'ISHED, a. Not abolished; not repealed or annulled; remaining in force.
57114 unabridged UNABRIDG'ED, a. Not abridged; not shortened.
57115 unabrogated UNAB'ROGATED, a. Not abrogated; not annulled.
57116 unabsolved UNABSOLV'ED, a. s as z. Not absolved; not acquitted or forgiven.
57117 unabsorbable UNABSORB'ABLE, a. Not absorbable; not capable of being absorbed.
57118 unabsorbed UNABSORB'ED, a. Not absorbed; not imbibed.
57119 unaccelerated UNACCEL'ERATED, a. Not accelerated; not hastened.
57120 unaccented UNACCENT'ED, a. Not accented; having no accent; as an unaccented syllable.
57121 unacceptable UNACCEPT'ABLE, a. Not acceptable; not pleasing; not welcome; not such as will be received with ...
57122 unacceptableness UNACCEPT'ABLENESS, n. The state of not pleasing.
57123 unacceptably UNACCEPT'ABLY, adv. In an unwelcome or unpleasing manner.
57124 unaccepted UNACCEPT'ED, a. Not accepted or received; rejected.
57125 unaccessible UNACCESS'IBLE, a. Inaccessible. [This latter word is now used.]
57126 unaccessibleness UNACCESS'IBLENESS, n. State of not being approachable; inaccessibleness. [The latter is word now ...
57127 unaccommodated UNACCOM'MODATED, a. 1. Not accommodated; not furnished with external conveniences.2. Not fitted ...
57128 unaccommodating UNACCOM'MODATING, a. Not accommodating; not ready to oblige; uncompliant.
57129 unaccompanied UNACCOMPANIED, a. 1. Not attended; having no attendants, companions or followers.2. Having no ...
57130 unaccomplished UNACCOM'PLISHED, a.1. Not accomplished; not finished; incomplete.2. Not refined in manners; not ...
57131 unaccomplishment UNACCOM'PLISHMENT, n. Want of accomplishment or execution.
57132 unaccording UNACCORD'ING, a. Not according; not agreeing.
57133 unaccountability UNACCOUNTABIL'ITY, n. The state or quality of not being accountable; or the state of being ...
57134 unaccountable UNACCOUNT'ABLE, a.1. Not to be accounted for. Such folly is unaccountable.2. Not explicable; not ...
57135 unaccountableness UNACCOUNT'ABLENESS, n.1. Strangeness.2. Irresponsibility.
57136 unaccountably UNACCOUNT'ABLY, adv. In a manner not to be explained; strangely.
57137 unaccredited UNACCRED'ITED, a. Not accredited; not received; not authorized. The minister or the consul ...
57138 unaccurate UNAC'CURATE, a. Inaccurate; not correct or exact. [But inaccurate is now used.]
57139 unaccurateness UNAC'CURATENESS, n. Want of correctness. [But we now use inaccurateness, or inaccuracy.]
57140 unaccused UNACCU'SED, a. s as z. Not accused; not charged with a crime or fault.
57141 unaccustomed UNACCUS'TOMED, a.1. Not accustomed; not used; not made familiar; not habituated; as a bullock ...
57142 unachievable UNACHIE'VABLE, a. That cannot be done or accomplished.
57143 unachieved UNACHIE'VED, a. Not achieved; not accomplished or performed.
57144 unacknowledged UNACKNOWL'EDGED, a.1. Not acknowledged; not recognized; as an unacknowledged agent or consul.2. ...
57145 unacquaintance UNACQUA'INTANCE, n. Want of acquaintance or familiarity; want of knowledge; followed by with; as ...
57146 unacquainted UNACQUA'INTED, a. 1. Not well known; unusual.And th' unacquainted light began to fear. [Not in ...
57147 unacquaintedness UNACQUA'INTEDNESS, n. Want of acquaintance.
57148 unacquired UNACQUI'RED, a. Not acquired; not gained.
57149 unacquitted UNACQUIT'TED, a. Not acquitted, not declared innocent.
57150 unacted UNACT'ED, a. Not acted; not performed; not executed.
57151 unactive UNACT'IVE, a. 1. Not active; not brisk. [We now use inactive.]2. Having no employment.3. Not ...
57152 unactuated UNACT'UATED, a. Not actuated; not moved.
57153 unadapted UNADAPT'ED, a. Not adapted; not suited.
57154 unaddicted UNADDICT'ED, a. Not addicted; not given or devoted.
57155 unadjudged UNADJUDG'ED, a. Not adjudged; not judicially decided.
57156 unadjusted UNADJUST'ED, a. 1. Not adjusted; not settled; not regulated; as differences unadjusted.2. Not ...
57157 unadministered UNADMIN'ISTERED, a. Not administered.
57158 unadmired UNADMI'RED, a. Not admired; not regarded with great affection or respect.
57159 unadmiring UNADMI'RING, a. Not admiring.
57160 unadmonished UNADMON'ISHED, a. Not admonished; not cautioned, warned or advised.
57161 unadopted UNADOPT'ED, a. Not adopted; not received as one's own.
57162 unadored UNADO'RED, a. Not adored; not worshiped.
57163 unadorned UNADORN'ED, a. Not adorned; not decorated; not embellished.
57164 unadulterated UNADUL'TERATED, a. Not adulterated; genuine; pure.
57165 unadulterous UNADUL'TEROUS, a. Not guilty of adultery.
57166 unadulterously UNADUL'TEROUSLY, adv. Without being guilty of adultery.
57167 unadventurous UNADVENT'UROUS, a. Not adventurous; not bold or resolute.
57168 unadvisable UNADVI'SABLE, a. s as z. Not advisable; not to be recommended; not expedient; not prudent.
57169 unadvised UNADVI'SED, a. s as z.1. Not prudent; not discrete.2. Done without due consideration; rash; as an ...
57170 unadvisedly UNADVI'SEDLY, adv. s as z. Imprudently; indiscreetly; rashly; without due consideration.
57171 unadvisedness UNADVI'SEDNESS, n. s as z. Imprudence; rashness.
57172 unaerated UNA'ERATED, a. Not combined with carbonic acid.
57173 unaffable UNAF'FABLE, a. Not affable; not free to converse; reserved.
57174 unaffected UNAFFECT'ED, a.1. Not affected; plain; natural; not labored or artificial; simple; as unaffected ...
57175 unaffectedly UNAFFECT'EDLY, adv. Really; in sincerity; without disguise; without attempting to produce false ...
57176 unaffecting UNAFFECT'ING, a. Not pathetic; not adapted to move the passions.
57177 unaffectionate UNAFFEC'TIONATE, a. Not affectionate; wanting affection.
57178 unaffirmed UNAFFIRM'ED, a. Not affirmed; not confirmed.
57179 unafflicted UNAFFLICT'ED, a. Not afflicted; free from trouble.
57180 unaffrighted UNAFFRIGHTED, a. Not frightened.
57181 unaggravated UNAG'GRAVATED, a. Not aggravated.
57182 unagitated UNAG'ITATED, a. Not agitated; calm.
57183 unagreeable UNAGREE'ABLE, a. Not consistent; unsuitable.
57184 unagreeableness UNAGREE'ABLENESS, n. Unsuitableness; inconsistency with.
57185 unaidable UNA'IDABLE, a. Not to be aided or assisted. [Not used.]
57186 unaided UNA'IDED, a. Not aided; not assisted.
57187 unaiming UNA'IMING, a. Having no particular aim or direction.
57188 unaking UNA'KING, a. Not aking; not giving or feeling pain.
57189 unalarmed UNAL'ARMED, a. Not alarmed; not disturbed with fear.
57190 unalienable UNA'LIENABLE, a. Not alienable; that cannot be alienated; that may not be transferred; as ...
57191 unalienably UNA'LIENABLY, adv. In a manner that admits of no alienation; as property unalienable vested.
57192 unalienated UNA'LIENATED, a. Not alienated; not transferred; not estranged.
57193 unallayed UNALLA'YED, a.1. Not allayed; not appeased or quieted.2. For unalloyed.
57194 unalleviated UNALLE'VIATED, a. Not alleviated; not mitigated.
57195 unalliable UNALLI'ABLE, a. That cannot be allied or connected in amity.
57196 unallied UNALLI'ED, a.1. Having no alliance or connection, either by nature, marriage or treaty; as ...
57197 unallowed UNALLOW'ED, a. Not allowed; not permitted.
57198 unalloyed UNALLOY'ED, a. Not alloyed; not reduced by foreign admixture; as metals unalloyed.I enjoyed ...
57199 unallured UNALLU'RED, a. Not allured; not enticed.
57200 unalluring UNALLU'RING, a. Not alluring; not tempting.
57201 unalmsed UN'ALMSED, a. unamzed. Not having received alms.
57202 unalterable UNAL'TERABLE, a. Not alterable; unchangeable; immutable.
57203 unalterableness UNAL'TERABLENESS, n. Unchangeableness; immutability.
57204 unalterably UNAL'TERABLY, adv. Unchangeably; immutably.
57205 unaltered UNAL'TERED, a. Not altered or changed.
57206 unamazed UNAMA'ZED, a. Not amazed; free from astonishment.
57207 unambiguous UNAMBIG'UOUS, a. Not ambiguous; not of doubtful meaning; plain; clear; certain.
57208 unambiguously UNAMBIG'UOUSLY, adv. In a clear, explicit manner.
57209 unambiguousness UNAMBIG'UOUSNESS, n. Clearness; explicitness.
57210 unambitious UNAMBI'TIOUS, a. 1. Not ambitious; free from ambition.2. Not affecting show; not showy or ...
57211 unambitiousness UNAMBI'TIOUSNESS, n. Freedom from ambition.
57212 unamendable UNAMEND'ABLE, a. Not capable of emendation.
57213 unamended UNAMEND'ED, a. Not capable of emendation.
57214 unamiable UNA'MIABLE, a. Not amiable; not conciliating love; not adapted to gain affection.
57215 unamiableness UNA'MIABLENESS, n. Want of amiableness.
57216 unamused UNAMU'SED, a. s as z. Not amused; not entertained.
57217 unamusing UNAMU'SING, a. s as z. Not amusing; not affording entertainment.
57218 unamusive UNAMU'SIVE, a. Not affording amusement.
57219 unanalogical UNANALOG'ICAL, a. Not analogical.
57220 unanalogous UNANAL'OGOUS, a. Not analogous; not agreeable to.
57221 unanalysed UNAN'ALYSED, a. s as z. Not analysed; not resolved into simple parts.
57222 unanchored UNAN'CHORED, a. Not anchored; not moored.
57223 unaneled UNANE'LED, a. Not having received extreme unction. [See Anneal.]
57224 unangular UNAN'GULAR, a. Having no angles.
57225 unanimalized UNAN'IMALIZED, a. Not formed into animal matter.
57226 unanimated UNAN'IMATED, a. 1. Not animated; not possessed of life.2. Not enlivened; not having spirit; ...
57227 unanimating UNAN'IMATING, a. Not animating; dull.
57228 unanimity UNANIM'ITY, n. [L. unus, one, and animus, mind.]Agreement of a number of persons in opinion or ...
57229 unanimous UNAN'IMOUS, a.1. Being of one mind; agreeing in opinion or determination; as, the house of ...
57230 unanimously UNAN'IMOUSLY, adv. With entire agreement of minds.
57231 unanimousness UNAN'IMOUSNESS, n.1. The state of being of one mind.2. Proceeding from unanimity; as the ...
57232 unannealed UNANNE'ALED, a. Not annealed; not tempered by heat; suddenly cooled.
57233 unannexed UNANNEX'ED, a. Not annexed; not joined.
57234 unannoyed UNANNOY'ED, a. Not annoyed or incommoded.
57235 unanointed UNANOINT'ED, a. 1. Not anointed.2. Not having received extreme unction.
57236 unanswerable UN'ANSWERABLE, a. Not to be satisfactorily answered; not capable of refutation; as an unanswerable ...
57237 unanswerableness UN'ANSWERABLENESS, n. The state of being unanswerable.
57238 unanswerably UN'ANSWERABLY, adv. In a manner not to be answered; beyond refutation.
57239 unanswered UN'ANSWERED, a.1. Not answered; not opposed by a reply.2. Not refuted.3. Not suitably returned.
57240 unapocryphal UNAPOC'RYPHAL, a. Not apocryphal; not of doubtful authority.
57241 unappalled UNAPPALL'ED, a. Not appalled; not daunted; not impressed with fear.With eyes erect and visage ...
57242 unappareled UNAPPAR'ELED, a. Not appareled; not clothed.
57243 unapparent UNAPPA'RENT, a. Not apparent; obscure; not visible.
57244 unappealable UNAPPE'ALABLE, a. Not appealable; admitting no appeal; that cannot be carried to a high court by ...
57245 unappeasable UNAPPE'ASABLE, a. s as z.1. Not to be appeased or pacified; as an unappeasable clamor.2. Not ...
57246 unappeased UNAPPE'ASED, a. s as z. Not appeased; not pacified.
57247 unappliable UNAPPLI'ABLE, a. Inapplicable. [Little used.]
57248 unapplicable UNAP'PLICABLE, a. Inapplicable; that cannot be applied. [We now use inapplicable.]
57249 unapplied UNAPPLI'ED, a. Not applied; not used according to the destination; as unapplied funds.
57250 unapposite UNAP'POSITE, a. s as z. Not apposite; not suitable.
57251 unappreciated UNAPPRE'CIATED, a. Not duly estimated or valued.
57252 unapprehended UNAPPREHEND'ED, a. 1. Not apprehended; not taken.2. Not understood.
57253 unapprehensible UNAPPREHENS'IBLE, a. Not capable of being understood.
57254 unapprehensive UNAPPREHENS'IVE, a.1. Not apprehensive; not fearful or suspecting.2. Not intelligent; not ready ...
57255 unapprised UNAPPRI'SED, a. s as z. Not apprised; not previously informed.
57256 unapproachable UNAPPROACHABLE, a. That cannot be approached; inaccessible.
57257 unapproachableness UNAPPROACHABLENESS, n. Inaccessibleness.
57258 unapproached UNAPPROACHED, a. Not approached; not to be approached.
57259 unappropriated UNAPPRO'PRIATED, a.1. Not appropriated; not applied or directed to be applied to any specific ...
57260 unapproved UNAPPROVED, a. Not approved; not having received approbation.
57261 unapt UNAPT', a. 1. Not apt; not ready or propense.A soldier, unapt to weep.2. Dull; not ready to ...
57262 unaptly UNAPT'LY, adv. Unfitly; improperly.
57263 unaptness UNAPT'NESS, n.1. Unfitness; unsuitableness.2. Dullness; want of quick apprehension.3. ...
57264 unargued UN'ARGUED, a.1. Not argued; not debated.2. Not disputed; not opposed by argument.3. Not ...
57265 unarm UN'ARM v.t. To disarm; to strip of armor or arms. [Not used. See Disarm.]
57266 unarmed UN'ARMED, a.1. Not having an arms or armor; not equipped. Man is born unarmed. It is mean to ...
57267 unarraigned UNARRA'IGNED, a. Not arraigned; not brought to trial.
57268 unarranged UNARRANGED, a. Not arranged; not disposed in order.
57269 unarrayed UNARRA'YED, a.1. Not arrayed; not dressed.2. Not disposed in order.
57270 unarrived UNARRI'VED, a. Not arrived. [Ill formed.]
57271 unarted UN'ARTED, a. Ignorant of the arts. [Not in use.]
57272 unartful UN'ARTFUL, a. 1. Not artful; artless; not having cunning.2. Wanting skill. [Little used.]
57273 unartfully UN'ARTFULLY, adv. Without art; in an unartful manner.[In lieu of these words, artless and ...
57274 unarticulated UNARTIC'ULATED, a. Not articulated or distinctly pronounced.
57275 unartificial UNARTIFI'CIAL, a. Not artificial; not formed by art.
57276 unartificially UNARTIFI'CIALLY, adv. Not with art; in a manner contrary to art.
57277 unascendible UNASCEND'IBLE, a. That cannot be ascended.
57278 unascertainable UNASCERTA'INABLE, a. That cannot be ascertained, or reduced to a certainty; that cannot be ...
57279 unascertained UNASCERTA'INED, a. Not reduced to a certainty; not certainly known.
57280 unasked UN'ASKED, a.1. Not asked; unsolicited; as, to bestow favors unasked; that was an unasked favor.2. ...
57281 unaspective UNASPECT'IVE, a. Not having a view to.
57282 unaspirated UNAS'PIRATED, a. Having no aspirate.
57283 unaspiring UNASPI'RING, a. Not aspiring; not ambitious.
57284 unassailable UNASSA'ILABLE, a. Not assailable; that cannot be assaulted.
57285 unassailed UNASSA'ILED, a. Not assailed; not attacked by violence.To keep my life and honor unassail'd.
57286 unassaulted UNASSAULT'ED, a. Not assault'ed not attacked.
57287 unassayed UNASSA'YED, a. 1. Not essayed; not attempted. [We now use unessayed.]2. Not subjected to assay ...
57288 unassembled UNASSEM'BLED, a. Not assembled or congregated.
57289 unasserted UNASSERT'ED, a. not asserted; not affirmed; not vindicated.
57290 unassessed UNASSESS'ED, a. Not assessed; not rated.
57291 unassignable UNASSIGNABLE, a. Not assignable; that cannot be transferred by assignment or indorsement.
57292 unassigned UNASSIGNED, a. Not assigned; not declared; not transferred.
57293 unassimilated UNASSIM'ILATED, a. 1. Not assimilated; not made to resemble.2. In physiology, not formed or ...
57294 unassisted UNASSIST'ED, a. Not assisted; not aided or helped; as unassisted reason.
57295 unassisting UNASSIST'ING, a. Giving no help.
57296 unassociated UNASSO'CIATED, a.1. Not associated; not united with a society.2. In Connecticut, not united with ...
57297 unassorted UNASSORT'ED, a. Not assorted; not distributed into sorts.
57298 unassuming UNASSU'MING, a. Not assuming; not bold or forward; not making lofty pretensions; not arrogant; ...
57299 unassured UNASSU'RED, a. [See Sure.] 1. Not assured; not confident; as an unassured countenance.2. Not to ...
57300 unatonable UNATO'NABLE, a. Not to be appeased; not to be reconciled.
57301 unatoned UNATO'NED, a. Not expiated.A brother's blood yet unaton'd.
57302 unattached UNATTACH'ED, a. 1. Not attached; not arrested.2. Not closely adhering; having no fixed interest; ...
57303 unattacked UNATTACK'ED, a. Not attacked; not assaulted.
57304 unattainable UNATTA'INABLE, a. Not to be gained or obtained; as unattainable good.
57305 unattainableness UNATTA'INABLENESS, n. The state of being beyond the reach or power.
57306 unattainted UNATTA'INTED, a. Not attainted; not corrupted.
57307 unattempered UNATTEM'PERED, a. Not tempered by mixture.
57308 unattempted UNATTEMPT'ED, a. Not attempted; not tried; not essayed.Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.
57309 unattended UNATTEND'ED, a.1. Not attended; not accompanied; having no retinue or attendance.2. Forsaken.3. ...
57310 unattending UNATTEND'ING, a. Not attending or listening; not being attentive.Ill is lost that praise that is ...
57311 unattentive UNATTEN'TIVE, a. Not regarding; inattentive. [The latter word is now used.]
57312 unattested UNATTEST'ED, a. Not attested; having no attestation.
57313 unattired UNATTI'RED, a. Not attired; not adorned.
57314 unattracted UNATTRACT'ED, a. Not attracted; not affected by attraction.
57315 unaugmented UNAUGMENT'ED, a. Not augmented or increased; in grammar, having no augment, or additional ...
57316 unauthentic UNAUTHEN'TIC, a. Not authentic; not genuine or true.
57317 unauthenticated UNAUTHEN'TICATED, a. Not authenticated; not made certain by authority.
57318 unauthorized UNAU'THORIZED, a. Not authorized; not warranted by proper authority; not duly commissioned.
57319 unavailable UNAVA'ILABLE, a. Not available; not having sufficient power to produce the intended effect; not ...
57320 unavailableness UNAVA'ILABLENESS, n. Inefficacy; uselessness.
57321 unavailing UNAVA'ILING, a. Not having the effect desired; ineffectual; useless; vain; as unavailing efforts; ...
57322 unavenged UNAVENG'ED, a. 1. Not avenged; not having obtained satisfaction; as, a person is unavenged.2. ...
57323 unaverted UNAVERT'ED, a. Not averted; not turned away.
57324 unavoidable UNAVOID'ABLE, a.1. That cannot be made null or void.2. Not avoidable; not to be shunned; ...
57325 unavoidableness UNAVOID'ABLENESS, n. That state of being unavoidable; inevitableness.
57326 unavoidably UNAVOID'ABLY, adv. Inevitably; in a manner that prevents failure or escape.
57327 unavoided UNAVOID'ED, a.1. Not avoided or shunned.2. Inevitable. [Not legitimate.]
57328 unavowed UNAVOW'ED, a. Not avowed; not acknowledged; not owned; not confessed.
57329 unawaked UNAWA'KED,
57330 unawakened UNAWA'KENED, a.1. Not awakened; not roused from sleep.2. Not roused from spiritual slumber or ...
57331 unaware UNAWA'RE, a. Without thought, inattentive.UNAWA'RE,
57332 unawares UNAWA'RES, adv.1. Suddenly; unexpectedly; without previous preparation. The evil came upon us ...
57333 unawed UNAW'ED, a. Not awed; not restrained by fear; undaunted.
57334 unbacked UNBACK'ED, a. 1. Not having been backed; as an unbacked colt.2. Not tamed; not taught to bear a ...
57335 unbaked UNBA'KED, a. Not baked.
57336 unbalanced UNBAL'ANCED, a.1. Not balanced; not poised; not in equipoise.Let earth unbalanc'd from her orbit ...
57337 unballast UNBAL'LAST, v.i. To free from ballast; to discharge the ballast from.
57338 unballasted UNBAL'LASTED, a.1. Freed from ballast.2. a. Not furnished with ballast; not kept steady by ...
57339 unbanded UNBAND'ED, a. Stripped of a band; having no band.
57340 unbannered UNBAN'NERED, a. Having no banner.
57341 unbaptized UNBAPTI'ZED, a. Not baptized.
57342 unbar UNB'AR, v.t. To remove a bar or bars from; to unfasten; to open; as, to unbar a gate.
57343 unbarbed UNB'ARBED, a. Not shaven. [Not in use.]
57344 unbarked UNB'ARKED, a. Stripped of its bark.[We now use barked in the same sense.]
57345 unbarred UNB'ARRED, pp. Having its bars removed; unfastened.
57346 unbarring UNB'ARRING, ppr. Removing the bars from; unfastening.
57347 unbashful UNBASH'FUL, a. Not bashful; bold; impudent.
57348 unbated UNBA'TED, a. Not repressed; not blunted. [Not in use.]
57349 unbathed UNBA'THED, a. Not bathed; not wet.
57350 unbattered UNBAT'TERED, a. Not battered; not bruised or injured by blows.
57351 unbay UNBA'Y, v.t. To open; to free from the restraint of mounds.I ought to unbay the current of my ...
57352 unbearded UNBEARDED, a. unberd'ed. Having no beard; beardless.
57353 unbearing UNBEARING, a. Bearing or producing no fruit.
57354 unbeaten UNBE'ATEN, a.1. Not beaten; not treated with blows.2. Untrod; not beaten by the feet; as unbeaten ...
57355 unbeauteous UNBEAU'TEOUS,
57356 unbeautiful UNBEAU'TIFUL, a. [See Beauty.] Not beautiful; having no beauty.
57357 unbecome UNBECOME, v.t. Not to become; not to be suitable to; to misbecome. [Not used.]
57358 unbecoming UNBECOMING, a. Unsuitable; improper for the person or character; indecent; indecorous.My grief ...
57359 unbecomingly UNBECOMINGLY, adv. In an unsuitable manner; indecorously.
57360 unbecomingness UNBECOMINGNESS, n. Unsuitableness to the person, character or circumstances; impropriety; ...
57361 unbed UNBED', v.t. To raise or rouse from bed.Eels unbed themselves and stir at the noise of thunder.
57362 unbedded UNBED'DED, pp. Raised from bed; disturbed.
57363 unbedding UNBED'DING, ppr. Raising from bed.
57364 unbefitting UNBEFIT'TING, a. Not befitting; unsuitable; unbecoming.
57365 unbefriended UNBEFRIENDED, a. unbefrend'ed. Not befriended; not supported by friends; having no friendly aid.
57366 unbeget UNBEGET', v.t. To deprive of existence.
57367 unbegot UNBEGOT'
57368 unbegotten UNBEGOT'TEN, a.1. Not generated; eternal.2. Not yet generated.3. Not begotten; not generated.
57369 unbeguile UNBEGUI'LE, v.t. To undeceive; to free from the influence of deceit.Then unbeguile thyself.
57370 unbeguiled UNBEGUI'LED, pp. Undeceived.
57371 unbegun UNBEGUN', a. Not begun.
57372 unbeheld UNBEHELD', a. Not beheld; not seen; not visible.
57373 unbeing UNBE'ING, a. Not existing. [Not in use.]
57374 unbelief UNBELIE'F, n. 1. Incredulity; the withholding of belief; as, unbelief is blind.2. Infidelity; ...
57375 unbelieve UNBELIE'VE, v.t.1. To discredit; not to believe or trust.2. Not to think real or true.
57376 unbelieved UNBELIE'VED, pp. Not believed; discredited.
57377 unbeliever UNBELIE'VER, n.1. An incredulous person; one who does not believe.2. An infidel; one who ...
57378 unbelieving UNBELIE'VING, a.1. Not believing; incredulous.2. Infidel; discrediting divine revelation, or the ...
57379 unbeloved UNBELOVED, a. Not loved.
57380 unbemoaned UNBEMOANED, a. Not lamented.
57381 unbend UNBEND', v.t.1. To free from flexure; to make straight; as, to unbend a bow.2. To relax; to remit ...
57382 unbending UNBEND'ING, ppr.1. Relaxing from any strain; remitting; taking from their yards, &c., as sails.2. ...
57383 unbeneficed UNBEN'EFICED, a. Not enjoying or having a benefice.
57384 unbenevolent UNBENEV'OLENT, a. Not benevolent; not kind.
57385 unbenighted UNBENIGHTED, a. Never visited by darkness.
57386 unbenign UNBENIGN, a. Not benign; not favorable or propitious; malignant.
57387 unbent UNBENT', pp. of unbend.1. Relaxed; remitted; relieved from strain or exertion.2. In seamen's ...
57388 unbequeathed UNBEQUE'ATHED, a. Not bequeathed; not given by legacy.
57389 unbeseeming UNBESEE'MING, a. Unbecoming; not befitting unsuitable.
57390 unbesought UNBESOUGHT, a. unbesaut'. Not besought; not sought by petition or entreaty.
57391 unbespoken UNBESPO'KEN, a. Not bespoken, or ordered beforehand.
57392 unbestarred UNBEST'ARRED, a. Not adorned or distinguished by stars.
57393 unbestowed UNBESTOWED, a. Not bestowed; not given; not disposed of.
57394 unbetrayed UNBETRA'YED, a. Not betrayed.
57395 unbewailed UNBEWA'ILED, a. Not bewailed; not lamented.
57396 unbewitch UNBEWITCH', v.t. To free from fascination.
57397 unbias UNBI'AS, v.t. To free from bias or prejudice.The truest service a private man can do his country, ...
57398 unbiased UNBI'ASED, pp.1. Freed from prejudice or bias.2. a. Free from any undue partiality or prejudice; ...
57399 unbiasedly UNBI'ASEDLY, adv. Without prejudice; impartially.
57400 unbiasedness UNBI'ASEDNESS, n. Freedom from bias or prejudice.
57401 unbid UNBID',
57402 unbidden UNBID'DEN, a.1. Not bid; not commanded.2. Spontaneous; as, thorns shall be earth produce unbid.3. ...
57403 unbigoted UNBIG'OTED, a. Free from bigotry.
57404 unbild UNBILD, v.t. To demolish what is built; to raze; to destroy.
57405 unbilt UNBILT, a. Not yet built; not erected.
57406 unbind UNBIND, v.t. To untie; to remove a band from; to unfasten; to loose; to set free from shackles. ...
57407 unbishop UNBISH'OP, v.t. To deprive of episcopal orders.
57408 unbit UNBIT', a. Not bitten.
57409 unbitted UNBIT'TED, pp. Removed from the bits; unbridled.
57410 unbitting UNBIT'TING, ppr. Unbridling; removing from the bits.
57411 unblamable UNBLA'MABLE, a. Not blamable; not culpable; innocent.
57412 unblamableness UNBLA'MABLENESS, n. State of being chargeable with no blame or fault.
57413 unblamably UNBLA'MABLY, adv. In such a manner as to incur no blame. 1Thess. 2.
57414 unblamed UNBLA'MED, a. Not blamed; free from censure.
57415 unblasted UNBL'ASTED, a. Not blasted; not made to wither.
57416 unbleeding UNBLEE'DING, a. Not bleeding; not suffering loss of blood.
57417 unblemishable UNBLEM'ISHABLE, a. Not capable of being blemished.
57418 unblemished UNBLEM'ISHED, a.1. Not blemished; not stained; free from turpitude or reproach; in a moral sense; ...
57419 unblenched UNBLENCH'ED, a. Not disgraced; not injured by any stain or soil; as unblenched majesty.
57420 unblenching UNBLENCH'ING, a. Not shrinking or flinching; firm.
57421 unblended UNBLEND'ED, a. Not blended; not mingled.
57422 unblest UNBLEST', a. 1. Not blest; excluded from benediction.2. Wretched; unhappy.
57423 unblighted UNBLIGHTED, a. Not blighted; not blasted.
57424 unblinded UNBLINDED, a. Not blinded.
57425 unblooded UNBLOODED, a. Not stained with blood.
57426 unbloody UNBLOODY, a.1. Not stained with blood.2. Not shedding blood; not cruel.
57427 unblossoming UNBLOS'SOMING, a. Not producing blossoms.
57428 unblown UNBLOWN, a.1. Not blown; not having the bud expanded.2. Not extinguished.3. Not inflated with ...
57429 unblunted UNBLUNT'ED, a. Not made obtuse or dull; not blunted.
57430 unblushing UNBLUSH'ING, a. Not blushing; destitute of shame; impudent.
57431 unblushingly UNBLUSH'INGLY, adv. In an impudent manner.
57432 unboastful UNBOASTFUL, a. Not boasting; unassuming; modest.
57433 unbodied UNBOD'IED, a.1. Having no material body; incorporeal; as unbodied spirits.2. Freed from the body.
57434 unboiled UNBOIL'ED, a. Not boiled; as unboiled rice.
57435 unbolt UNBOLT, v.t. To remove a bolt from; to unfasten; to open; as, to unbolt a gate.
57436 unbolted UNBOLTED, a.1. Freed from fastening by bolts.2. Unsifted; not bolted; not having the bran or ...
57437 unbonneted UNBONNETED, a. Having no bonnet on.
57438 unbookish UNBOOK'ISH, a. 1. Not addicted to books or reading.2. Not cultivated by erudition.
57439 unborn UNBORN',
57440 unborrowed UNBOR'ROWED, a. Not borrowed; genuine; original; native; one's own; as unborrowed beauties; ...
57441 unbosom UNBOSOM, v.t. s as z. 1. To disclose freely one's secret opinions or feelings.2. To reveal in ...
57442 unbosomed UNBOSOMED, pp. Disclosed, as secrets; revealed in confidence.
57443 unbosoming UNBOSOMING, ppr. Disclosing, as secrets; revealing in confidence.
57444 unbottomed UNBOT'TOMED, a.1. Having no bottom; bottomless.The dark, unbottom'd, infinite abyss.2. Having no ...
57445 unbought UNBOUGHT, a. unbaut'.1. Not bought; obtained without money or purchase.The unbought dainties of ...
57446 unbound UNBOUND', a.1. Not bound; loose; wanting a cover; as unbound books.2. Not bound by obligation or ...
57447 unbounded UNBOUND'ED, a.1. Having no bound or limit; unlimited in extent; infinite; interminable; as ...
57448 unboundedly UNBOUND'EDLY, adv. Without bounds or limits.
57449 unboundedness UNBOUND'EDNESS, n. Freedom from bounds or limits.
57450 unbounteous UNBOUN'TEOUS, a. Not bounteous; not liberal.
57451 unbow UNBOW', v.t. To unbend.
57452 unbowed UNBOW'ED, a. Not bent; not arched.
57453 unbowel UNBOW'EL, v.t. To deprive of the entrails; to exenterate; to eviscerate.
57454 unboweled UNBOW'ELED, pp. Eviscerated.
57455 unboweling UNBOW'ELING, ppr. Taking out the bowels.
57456 unbrace UNBRA'CE, v.t. To loose; to relax; as, to unbrace a drum; to unbrace the arms; to unbrace the ...
57457 unbraid UNBRA'ID, v.t. To separate the strands of a braid; to disentangle.
57458 unbraided UNBRA'IDED, pp. Disentangled, as the strands of a braid.
57459 unbraiding UNBRA'IDING, ppr. Separating the strands of a braid.
57460 unbranched UNBR'ANCHED, a. Not ramified; not shooting into branches.
57461 unbranching UNBR'ANCHING, a. Not dividing into branches.
57462 unbreast UNBREAST, v.t. unbrest'. To disclose or lay open.
57463 unbreathed UNBRE'ATHED, a. Not exercised.Our unbreath'd memories.
57464 unbreathing UNBRE'ATHING, a. Unanimated; as unbreathing stones.
57465 unbred UNBRED',1. Not well bred; not polished in manners; ill educated; rude; as unbred minds; unbred ...
57466 unbreeched UNBREE'CHED, a. Having no breeches.
57467 unbrewed UNBREW'ED, a. Not mixed; pure; genuine.
57468 unbribable UNBRI'BABLE, a. That cannot be bribed. [Not used.]
57469 unbribed UNBRI'BED, a. Not bribed; not corrupted by money; not unduly influenced by money or gifts.
57470 unbridle UNBRI'DLE, v.t. To free from the bridle.
57471 unbridled UNBRI'DLED, pp.1. Loosed from the bridle.2. a. Unrestrained; licentious; as unbridled lust; ...
57472 unbroke UNBRO'KE,'KEN, a.1. Not broken; not violated. Preserve your vows unbroken.2. Not weakened; not ...
57473 unbrotherly UNBROTHERLY, a. Not becoming a brother; not suitable to the character and relation of a brother; ...
57474 unbruised UNBRUISED, a. s as z. Not bruised; not crushed or hurt.
57475 unbuckle UNBUCK'LE, v.t. To loose from buckles; to unfasten; as, to unbuckle a shoe; to unbuckle a girdle; ...
57476 unbuckled UNBUCK'LED, pp. Loosed from buckles; unfastened.
57477 unbuckling UNBUCK'LING, ppr. Loosing from buckles; unfastening.
57478 unbuild UNBUILD,
57479 unbuilt UNBUILT,
57480 unburden UNBUR'DEN, v.t.1. To rid of a load; to free from a burden; to ease.2. To throw off.3. To relieve ...
57481 unburdened UNBUR'DENED, pp. Freed from a load; thrown off; eased; relieved.
57482 unburdening UNBUR'DENING, ppr. Freeing from a load or burden; relieving from what is a burden.
57483 unburied UNBURIED, a. unber'ried. Not buried; not interred.
57484 unburned UNBURN'ED,
57485 unburning UNBURN'ING, a. Not consuming away by fire.
57486 unburnt UNBURNT', a. 1. Not burnt; not consumed by fire.2. Not injured by fire; not scorched.3. Not ...
57487 unburthen UNBUR'THEN,
57488 unburthened UNBUR'THENED,
57489 unburthening UNBUR'THENING,
57490 unbusied UNBUSIED, a. unbiz'zied. Not busied; not employed idle.
57491 unbutton UNBUT'TON, v.t. To loose from being fastened by buttons; to loose buttons.
57492 unbuttoned UNBUT'TONED, pp. Loosed from buttons.
57493 uncage UNCA'GE, v.t. To loose from a cage.
57494 uncaged UNCA'GED, pp. Released from a cage or from confinement.
57495 uncalcined UNCAL'CINED, a. Not calcined.
57496 uncalculated UNCAL'CULATED, a. Not subjected to calculation.
57497 uncalculating UNCAL'CULATING, a. Not making calculations.
57498 uncalled UNCALL'ED, a. Not called; not summoned; not invited.Uncalled for, not required; not needed or ...
57499 uncalm UNC'ALM, v.t. To disturb. [Not in use, and an ill word.]
57500 uncanceled UNCAN'CELED, a. Not canceled; not erased; not abrogated or annulled.
57501 uncandid UNCAN'DID, a. Not candid; not frank or sincere; not fair or impartial.
57502 uncanonical UNCANON'ICAL, a. Not agreeable to the canons; not acknowledged as authentic.
57503 uncanonicalness UNCANON'ICALNESS, n. The state of being uncanonical.
57504 uncanopied UNCAN'OPIED, a. Not covered by a canopy.
57505 uncap UNCAP', v.t. To remove a cap or cover; to open; as, to uncap a vein.
57506 uncapable UNCA'PABLE, a. Incapable. [The latter word has superseded uncapable.]
57507 uncapped UNCAP'PED, pp. Opened.
57508 uncaptivated UNCAP'TIVATED, a. Not captivated.
57509 uncarnate UNC'ARNATE, a. Not fleshly.
57510 uncarpeted UNC'ARPETED, a. Not covered with a carpet.
57511 uncase UNCA'SE, v.t.1. To disengage from a covering; to take off or out.2. To flay; to strip.
57512 uncased UNCA'SED, pp. Stripped of a covering or case.
57513 uncasing UNCA'SING, ppr. Disengaging from a cover.
57514 uncastrated UNCAS'TRATED, a. Not castrated.
57515 uncatechised UNCAT'ECHISED, a. s as z. Not catechis untaught.
57516 uncaught UNCAUGHT, a. uncaut'. Not yet caught or taken.
57517 uncaused UNCAUS'ED, a. s as z. Having no precedent cause; existing without an author.
57518 uncautious UNCAU'TIOUS, a. Not cautious; not wary; heedless. [Incautious is now generally used.]
57519 unceasing UNCE'ASING, a. Not ceasing; not intermitting; continual.
57520 unceasingly UNCE'ASINGLY, adv. Without intermission or cessation; continually.
57521 uncelebrated UNCEL'EBRATED, a. Not celebrated; not solemnized.
57522 uncelestial UNCELES'TIAL, a. Not heavenly.
57523 uncensurable UNCEN'SURABLE, a. Not worthy of censure.
57524 uncensured UNCEN'SURED, a. Not censured; exempt from blame or reproach.Whose right it is uncensur'd to be ...
57525 uncentrical UNCEN'TRICAL, a. not central; distant from the center.
57526 unceremonial UNCEREMO'NIAL, a. Not ceremonial.
57527 unceremonious UNCEREMO'NIOUS, a. not ceremonious; not formal.
57528 uncertain UNCER'TAIN, a.1. Not certain; doubtful; not certainly known. it is uncertain who will be the next ...
57529 uncertainly UNCER'TAINLY, adv.1. Not surely; not certainly.2. Not confidently.- Standards that cannot be ...
57530 uncertainty UNCER'TAINTY, n.1. doubtfulness; dubiousness. The truth is not ascertained; the latest accounts ...
57531 uncessant UNCES'SANT, a. Continual; incessant. [The latter is the word now used.]
57532 uncessantly UNCES'SANTLY, adv. Incessantly. Obs.
57533 unchain UNCHA'IN, v.t. To free from chains or slavery.
57534 unchained UNCHA'INED, pp. Disengaged from chains, shackles or slavery.
57535 unchaining UNCHA'INING, ppr. Freeing from chains, bonds or restraint.
57536 unchangeable UNCHANGEABLE, a. Not capable of change; immutable; not subject to variation. god is an ...
57537 unchangeableness UNCHANGEABLENESS, n. The state or quality of being subject to no change; immutability.
57538 unchangeably UNCHANGEABLY, adv. Without change; immutably.
57539 unchanged UNCHANGED, a. 1. Not changed or altered.2. Not alterable.
57540 unchanging UNCHANGING, a. Not changing; suffering no alteration.
57541 uncharacteristic UNCHARACTERIS'TIC, a. Not characteristic; not exhibiting a character.
57542 uncharge UNCH'ARGE, v.t. To retract an accusation. [Not used.]
57543 uncharged UNCH'ARGED, a. Not charged; not loaded.
57544 uncharitable UNCHAR'ITABLE, a. Not charitable; contrary to charity, or the universal love prescribed by ...
57545 uncharitableness UNCHAR'ITABLENESS, n. Want of charity. If we hate our enemies we sin; we are guilty of ...
57546 uncharitably UNCHAR'ITABLY, adv. In a manner contrary to charity.
57547 uncharm UNCH'ARM v.t. To release from some charm, fascination, or secret power.
57548 uncharmed UNCH'ARMED, a. Not charmed; not fascinated.
57549 uncharming UNCH'ARMING, a. Not charming; not longer able to charm.
57550 unchary UNCHA'RY, a. Not wary; not frugal. [Not used.]
57551 unchaste UNCHASTE, a. Not chaste; not continent; not pure; libidinous; lewd.
57552 unchastely UNCHASTELY, adv. Incontinently; lewdly.
57553 unchastisable UNCHASTI'SABLE, a. [See Chastise.] That cannot be chastised.
57554 unchastised UNCHASTI'SED, a. 1. Not chastised; not punished.2. Not corrected; not restrained.
57555 unchastity UNCHAS'TITY, n. Incontinence; lewdness; unlawful indulgence of the sexual appetite.
57556 unchecked UNCHECK'ED, a. 1. Not checked; not restrained; not hindered.2. Not contradicted.
57557 uncheerful UNCHEE'RFUL, a. Not cheerful; sad.
57558 uncheerfulness UNCHEE'RFULNESS, n. Want of cheerfulness; sadness.
57559 uncheery UNCHEE'RY, a. Dull; not enlivening.
57560 unchewed UNCHEW'ED, a. Not chewed or masticated.
57561 unchild UNCHILD, v.t. To bereave of children. [Not in use.]
57562 unchristian UNCHRIS'TIAN, a.1. Contrary to the laws of christianity; as an unchristian reflection; unchristian ...
57563 unchristianize UNCHRIS'TIANIZE, v.t. to turn from the christian faith; to cause to degenerate from the belief and ...
57564 unchristianly UNCHRIS'TIANLY, a. Contrary to the laws of christianity; unbecoming christians.UNCHRIS'TIANLY, ...
57565 unchristianness UNCHRIS'TIANNESS, n. Contrariety to christianity.
57566 unchurch UNCHURCH', v.t. To expel from a church; to deprive of the character and rights of a church.
57567 unchurched UNCHURCH'ED, pp. Expelled from a church.
57568 unchurching UNCHURCH'ING, ppr. Expelling from a church.
57569 uncial UN'CIAL, a. [L. uncialis.] Pertaining to letters of a large size, used in ancient ...
57570 uncinate UN'CINATE, a. [L. uncinatus, from uncus, a hook.] In botany, hooked at the end.
57571 uncircumcised UNCIR'CUMCISED, a. s as z. Not circumcised.
57572 uncircumcision UNCIRCUMCI'SION, n. Absence or want of circumcision.
57573 uncircumscribed UNCIRCUMSCRI'BED, a. Not circumscribed; not bounded; not limited.Where the prince is ...
57574 uncircumspect UNCIR'CUMSPECT, a. Not circumspect; not cautious.
57575 uncircumstantial UNCIRCUMSTAN'TIAL, a. Not important. [Not in use.]
57576 uncivil UNCIV'IL, a. 1. Not civil; not complaisant; not courteous in manners; applied to persons.2. Not ...
57577 uncivilization UNCIVILIZA'TION, n. A state of savageness; rude state.
57578 uncivilized UNCIV'ILIZED, a.1. Not reclaimed from savage life; as the uncivilized inhabitants of Canada or New ...
57579 uncivilly UNCIV'ILLY, adv. Not complaisantly; not courteously; rudely.
57580 unclad UNCLAD', a. Not clad; not clothed.
57581 unclaimed UNCLA'IMED, a. Not claimed; not demanded; not called for; as unclaimed dividends of a bank.
57582 unclarified UNCLAR'IFIED, a. Not purified; not fined; not departed by a separation of feculent or foreign ...
57583 unclasp UNCL'ASP, v.t. To loose a clasp; to open what is fastened with a clasp; as, to unclasp a book.
57584 unclasping UNCL'ASPING, ppr. Loosing a clasp.
57585 unclassic UNCLASS'IC,
57586 unclassical UNCLASS'ICAL, a. 1. Not classic; not according to the best models of writing.2. Not pertaining to ...
57587 uncle UN'CLE, n. [L. avunculus.] The brother of one's father or mother.
57588 unclean UNCLE'AN, a.1. Not clean; foul; dirty; filthy.2. In the Jewish law, ceremonially impure; not ...
57589 uncleanable UNCLE'ANABLE, a. That cannot be cleansed.
57590 uncleanliness UNCLEANLINESS, n. unclen'liness. Want of cleanliness; filthiness.
57591 uncleanly UNCLEANLY, a. unclen'ly.1. Foul; filthy; dirty.2. Indecent; unchaste; obscene.It is a pity that ...
57592 uncleanness UNCLE'ANNESS, n.1. Foulness; dirtiness; filthiness.Be not troublesome to thyself or to others by ...
57593 uncleansed UNCLEANSED, a. unclenz'ed. Not cleansed; not purified.
57594 unclench UNCLENCH', v.t. To open the closed hand; as, to unclench the fist.
57595 unclenched UNCLENCH'ED, pp. Opened; unclosed.
57596 unclew UNCLEW', v.t. To undo; to unwind, unfold or untie.
57597 unclipped UNCLIP'PED, a. Not clipped; not out; not diminished or shortened by clipping; as unclipped money; ...
57598 unclog UNCLOG', v.t. To disencumber of difficulties and obstructions; to free from incumbrances, or any ...
57599 unclogged UNCLOG'GED, pp. or a. Disencumbered; set free from obstructions.
57600 unclogging UNCLOG'GING, ppr. Disencumbering.
57601 uncloister UNCLOIS'TER, v.t. To release from a cloister or from confinement; to set at liberty.
57602 uncloistered UNCLOIS'TERED, pp. Released from a cloister or from confinement.
57603 uncloistering UNCLOIS'TERING, ppr. Releasing from confinement.
57604 unclose UNCLO'SE, v.t. s as z.1. To open; to break the seal of; as, to unclose a letter.2. To disclose; ...
57605 unclosed UNCLO'SED, pp. 1. Opened.2. a. Not separated by inclosures; open.3. Not finished; not ...
57606 unclosing UNCLO'SING, ppr. Opening; breaking the seal of.
57607 unclothe UNCLO'THE, v.t. To strip of clothes; to make naked; to divest.To have a distinct knowledge of ...
57608 unclothed UNCLO'THED, pp. Stripped of clothing or covering.Nor for that we would be unclothed, but clothed ...
57609 unclothedly UNCLO'THEDLY, adv. Without clothing
57610 unclothing UNCLO'THING, ppr. Stripping of clothing.
57611 uncloud UNCLOUD', v.t. To unvail; to clear from obscurity or clouds.
57612 unclouded UNCLOUD'ED, a. 1. Not cloudy; free from clouds; clear; as an unclouded sky.2. Not darkened; not ...
57613 uncloudedness UNCLOUD'EDNESS, n.1. Freedom from clouds; clearness.2. Freedom from obscurity or gloom.
57614 unclouding UNCLOUD'ING, ppr. Clearing from clouds or obscurity.
57615 uncloudy UNCLOUD'Y, a. Not cloudy; clear; free from clouds, obscurity or gloom.
57616 unclutch UNCLUTCH', v.t. To open something closely shut.Unclutch his griping hand.
57617 uncoagulable UNCOAG'ULABLE, a. That cannot be coagulated.
57618 uncoagulated UNCOAG'ULATED, a. Not coagulated or concreted.
57619 uncoated UNCOATED,a. Not coated; not covered with a coat.
57620 uncocked UNCOCK'ED, a.1. Not cocked, as a gun.2. Not made into cocks, as hay.3. Not set up, as the brim ...
57621 uncoif UNCOIF', v.t. To pull the cap off.
57622 uncoifed UNCOIF'ED, a. Not wearing a coif.
57623 uncoil UNCOIL', v.t. To unwind or open, as the turns of a rope or other line.
57624 uncoiled UNCOIL'ED, pp. Opened; unwound.
57625 uncoined UNCOIN'ED, a. Not coined; as uncoined silver.
57626 uncollected UNCOLLECT'ED, a.1. Not collected; not received; as uncollected taxes; debts uncollected.2. Not ...
57627 uncollectible UNCOLLECT'IBLE, a. Not collectible; that cannot be collected or levied, or paid by the debtor; as ...
57628 uncolored UNCOLORED, a.1. Not colored; not stained or dyed.2. Not heightened in description.
57629 uncombed UNCOMBED, a. Not combed; not dressed with a comb.
57630 uncombinable UNCOMBI'NABLE, a. Not capable of being combined.
57631 uncombined UNCOMBI'NED, a. Not combined; separate; simple.
57632 uncomeliness UNCOMELINESS, n. Want of comeliness; want of beauty or grace; as uncomeliness of person, of dress ...
57633 uncomely UNCOMELY, a. 1. Not comely; wanting grace; as an uncomely person; uncomely dress; uncomely ...
57634 uncomfortable UNCOMFORTABLE, a. 1. Affording no comfort; gloomy.Christmas - the most uncomfortable time of the ...
57635 uncomfortableness UNCOMFORTABLENESS, n.1. Want of comfort or cheerfulness.2. Uneasiness.
57636 uncomfortably UNCOMFORTABLY, adv. In an uncomfortable manner; without comfort or cheerfulness; in an uneasy ...
57637 uncommanded UNCOMM'ANDED, a. Not commanded; not required by precept, order or law; as uncommanded austerities.
57638 uncommendable UNCOMMEND'ABLE, a. Not commendable; not worthy of commendation; laudable.
57639 uncommended UNCOMMEND'ED, a. Not praised; not commended.
57640 uncommercial UNCOMMER'CIAL, a. Not commercial; not carrying on commerce.
57641 uncommiserated UNCOMMIS'ERATED, a. Not commiserated; not pitied.
57642 uncommissioned UNCOMMIS'SIONED, a. Not commissioned; not having a commission.
57643 uncommitted UNCOMMIT'TED, a. Not committed.
57644 uncommon UNCOM'MON, a.1. Not common; not usual; rare; as an uncommon season; an uncommon degree of cold or ...
57645 uncommonly UNCOM'MONLY, adv.1. Rarely; not usually.2. To an uncommon degree.
57646 uncommonness UNCOM'MONNESS, n. Rareness of occurrence; infrequency. the uncommonness of a thing often renders ...
57647 uncommunicated UNCOMMU'NICATED, a.1. Not communicated; not disclosed or delivered to others.2. Not imparted to ...
57648 uncommunicative UNCOMMU'NICATIVE, a. Not communicative; not free to communicate to others; reserved.
57649 uncompact UNCOMPACT', a. Not compact; not firm; not of close texture; loose.
57650 uncompacted UNCOMPACT'ED, a. Not compact; not firm.
57651 uncompanied UNCOMPANIED, a. Having no companion. [Unaccompanied is mostly used.]
57652 uncompassionate UNCOMPAS'SIONATE, a. Not compassionate; having no pity.
57653 uncompassioned UNCOMPAS'SIONED, a. Not pitied.
57654 uncompellable UNCOMPEL'LABLE, a. Not compellable; that cannot be forced or compelled.
57655 uncompelled UNCOMPEL'LED, a. Not forced; free from compulsion.
57656 uncompensated UNCOM'PENSATED, a. Not compensated; unrewarded.
57657 uncomplaining UNCOMPLA'INING, a. Not complaining; not murmuring; not disposed to murmur.
57658 uncomplaisant UNCOM'PLAISANT, a. s as z. Not complaisant; not civil; not courteous.
57659 uncomplaisantly UNCOM'PLAISANTLY, adv. Uncivilly; discourteously.
57660 uncomplete UNCOMPLE'TE, a. Not complete; not finished; not perfect. [But incomplete is chiefly used.]
57661 uncompleted UNCOMPLE'TED, a. Not finished; not completed.
57662 uncomplying UNCOMPLY'ING, a. Not complying; not yielding to request or command; unbending.
57663 uncompounded UNCOMPOUND'ED, a. 1. Not compounded; not mixed.Harness may be reckoned the property of all ...
57664 uncompoundedness UNCOMPOUND'EDNESS, n. Freedom from mixture; simplicity of substance.
57665 uncomprehensive UNCOMPREHENS'IVE, a.1. Not comprehensive.2. Unable to comprehend.
57666 uncompressed UNCOMPRESS'ED, a. Not compressed; free from compression.
57667 uncompromising UNCOM'PROMISING, a. s as z. Not compromising; not agreeing to terms; not complying.
57668 unconceivable UNCONCE'IVABLE, a. Not to be conceived or understood; that cannot be comprehended.[But ...
57669 unconceivableness UNCONCE'IVABLENESS, n. The state or quality of being inconceivable. [Little used.]
57670 unconceived UNCONCE'IVED, a. Not thought; not imagined.
57671 unconcern UNCONCERN', n. Want of concern; absence of anxiety; freedom from solicitude.
57672 unconcerned UNCONCERN'ED, a. 1. Not concerned; not anxious; feeling no solicitude. He is unconcerned at what ...
57673 unconcernedly UNCONCERN'EDLY, adv. Without interest or affection; without anxiety.And unconcern'dly cast his ...
57674 unconcernedness UNCONCERN'EDNESS, n. Freedom from concern or anxiety.
57675 unconcerning UNCONCERN'ING, a. Not interesting; not affecting; not belonging to one. [Not used.]
57676 unconcernment UNCONCERN'MENT, n. The state of having no share. [Not used.]
57677 unconciliated UNCONCIL'IATED, a. Not reconciled.
57678 unconciliating UNCONCIL'IATING, a. Not conciliating; not adapted or disposed to gain favor, or to reconciliation.
57679 unconcludent UNCONCLU'DENT, a. Not decisive; not inferring a plain or certain conclusion or consequence. ...
57680 unconcludible UNCONCLU'DIBLE, a. Not determinable. [Not used.]
57681 unconcluding UNCONCLU'DING,
57682 unconcludingness UNCONCLU'DINGNESS, n. Quality of being inconclusive. [Not used.]
57683 unconclusive UNCONCLU'SIVE, a. Not decisive. [But inconclusive is now used.]
57684 unconcocted UNCONCOCT'ED, a. Not concocted; not digested.
57685 uncondemned UNCONDEM'NED, a.1. Not condemned; not judged guilty.- A man that is a Roman, and uncondemned. ...
57686 uncondensable UNCONDENS'ABLE, a. That cannot be condensed.
57687 uncondensed UNCONDENS'ED, a. Not condensed.
57688 unconditional UNCONDI'TIONAL, a. Absolute; unreserved; not limited by any conditions. We are required to make ...
57689 unconditionally UNCONDI'TIONALLY, adv. Without conditions; without terms of limitation; without reservation. The ...
57690 unconfessed UNCONFESS'ED, a. Not confessed; not acknowledged.
57691 unconfinable UNCONFI'NABLE, a.1. Unbounded. [Not used.]2. That cannot be confined or restrained.
57692 unconfined UNCONFI'NED, a. 1. Not confined; free from restraint; free from control.2. Having no limits; ...
57693 unconfinedly UNCONFI'NEDLY, adv. Without confinement or limitation.
57694 unconfirmed UNCONFIRM'ED, a.1. Not fortified by resolution; weak; raw; as troops unconfirmed by experience.2. ...
57695 unconform UNCONFORM', a. Unlike; dissimilar; not analogous. [Not in use.]
57696 unconformable UNCONFORM'ABLE, a. Not consistent; not agreeable; not conforming.Moral evil is an action ...
57697 unconformity UNCONFORM'ITY, n. Incongruity; inconsistency; want of conformity.
57698 unconfused UNCONFU'SED, a. s as z. 1. Free from confusion or disorder.2. Not embarrassed.
57699 unconfusedly UNCONFU'SEDLY, adv. s as z. Without confusion or disorder.
57700 unconfutable UNCONFU'TABLE, a. Not confutable; not to be refuted or overthrown; that cannot be disproved or ...
57701 uncongealable UNCONGE'ALABLE, a. Not capable of being congealed.
57702 uncongealed UNCONGE'ALED, a. Not frozen; not congealed; not concreted.
57703 uncongenial UNCONGE'NIAL, a. Not congenial
57704 unconjugal UNCON'JUGAL, a. Not suitable to matrimonial faith; not befitting a wife or husband.
57705 unconjunctive UNCONJUNC'TIVE, a. That cannot be joined. [Little used.]
57706 unconnected UNCONNECT'ED, a. 1. Not connected; not united; separate.2. Not coherent; not joined by proper ...
57707 unconniving UNCONNI'VING, a. Not conniving; not overlooking or winking at.
57708 unconquerable UNCON'QUERABLE, a. 1. Not conquerable; invincible; that cannot be vanquished or defeated; that ...
57709 unconquerably UNCON'QUERABLY, adv. Invincibly; insuperably; as foes unconquerably strong.
57710 unconquered UNCON'QUERED, a. 1. Not vanquished or defeated.2. Unsubdued; not brought under control.3. ...
57711 unconsciencious UNCONSCIEN'CIOUS, a. Not consciencious; not regulated or limited by conscience.
57712 unconscionable UNCON'SCIONABLE, a.1. Unreasonable; exceeding the limits of any reasonable claim or expectation; ...
57713 unconscionableness UNCON'SCIONABLENESS, n. Unreasonableness of hope or claim.
57714 unconscionably UNCON'SCIONABLY, adv. Unreasonably; in a manner or degree that conscience and reason do not ...
57715 unconscious UNCON'SCIOUS, a. 1. Not conscious; having no mental perception; as unconscious causes.2. Not ...
57716 unconsciously UNCON'SCIOUSLY, adv. Without perception; without knowledge.
57717 unconsciousness UNCON'SCIOUSNESS, n. Want of perception; want of knowledge.
57718 unconsecrate UNCON'SECRATE, v.t. To render sacred; to desecrate. [Not used.]
57719 unconsecrated UNCON'SECRATED, a. Not consecrated; not set apart for a sacred use by religious ceremonies; not ...
57720 unconsenting UNCONSENT'ING, a. Not consenting; not yielding consent.
57721 unconsidered UNCONSID'ERED, a. Not considered; not attended to.
57722 unconsoled UNCONSO'LED, a. Not consoled; not comforted.
57723 unconsolidated UNCONSOL'IDATED, a. Not consolidated or made solid.
57724 unconsoling UNCONSO'LING, a. Not consoling; affording no comfort.
57725 unconsonant UNCON'SONANT, a. Not consonant; not consistent; incongruous; unfit. [Little used.
57726 unconspiringness UNCONSPI'RINGNESS, n. Absence of plot or conspiracy. [An ill formed word and not used.]
57727 unconstant UNCON'STANT, a. Not constant; not steady or faithful; fickle; changeable. [Inconstant is now ...
57728 unconstitutional UNCONSTITU'TIONAL, a. Not agreeable to the constitution; not authorized by the constitution; ...
57729 unconstitutionalit UNCONSTITUTIONAL'ITY, n. The quality of being unauthorized by the constitution, or contrary to its ...
57730 unconstitutionally UNCONSTITU'TIONALLY, adv. In a manner not warranted by or contrary to the constitution.
57731 unconstrained UNCONSTRA'INED, a.1. Free from constraint; acting voluntarily; voluntary.2. Not proceeding from ...
57732 unconstrainedly UNCONSTRA'INEDLY, adv. Without force or constraint; freely; spontaneously; voluntarily.
57733 unconstraint UNCONSTRA'INT, n. Freedom from constraint; ease.
57734 unconsulting UNCONSULT'ING, a. Not consumed; not wasted, expended or dissipated; not destroyed.
57735 unconsumed UNCONSU'MED, a. Not consumed; not wasted, expended or dissipated; not destroyed.
57736 unconsummate UNCONSUM'MATE, a. Not consummated.
57737 uncontemned UNCONTEM'NED, a. Not despised; not contemned.
57738 uncontending UNCONTEND'ING, a. Not contending; not contesting; not disputing.
57739 uncontented UNCONTENT'ED, a. Not contented; not satisfied.
57740 uncontentingness UNCONTENT'INGNESS, n. Want of power to satisfy. [Not in use.]
57741 uncontestable UNCONTEST'ABLE, a. Indisputable; not to be controverted. [Incontestible is the word now used.]
57742 uncontested UNCONTEST'ED, a.1. Not contested; not disputed.2. Evident; plain.
57743 uncontradicted UNCONTRADICT'ED, a. Not contradicted; not denied.
57744 uncontrite UNCON'TRITE, a. Not contrite; not penitent.
57745 uncontrived UNCONTRI'VED, a. Not contrived; not formed by design.
57746 uncontriving UNCONTRI'VING, a. Not contriving; improvident.
57747 uncontrollable UNCONTROLLABLE, a.1. That cannot be controlled; ungovernable; that cannot be restrained; as an ...
57748 uncontrollably UNCONTROLLABLY, adv. 1. Without power of opposition.2. In a manner or degree that admits of no ...
57749 uncontrolled UNCONTROLLED, a.1. Not governed; not subjected to a superior power or authority; not restrained.2. ...
57750 uncontrolledly UNCONTROLLEDLY, adv. Without control or restraint; without effectual opposition.
57751 uncontroverted UNCON'TROVERTED, a. Not disputed; not contested; not liable to be called in question.
57752 unconversable UNCONVERS'ABLE, a. 1. Not free in conversation; not social; reserved.2. Not suited to ...
57753 unconversant UNCON'VERSANT, a. Not conversant; not familiarly acquainted with.
57754 unconverted UNCONVERT'ED, a. 1. Not converted; not changed in opinion; not turned from one faith to ...
57755 unconvertible UNCONVERT'IBLE, a. That cannot be converted or changed in form. Lead is unconvertible into ...
57756 unconvinced UNCONVIN'CED, a. Not convinced; not persuaded.
57757 uncord UNCORD', v.t. To loose from cords; to unfasten or unbind; as, to uncord a bed; to uncord a ...
57758 uncork UNCORK', v.t. To draw the cork from; as, to uncork a bottle.
57759 uncorked UNCORK'ED, pp. Not having the cork drawn.
57760 uncorking UNCORK'ING, ppr. Drawing the cork from.
57761 uncoroneted UNCOR'ONETED, a. Not honored with a coronet or title.
57762 uncorpulent UNCORP'ULENT, a. Not corpulent; not fleshy.
57763 uncorrected UNCORRECT'ED, a. 1. Not corrected; not revised; not rendered exact; as an uncorrected copy of a ...
57764 uncorrigible UNCOR'RIGIBLE, a. That cannot be corrected; depraved beyond correction. [For this, incorrigible ...
57765 uncorrupt UNCORRUPT', a. Not corrupt; not depraved; not perverted; not tainted with wickedness; not ...
57766 uncorrupted UNCORRUPT'ED, a. Not corrupted; not vitiated; not depraved; as the dictates of uncorrupted reason; ...
57767 uncorruptedness UNCORRUPT'EDNESS, n. State of being uncorrupted.
57768 uncorruptible UNCORRUPT'IBLE, a. That cannot be corrupted. [But incorruptible is the word now used.]
57769 uncorruptly UNCORRUPT'LY, adv. With integrity; honestly.
57770 uncorruptness UNCORRUPT'NESS, n. Integrity; uprightness. Titus 2.
57771 uncounselable UNCOUN'SELABLE, a. Not to be advised; not consistent with good advice or prudence.
57772 uncountable UNCOUNT'ABLE, a. That cannot be counted; innumerable.
57773 uncounted UNCOUNT'ED, a. Not counted; not numbered.
57774 uncounterfeit UNCOUN'TERFEIT, a. Not counterfeit; not spurious; genuine; as uncounterfeit zeal.
57775 uncountermanded UNCOUNTERM'ANDED, a. Not countermanded.
57776 uncouple UNCOUPLE, v.t. uncup'pl. To loose dogs from their couples; to set loose; to disjoin.
57777 uncoupled UNCOUPLED, pp. uncup'pled. Disjoined; set free.
57778 uncoupling UNCOUPLING, ppr. uncup'pling. Disuniting; setting free.
57779 uncourteous UNCOURTEOUS, a. uncurt'eous. Uncivil; unpolite; not kind and complaisant.
57780 uncourteously UNCOURT'EOUSLY, adv. Uncivilly; unpolitely.
57781 uncourteousness UNCOURT'EOUSNESS, n. Incivility; disobliging treatment.
57782 uncourtliness UNCOURTLINESS, n. Unsuitableness of manners to a court; inelegance; as uncourtliness of manners or ...
57783 uncourtly UNCOURTLY, a.1. Inelegant of manners; not becoming a court; not refined; unpolite; as uncourtly ...
57784 uncouth UNCOUTH, a. Odd; strange; unusual; not rendered pleasing by familiarity; as an uncouth phrase or ...
57785 uncouthly UNCOUTHLY, adv. Oddly; strangely.
57786 uncouthness UNCOUTHNESS, n. Oddness; strangeness; want of agreeableness derived from familiarity; as the ...
57787 uncovenanted UNCOVENANTED, a. Not promised by covenant; not resting on a covenant or promise.
57788 uncover UNCOVER, v.t.1. To divest of a cover; to remove any covering from; a word of general use.2. To ...
57789 uncovered UNCOVERED, pp. Divested of a covering or clothing; laid open to view; made bare.
57790 uncovering UNCOVERING, ppr. Divesting of a cover or of clothes; stripping of a vail; laying open to view.
57791 uncreate UNCREA'TE, v.t. To annihilate; to deprive of existence.Who can uncreate thee, thou shalt know.
57792 uncreated UNCREA'TED, pp.1. Reduced to nothing; deprived of existence.2. a. Not yet created; as misery ...
57793 uncredible UNCRED'IBLE, a. Not to be believed; not entitled to credit. [For this, incredible is used.]
57794 uncreditable UNCRED'ITABLE, a.1. Not in good credit or reputation; not reputable.2. Not for the credit or ...
57795 uncreditableness UNCRED'ITABLENESS, n. 1. Want of reputation.2. The quality of being disreputable.
57796 uncredited UNCRED'ITED, a. Not believed.
57797 uncritical UNCRIT'ICAL, a.1. Not critical.2. Not according to the just rules of criticism.
57798 uncropped UNCROP'PED, a. Not cropped; not gathered.
57799 uncrossed UNCROSS'ED, a.1. Not crossed; not canceled.2. Not thwarted; not opposed.
57800 uncrowded UNCROWD'ED, a. Not crowded; not compressed; not straitened for want of room.
57801 uncrown UNCROWN', v.t. 1. To deprive of a crown; to dethrone.2. To pull off the crown.
57802 uncrowned UNCROWN'ED, pp. 1. Deprived of a crown.2. a. Not crowned; having no crown.
57803 uncrowning UNCROWN'ING, ppr. Depriving of a crown.
57804 uncrystalizable UNCRYSTALIZABLE, a. Not susceptible of crystallization.
57805 uncrystalized UNCRYS'TALIZED, a. Not crystallized.
57806 unction UNC'TION, n. [L. unctio, from ungo, to anoint.]1. The act of anointing.2. Unguent; ointment. ...
57807 unctuosity UNCTUOS'ITY, n. Oiliness; fatness; the quality of being greasy.
57808 unctuous UNC'TUOUS, a.1. Fat; oily; greasy.2. Having a resemblance to oil; as the unctuous feel of a ...
57809 unctuousness UNC'TUOUSNESS, n. 1. Fatness; oiliness.2. The quality of resembling oil
57810 unculled UNCULL'ED, a. 1. Not gathered.2. Not separated; not selected.
57811 unculpable UNCUL'PABLE, a. Not blamable; not faulty.
57812 uncult UNCULT', a. [un and L. cultus.] Uncultivated; rude; illiterate. [Not in use.]
57813 uncultivable UNCUL'TIVABLE, a. Not capable of being tilled or cultivated.
57814 uncultivated UNCUL'TIVATED, a.1. Not cultivated; not tilled; not used in tillage; as an uncultivated tract of ...
57815 uncumbered UNCUM'BERED, a. Not burdened; not embarrassed.
57816 uncurable UNCU'RABLE, a. Incurable. [The latter is mostly used.]
57817 uncurably UNCU'RABLY, adv. Incurably.
57818 uncurbable UNCURB'ABLE, a. That cannot be curbed or checked. [Not in use.]
57819 uncurbed UNCURB'ED, a. Not curbed; not restrained; licentious.
57820 uncurl UNCURL', v.t. To loose from ringlets.The lion uncurls his angry mane.UNCURL', v.i. To fall from a ...
57821 uncurled UNCURL'ED, pp.1. Loosed from ringlets.2. a. Not curled; not formed into ringlets.
57822 uncurling UNCURL'ING, ppr. Loosing from ringlets.
57823 uncurrent UNCUR'RENT, a. Not current; not passing in common payment; as uncurrent coin or notes.
57824 uncurse UNCURSE, v.t uncurs'. To free from any execration. [Not used.]
57825 uncursed UNCURS'ED,
57826 uncurst UNCURST', a. Not cursed; not execrated.
57827 uncurtailed UNCURTA'ILED, a. Not curtailed; not shortened.
57828 uncustomary UNCUS'TOMARY, a. Not customary; not usual.
57829 uncustomed UNCUS'TOMED, a.1. Not subjected to customs or duty.2. That has not paid duty, or been charged ...
57830 uncut UNCUT', a. Not cut; as trees uncut.
57831 undam UNDAM', v.t. To free from a dam, mound or obstruction.
57832 undamaged UNDAM'AGED, a. Not damaged; not made worse; as undamaged goods.
57833 undamped UNDAMP'ED, a. Not damped; not depressed.
57834 undangerous UNDANGEROUS, a. Not dangerous.
57835 undarkened UND'ARKENED, a. Not darkened or obscured.
57836 undated UN'DATED, a. [L. undatus; unda, a wave.] Waved; rising and falling in waves towards the margin, ...
57837 undaunted UND'AUNTED, a. Not daunted; not subdued or depressed by fear; intrepid.
57838 undauntedly UND'AUNTEDLY, adv. Boldly; intrepidly.
57839 undauntedness UND'AUNTEDNESS, n. Boldness; fearless bravery; intrepidity.
57840 undawning UNDAWN'ING, a. Not yet dawning; not growing light; not opening with brightness.
57841 undazzled UNDAZ'ZLED, a. Not dazzled; not confused by splendor.
57842 undeaf UNDE'AF, v.t. To free from deafness. [Not in use.]
57843 undebased UNDEBA'SED, a. Not debased; not adulterated.
57844 undebauched UNDEBAUCH'ED, a. Not debauched; not corrupted; pure.
57845 undecagon UNDEC'AGON, n. [L. undecim, eleven, and Gr. angle.] A figure of eleven angles or sides.
57846 undecayed UNDECA'YED, a. Not decayed; not impaired by age or accident; being in full strength.
57847 undecaying UNDECA'YING, a. 1. Not decaying; not suffering diminution or decline.2. Immortal; as the ...
57848 undeceivable UNDECE'IVABLE, a. That cannot be deceived; not subject to deception.
57849 undeceive UNDECE'IVE, v.t. To free from deception, cheat, fallacy or mistake, whether caused by others or by ...
57850 undeceived UNDECE'IVED, pp. 1. Disabused of cheat, deception or fallacy.2. Not deceived; not misled or ...
57851 undeceiving UNDECE'IVING, ppr. Freeing from deception or fallacy.
57852 undecency UNDE'CENCY, n. Unbecomingness; indecency. [The latter word is now used.]
57853 undecent UNDE'CENT, a. Not decent; indecent. [The latter is the word used.]
57854 undecently UNDE'CENTLY, adv. Indecently. [The latter is the word used.]
57855 undecidable UNDECI'DABLE, a. That cannot be decided.
57856 undecided UNDECI'DED, a. Not decided; not determined; not settled.
57857 undecipherable UNDECI'PHERABLE, a. That cannot be deciphered.
57858 undeciphered UNDECI'PHERED, a. Not deciphered or explained.
57859 undecisive UNDECI'SIVE, a. Not decisive; not conclusive; not determining the controversy or contest.
57860 undeck UNDECK', v.t. To divest of ornaments.
57861 undecked UNDECK'ED, pp.1. Deprived of ornaments.2. a. Not decked; not adorned.
57862 undeclared UNDECLA'RED, a. Not declared; not avowed.
57863 undeclinable UNDECLI'NABLE, a.1. That cannot be declined.2. Not to be avoided.
57864 undeclined UNDECLI'NED, a.1. Not deviating; not turned from the right way.2. Not varied in termination; as a ...
57865 undecomposable UNDECOMPO'SABLE, a. s as z. Not admitting decomposition; that cannot be decomposed.
57866 undecomposed UNDECOMPO'SED, a. s as z. Not decomposed; not separated; as constituent particles.
57867 undecompounded UNDECOMPOUND'ED, a. Not decompounded.
57868 undecorated UNDEC'ORATED, a. Not adorned; not embellished; plain.To leave the character of Christ undecorated, ...
57869 undedicated UNDED'ICATED, a. 1. Not dedicated; not consecrated.2. Not inscribed to a patron.
57870 undeeded UNDEE'DED, a.1. Not signalized by any great action.2. Not transferred by deed; as undeeded land. ...
57871 undefaceable UNDEFA'CEABLE, a. That cannot be defaced.
57872 undefaced UNDEFA'CED, a. Not deprived of its form; not disfigured; as an undefaced statue.
57873 undefeasible UNDEFE'ASIBLE, a. s as z. Not defeasible. [But indefeasible is chiefly used.]
57874 undefended UNDEFEND'ED, a.1. Not defended; not protected.2. Not vindicated.3. Open to assault; being ...
57875 undefied UNDEFI'ED, a. Not set at defiance; not challenged.
57876 undefiled UNDEFI'LED, a. Not defiled; not polluted; not vitiated.
57877 undefinable UNDEFI'NABLE, a. 1. Not definable; not capable of being described or limited; as the undefinable ...
57878 undefinableness UNDEFI'NABLENESS, n. The quality or state of being undefinable.
57879 undefined UNDEFI'NED, a.1. Not defined; not described by definition or explanation.2. Not having its limits ...
57880 undefloured UNDEFLOUR'ED, a. Not debauched; not vitiated.
57881 undeformed UNDEFORM'ED, a. Not deformed; not disfigured.
57882 undefrauded UNDEFRAUD'ED, a. Not defrauded.
57883 undefrayed UNDEFRA'YED, a. Not defrayed; not paid.
57884 undegraded UNDEGRA'DED, a. Not degraded.
57885 undeify UNDE'IFY, v.t. To reduce from the state of Deity.
57886 undelegated UNDEL'EGATED, a. Not delegated; not deputed; not granted; as undelegated authority; undelegated ...
57887 undeliberated UNDELIB'ERATED, a. Not carefully considered; as an undeliberated measure. [Not correct.]
57888 undeliberating UNDELIB'ERATING, a. Not deliberating; not hesitating; hasty; prompt.
57889 undelighted UNDELIGHTED, a. Not delighted; not well pleased.
57890 undelightful UNDELIGHTFUL, a. Not giving delight or great pleasure.
57891 undelivered UNDELIV'ERED, a. Not delivered; not communicated.
57892 undemanded UNDEM'ANDED, a. Not demanded; not required.
57893 undemolished UNDEMOL'ISHED, a.1. Not demolished; not pulled down.2. Not destroyed.
57894 undemonstrable UNDEMON'STRABLE, a. 1. Not capable of fuller evidence.2. Not capable of demonstration.
57895 undeniable UNDENI'ABLE, a. That cannot be denied; as undeniable evidence.
57896 undeniably UNDENI'ABLY, adv. So plainly as to admit no contradiction or denial.
57897 undepending UNDEPEND'ING, a. Not dependent.
57898 undeplored UNDEPLO'RED, a. Not lamented.
57899 undeposable UNDEPO'SABLE, a. s as z. That cannot be deposed from office.
57900 undepraved UNDEPRA'VED, a. Not corrupted; not vitiated.
57901 undeprecated UNDEP'RECATED, a. Not deprecated.
57902 undepreciated UNDEPRE'CIATED, a. Not depreciated; not lowered in value.
57903 undeprived UNDEPRI'VED, a. Not deprived; not divested of by authority; not stripped of any possession.
57905 under-sheriff UNDER-SHER'IFF, n. A sheriff's deputy.
57904 under UNDER, prep.1. Beneath; below; so as to have something over or above. He stood under a tree; the ...
57906 underaction UNDERAC'TION, n. Subordinate action; action not essential to the main story.The least episodes or ...
57907 underagent UNDERA'GENT, n. A subordinate agent.
57908 underbear UNDERBEAR, v.t.1. To support; to endure.2. To line; to guard; as cloth of gold underborne with ...
57909 underbearer UNDERBEARER, n. In funerals, one who sustains the corpse.
57910 underbid UNDERBID', v.t. To bid or offer less than another; as in auctions, when a contract or service is ...
57911 underbred UN'DERBRED, a. Of inferior breeding or manners.
57912 underbrush UN'DERBRUSH, n. Shrubs and small trees in a wood or forest, growing under large trees.
57913 underbuy UNDERBUY, v.t. To buy at less than a thing is worth. [Not used.]
57914 underchamberlain UNDERCHAMBERLAIN, n. A deputy chamberlain of the exchequer.
57915 underclerk UN'DERCLERK, n. A clerk subordinate to the principal clerk.
57916 undercroft UN'DERCROFT, n. A vault under the choir or chancel of a church; also, a vault or secret walk under ...
57917 undercurrent UNDERCUR'RENT, n. A current below the surface of the water.
57918 underditch UNDERDITCH', v.t. To form a deep ditch or trench to drain the surface of land.
57919 underdo UNDERDO, v.i.1. To act below one's abilities.2. To do less than is requisite.
57920 underdose UN'DERDOSE, n. A quantity less than a dose.
57921 underdrain UN'DERDRAIN, n. A drain or trench below the surface of the ground.
57922 underfaction UNDERFAC'TION, n. A subordinate faction.
57923 underfarmer UNDERF'ARMER, n. A subordinate farmer.
57924 underfellow UNDERFEL'LOW, n. A mean sorry wretch.
57925 underfilling UNDERFIL'LING, n. The lower part of a building.
57926 underfong UNDERFONG', v.t To take in hand. Obs.
57927 underfoot UN'DERFOOT, adv. Beneath.UN'DERFOOT, a. Low; base; abject; trodden down.
57928 underfurnish UNDERFUR'NISH, v.t. To supply with less than enough.
57929 underfurnished UNDERFUR'NISHED, pp. Supplied with less than enough.
57930 underfurnishing UNDERFUR'NISHING, ppr. Furnishing with less than enough.
57931 underfurrow UNDERFUR'ROW, adv. In agriculture, to sow underforrow, is to plow in seed. This phrase is applied ...
57932 undergird UNDERGIRD', v.t. [See Gird.] To bind below; to gird round the bottom. Acts 27.
57933 undergo UNDERGO', v.t. 1. To suffer; to endure something burdensome or painful to the body or the mind; ...
57934 undergoing UNDERGO'ING, ppr. Suffering; enduring.
57935 undergone UNDERGONE, pp. undergawn'. Borne; suffered; sustained; endured. Who can tell how many evils and ...
57936 undergraduate UNDERGRAD'UATE, n. A student or member of a university or college, who has not taken his first ...
57937 underground UNDERGROUND', n. A place or space beneath the surface of the ground.
57938 undergrowth UN'DERGROWTH, n. That which grows under trees; shrubs or small trees growing among large ones.
57939 underhand UN'DERHAND, adv.1. By secret means; in a clandestine manner.2. By fraud; by fraudulent ...
57940 underhanded UNDERHAND'ED, a. Underhand; clandestine. [This is the word in more general use in the United ...
57941 underived UNDERI'VED, a. Not derived; not borrowed; not received from a foreign source.
57942 underkeeper UNDERKEE'PER, n. A subordinate keeper.
57943 underlaborer UNDERLA'BORER, n. A subordinate workman
57944 underlaid UNDERLA'ID, pp. or a. [from underlay.] Having something lying or laid beneath; as sand underlaid ...
57945 underlay UNDERLA'Y, v.t. To lay beneath; to support by something laid under.
57946 underleaf UNDERLE'AF, n. A sort of apple good for cider.
57947 underlet UNDERLET', v.t.1. To let below the value.2. To let or lease, as a lessee or tenant; to let under ...
57948 underletter UNDERLET'TER, n. A tenant who leases.
57949 underletting UNDERLET'TING, ppr. Letting or leasing under a lease or by a lessee.UNDERLET'TING, n. The act or ...
57950 underline UNDERLI'NE, v.t. 1. To mark with a line below the words; sometimes called scoring.2. To influence ...
57951 underlined UNDERLI'NED, pp. Marked with a line underneath.
57952 underling UN'DERLING, n. An inferior person or agent; a mean sorry fellow.
57953 underlining UNDERLI'NING, ppr. Marking with a line below.
57954 underlock UN'DERLOCK, n. A lock of wool hanging under the belly of a sheep.
57955 undermaster UN'DERM'ASTER, n. A master subordinate to the principal master.
57956 undermeal UN'DERMEAL, n. A repast before dinner.
57957 undermine UNDERMI'NE, v.t.1. To sap; to excavate the earth beneath, for the purpose of suffering to fall, or ...
57958 undermined UNDERMI'NED, pp. Sapped; having the foundation removed.
57959 underminer UNDERMI'NER, n.1. One that saps, or excavates the earth beneath any thing.2. One that ...
57960 undermining UNDERMI'NING, ppr. Sapping; digging away the earth beneath; clandestinely removing the supports ...
57961 undermost UN'DERMOST, a. 1. Lowest in place beneath others.2. Lowest in state or condition.The party that ...
57962 undern UN'DERN, n. The third hour of the day, or nine o'clock. [Not in use.]
57963 underneath UNDERNE'ATH, adv. [under and neath. See Nether.]Beneath; below; in a lower place.Or sullen Mole ...
57964 underofficer UNDEROF'FICER, n. A subordinate officer.
57965 underogatory UNDEROG'ATORY, a. Not derogatory.
57966 underpart UN'DERP'ART, n. A subordinate part.
57967 underpetticoat UNDERPET'TICOAT, n. A petticoat worn under a skirt or another petticoat.
57968 underpin UNDERPIN', v.t.1. To lay stones under the sills of a building, on which it is to rest.2. To ...
57969 underpinned UNDERPIN'NED, pp. Supported by stones or a foundation.
57970 underpinning UNDERPIN'NING, ppr. Placing stones under the sills for support.UNDERPIN'NING, n.1. The act of ...
57971 underplot UN'DERPLOT, n.1. A series of events in a play, proceeding collaterally with the main story, and ...
57972 underpraise UNDERPRA'ISE, v.t. s as z. To praise below desert.
57973 underprize UNDERPRI'ZE, v.t. To value at less than the worth; to undervalue.
57974 underprized UNDERPRI'ZED, pp. Undervalued.
57975 underprizing UNDERPRI'ZING, ppr. Undervaluing.
57976 underprop UNDERPROP' v.t. To support; to uphold.And underprop the head that bears the crown.
57977 underproportioned UNDERPROPORTIONED, a. Having too little proportion.Scanty and underproportioned returns of ...
57978 underpuller UNDERPULL'ER, n. An inferior puller. [Not in use.]
57979 underrate UNDERRA'TE, v.t. To rate too low; to rate below the value; to undervalue.
57980 underrun UNDERRUN', v.t. To pass under in a boat.To underrun a tackle, to separate its parts and put them ...
57981 undersaturated UNDERSAT'URATED, a. Not fully saturated; a chimical term.
57982 undersay UNDERSA'Y, v.t. To say by way of derogation or contradiction. [Not in use.]
57983 undersecretary UNDERSEC'RETARY, n. A secretary subordinate to the principal secretary.
57984 undersell UNDERSELL', v.t. To sell the same articles at a lower price than another.
57985 underselling UNDERSELL'ING, ppr. Selling at a lower price.
57986 underservant UNDERSERV'ANT, n. An inferior servant.
57987 underset UNDERSET', v.t. To prop; to support.
57988 undersetter UNDERSET'TER, n. A prop; a pedestal; a support. 1Kings 7.
57989 undersetting UNDERSET'TING, ppr. Propping; supporting.UNDERSET'TING, n. The lower part; the pedestal.
57990 undersherifry UNDERSHER'IFRY, n. The office of an under-sheriff. [Not in use.]
57991 undershot UN'DERSHOT, a. Moved by water passing under the wheel; opposed to overshot; as an undershot mill ...
57992 undershrub UN'DERSHRUB, n. A low shrub, permanent and woody at the base, but the yearly branches decaying.
57993 undersoil UN'DERSOIL, n. Soil beneath the surface; subsoil.
57994 undersong UN'DERSONG, n. Chorus; burden of a song.Menalcas shall sustain his undersong.
57995 understand UNDERSTAND', v.t. pret. and pp. understood. [under and stand. The sense is to support or hold ...
57996 understandable UNDERSTAND'ABLE, a. That can be understood. [Not much used.]
57997 understander UNDERSTAND'ER, n. One who understands or knows by experience. [Little used.]
57998 understanding UNDERSTAND'ING, ppr. 1. Comprehending; apprehending the ideas or sense of another, or of a ...
57999 understandingly UNDERSTAND'INGLY, adv. Intelligibly; with full knowledge or comprehension of a question or ...
58000 understood UNDERSTOOD', pret. and pp. of understand.
58001 understrapper UN'DERSTRAPPER, n. A petty fellow; an inferior agent.
58002 understratum UNDERSTRA'TUM, n. Subsoil; the bed or layer of earth on which the old or soil rests.
58003 understroke UNDERSTRO'KE, v.t. To underline.
58004 undertakable UNDERTA'KABLE, a. That may be undertaken. [Not in use.]
58005 undertake UNDERTA'KE, v.t. pret. undertook; pp. undertaken. [under and take.]1. To engage in; to enter ...
58006 undertaken UNDERTA'KEN, pp. of undertake. The work was undertaken at his own expense.
58007 undertaker UNDERTA'KER, n. 1. One who undertakes; one who engages in any project or business.2. One who ...
58008 undertaking UNDERTA'KING, ppr. Engaging in; taking in hand; beginning to perform; stipulating to ...
58009 undertenant UNDERTEN'ANT, n. The tenant of a tenant; one who holds lands or tenements of a tenant.
58010 undertime UN'DERTIME, n. Undern-tide; the time after dinner, or in the evening. [Not in use.]
58011 undertook UNDERTOOK', pret of undertake.
58012 undertreasurer UNDERTREASURER, n. undertrezh'urer. A subordinate treasurer.
58013 undervaluation UNDERVALUA'TION, n. The act of valuing below the real worth; rate not equal to the worth.
58014 undervalue UNDERVAL'UE, v.t.1. To value, rate or estimate below the real worth.2. To esteem lightly; to ...
58015 undervalued UNDERVAL'UED, pp. Estimated at less than the real worth; slighted; despised.
58016 undervaluer UNDERVAL'UER, n. One who esteems lightly.
58017 undervaluing UNDERVAL'UING, ppr. Estimating at less than the real worth; slighting; despising.
58018 underwent UNDERWENT', pret. of undergo. He underwent severe trials.
58019 underwood UN'DERWOOD, n. Small trees that grow among large trees.
58020 underwork UN'DERWORK, n. Subordinate work; petty affairs.
58021 underworker UN'DERWORKER, n. One who underworks; or a subordinate workman.
58022 underworking UNDERWORK'ING, ppr. Destroying clandestinely; working at a less price than others in the like ...
58023 underworkman UNDERWORKMAN, n. A subordinate workman.
58024 underwrite UNDERWRI'TE, v.t. [See Write.]1. To write under something else.The change I have made, I have ...
58025 underwriter UN'DERWRITER, n. One who insures; an insurer; so called because he underwrites his name to the ...
58026 underwriting UNDERWRI'TING, ppr.1. Writing under something.2. Subscribing a policy; insuring.UNDERWRI'TING, n. ...
58027 underwritten UNDERWRIT'TEN, pp. Written under; subscribed.
58028 undescendible UNDESCEND'IBLE, a. Not descendible; not capable of descending to heirs.
58029 undescribed UNDESCRI'BED, a. Not described.
58030 undescried UNDESCRI'ED, a. Not descried; not discovered; not seen.
58031 undeserved UNDESERV'ED, a. s as z. Not deserved; not merited.
58032 undeservedly UNDESERV'EDLY, adv. Without desert, either good or evil.
58033 undeservedness UNDESERV'EDNESS, n. Want of being worthy.
58034 undeserver UNDESERV'ER, n. One of no merit.
58035 undeserving UNDESERV'ING, a.1. Not deserving; not having merit. God continually supplies the wants of his ...
58036 undeservingly UNDESERV'INGLY, adv. Without meriting any particular advantage or harm.
58037 undesigned UNDESIGNED, a. Not designed; not intended; not proceeding from purpose; as, to do an undesigned ...
58038 undesignedly UNDESIGNEDLY, adv. Without design or intention.
58039 undesignedness UNDESIGNEDNESS, n. Freedom from design or set purpose.
58040 undesigning UNDESIGNING, a.1. Not acting with set purpose.2. Sincere; upright; artless; having no artful or ...
58041 undesirable UNDESI'RABLE, a. s as z. Not to be desired; not to be wished; not pleasing.
58042 undesired UNDESI'RED, a. s as z. Not desired, or not solicited.
58043 undesiring UNDESI'RING, a. Not desiring; not wishing.
58044 undespairing UNDESPA'IRING, a. Not yielding to despair.
58045 undestroyable UNDESTROY'ABLE, a. Indestructible. [Not in use.]
58046 undestroyed UNDESTROY'ED, a. Not destroyed; not wasted; not ruined.
58047 undetected UNDETECT'ED, a. Not detected; not discovered; not laid open.
58048 undeterminable UNDETERM'INABLE, a. That cannot be determined or decided.
58049 undeterminate UNDETERM'INATE, a. Not determinate; not settled or certain. [But indeterminate is now generally ...
58050 undeterminateness UNDETERM'INATENESS, n. Uncertainty; unsettled state.
58051 undetermination UNDETERMINA'TION, n. Indecision; uncertainty of mind. [See indetermination, which is chiefly ...
58052 undetermined UNDETERM'INED, a.1. Not determined; not settled; not decided.2. Not limited; not defined; ...
58053 undeterred UNDETER'RED, a. Not deterred; not restrained by fear or obstacles.
58054 undetesting UNDETEST'ING, a. Not detesting; not abhorring.
58055 undeveloped UNDEVEL'OPED, a. Not opened or unfolded.
58056 undeviating UNDE'VIATING, a. 1. Not deviating; not departing from the way, or from a rule, principle or ...
58057 undeviatingly UNDE'VIATINGLY, adv. Without wandering; steadily; regularly.
58058 undevoted UNDEVO'TED, a. Not devoted.
58059 undevout UNDEVOUT', Not devout; having no devotion.
58060 undextrous UNDEX'TROUS, a. Not dextrous; clumsy.
58061 undiaphanous UNDIAPH'ANOUS, a. Not transparent; not pellucid.
58062 undid UNDID', pret of undo.
58063 undigenous UNDIG'ENOUS, a. [L. unda, wave and Gr. kind.] Generated by water.
58064 undigested UNDIGEST'ED, a. Not digested; not subdued by the stomach; crude.
58065 undight UNDIGHT, v.t. To put off. Obs.
58066 undignified UNDIG'NIFIED, a. Not dignified; common; mean.
58067 undiminishable UNDIMIN'ISHABLE, a. Not capable of diminution.
58068 undiminished UNDIMIN'ISHED, a. Not diminished; not lessened; unimpaired.
58069 undiminishing UNDIMIN'ISHING, a. Not diminishing; not becoming less.
58070 undinted UNDINT'ED, a. Not impressed by a blow.
58071 undiplomatic UNDIPLOMAT'IC, a. Not according to the rules of diplomatic bodies.
58072 undipped UNDIP'PED, a. Not dipped; not plunged.
58073 undirected UNDIRECT'ED, a. 1. Not directed; not guided; left without direction.2. Not addressed; not ...
58074 undisappointed UNDISAPPOINT'ED, a. Not disappointed.
58075 undiscerned UNDISCERN'ED, a. Not discerned; not seen; not observed; not descried; not discovered; as truths ...
58076 undiscernedly UNDISCERN'EDLY, adv. In such a manner as not to be discovered or seen.
58077 undiscernible UNDISCERN'IBLE, a. That cannot be discerned, seen or discovered; invisible; as undiscernible ...
58078 undiscernibleness UNDISCERN'IBLENESS, n. The state or quality of being undiscernible.
58079 undiscernibly UNDISCERN'IBLY, adv. In a way not to be discovered or seen; invisibly; imperceptibly.
58080 undiscerning UNDISCERN'ING, a. Not discerning; not making just distinctions; wanting judgment or the power of ...
58081 undisciplined UNDIS'CIPLINED, a. 1. Not disciplined; not duly exercised and taught; not subdued to regularity ...
58082 undisclose UNDISCLOSE, v.t. undisclo'ze. Not to discover. [A bad word.]
58083 undisclosed UNDISCLO'SED, a. Not disclosed; not revealed.
58084 undiscolored UNDISCOLORED, a. Not discolored; not stained.
58085 undiscording UNDISCORD'ING, a. Not disagreeing; not jarring in music; harmonious; as undiscording voices.
58086 undiscoverable UNDISCOVERABLE, a. That cannot be discovered or found out; as a undiscoverable principles.
58087 undiscoverably UNDISCOVERABLY, adv. In a manner not to be discovered.
58088 undiscovered UNDISCOVERED, a. Not discovered; not seen; not descried.
58089 undiscrete UNDISCRE'TE, a. Not discrete; not prudent or wise. [Instead of this, indiscrete is used.]
58090 undiscretely UNDISCRE'TELY, adv. Indiscretely. [See Indiscretely.]
58091 undiscussed UNDISCUSS'ED, a. Not discussed; not argued or debated.
58092 undisgraced UNDISGRA'CED, a. Not disgraced or dishonored.
58093 undisguised UNDISGUISED, a. [See Guise.]1. Not disguised; not covered with a mask, or with a false ...
58094 undishonored UNDISHON'ORED, n. [See Honor.] Not dishonored; not disgraced.
58095 undismayed UNDISMA'YED, a. Not dismayed; not disheartened by fear; not discouraged; as troops undismayed.
58096 undisobliging UNDISOBLI'GING, a. Inoffensive. [Little used.]
58097 undisordered UNDISOR'DERED, a. s as z. Not disordered; not disturbed.
58098 undispensed UNDISPENS'ED, a.1. Not dispensed.2. Not freed from obligation.
58099 undispensing UNDISPENS'ING, a. Not allowing to be dispensed with.
58100 undispersed UNDISPERS'ED, a. Not dispersed; not scattered.
58101 undisplayed UNDISPLA'YED, a. Not displayed; not unfolded.
58102 undisputable UNDIS'PUTABLE, a. Not disputable. [But the word now used is indisputable.]
58103 undisputed UNDISPU'TED, a. Not disputed; not contested; not called in question; as an undisputed title; ...
58104 undisquieted UNDISQUI'ETED, a. Not disquieted; not disturbed.
58105 undissembled UNDISSEM'BLED, a. Not dissembled; open; undisguised; unfeigned; as undissembled friendship or ...
58106 undissembling UNDISSEM'BLING, a. Not dissembling; not exhibiting a false appearance; not false.
58107 undissipated UNDIS'SIPATED, a. Not dissipated; not scattered.
58108 undissolvable UNDISSOLV'ABLE, a. [See dissolve.]1. That cannot be dissolved or melted.2. That may not be ...
58109 undissolved UNDISSOLV'ED, a. Not dissolved; not melted.
58110 undissolving UNDISSOLV'ING, a. Not dissolving; not melting; as the undissolving ice of the Alps.
58111 undistempered UNDISTEM'PERED, a.1. Not diseased; free from malady.2. Free from perturbation.
58112 undistended UNDISTEND'ED, a. Not distended; not enlarged.
58113 undistilled UNDISTILL'ED, a. Not distilled.
58114 undistinguishable UNDISTIN'GUISHABLE, a.1. That cannot be distinguished by the eye; not to be distinctly seen.2. ...
58115 undistinguishably UNDISTIN'GUISHABLY, adv. Without distinction; so as not to be known from each other, or to be ...
58116 undistinguished UNDISTIN'GUISHED, a.1. Not distinguished; not so marked as to be distinctly known from each ...
58117 undistinguishing UNDISTIN'GUISHING, a. Making no difference; not discriminating; as undistinguishing ...
58118 undistorted UNDISTORT'ED, a. Not distorted; not perverted.
58119 undistracted UNDISTRACT'ED, a. Not perplexed by contrariety or confusion of thought, desires or concerns.
58120 undistractedly UNDISTRACT'EDLY, adv. Without disturbance from contrariety of thoughts or multiplicity of ...
58121 undistractedness UNDISTRACT'EDNESS, n. Freedom from disturbance or interruption from contrariety or multiplicity of ...
58122 undistributed UNDISTRIB'UTED, a. Not distributed or allotted.
58123 undisturbed UNDISTURB'ED, a. 1. Free from interruption; not molested or hindered; as undisturbed with company ...
58124 undisturbedly UNDISTURB'EDLY, adv. Calmly; peacefully.
58125 undisturbedness UNDISTURB'EDNESS, n. Calmness; tranquillity; freedom from molestation or agitation.
58126 undiversified UNDIVERS'IFIED, a. Not diversified; not varied; uniform.
58127 undiverted UNDIVERT'ED, a. 1. Not diverted; not turned aside.2. Not amused; not entertained or pleased.
58128 undividable UNDIVI'DABLE, a. That cannot be divided; not separable; as an undividable scene.
58129 undivided UNDIVI'DED, a. 1. Not divided; not separated or disunited; unbroken; whole; as undivided ...
58130 undividedly UNDIVI'DEDLY, adv. So as not to be parted.
58131 undivorced UNDIVORCED, a. Not divorced; not separated.
58132 undivulged UNDIVULG'ED, a. Not divulged; not revealed or disclosed; secret.
58133 undo UNDO, v.t. pret. undid; pp. undone.1. To reverse what has been done; to annul; to bring to naught ...
58134 undock UNDOCK', v.t. To take out of dock; as, to undock a ship.
58135 undoer UNDOER, n. One who undoes or brings destruction; one who reverses what has been done; one who ...
58136 undoing UNDOING, ppr. Reversing what has been done; ruining.UNDOING, n.1. The reversal of what has been ...
58137 undone UNDONE, pp. 1. Reversed; annulled.2. Ruined; destroyed.When the legislature is corrupted, the ...
58138 undoubted UNDOUBTED, a. undout'ed. Not doubted; not called in question; indubitable; indisputable; as ...
58139 undoubtedly UNDOUBTEDLY, adv. undout'edly. Without doubt; without question; indubitably.
58140 undoubtful UNDOUBTFUL, a. undout'ful. Not doubtful; not ambiguous; plain; evident.
58141 undoubting UNDOUBTING, a. undout'ing. Not doubting; not hesitating respecting facts; not fluctuating in ...
58142 undrained UNDRA'INED, a. Not drained; not freed from water.
58143 undramatic UNDRAMAT'IC,
58144 undramatical UNDRAMAT'ICAL, a. Not dramatic; not according to the rules of the drama, or not suited to the ...
58145 undrawn UNDRAWN', a. 1. Not drawn; not pulled by an external force.2. Not allured by motives or ...
58146 undreaded UNDREADED, a. undred'ed. Not dreaded; not feared.
58147 undreamed UNDRE'AMED, a. Not dreamed; not thought of.
58148 undress UNDRESS', v.t1. To divest of clothes; to strip.2. To divest of ornaments, or the attire of ...
58149 undressed UNDRESS'ED, pp.1. Divested of dress; disrobed.2. a. Not dressed; not attired.3. Not prepared; ...
58150 undried UNDRI'ED, a.1. Not dried; wet; moist; as undried cloth.2. Not dried; green; as undried hay; ...
58151 undriven UNDRIV'EN, a. Not driven; not impelled.
58152 undrooping UNDROOP'ING, a. Not drooping; not sinking; not despairing.
58153 undrossy UNDROSS'Y, a. Free from dross or recrement.
58154 undrowned UNDROWN'ED, a. Not drowned.
58155 undubitable UNDU'BITABLE, a. Not to be doubted; unquestionable. [But the word now used is indubitable.]
58156 undue UNDUE, a.1. Not due; not yet demandable of right; as a debt, note or bond undue.2. Not right; not ...
58157 unduke UNDU'KE, v.t. To deprive of dukedom.
58158 undulary UN'DULARY, a. [L. undula, a little wave.] Playing like waves; waving.
58159 undulate UN'DULATE,
58160 undulated UN'DULATED, a. Wavy; waved obtusely up and down, near the margin, as a leaf or corol.
58161 undulating UN'DULATING, ppr. 1. Waving; vibrating.2. a. Wary; rising and falling.
58162 undulatingly UN'DULATINGLY, adv. In the form of waves.
58163 undulation UNDULA'TION, n. [from undulate.]1. A waving motion or vibration; as the undulations of a fluid, ...
58164 undulatory UN'DULATORY, a. [from undulate. Moving in the manner of waves; or resembling the motion of waves, ...
58165 undull UNDULL', v.t. To remove dullness or obscurity; to clear; to purify. [Not used.]
58166 unduly UNDU'LY, adv. 1. Not according to duty or propriety.2. Not in proper proportion; excessively. ...
58167 undurable UNDU'RABLE, a. Not durable; not lasting. [Not in use.]
58168 undust UNDUST', v.t. To free from dust. [Not in use.]
58169 unduteous UNDU'TEOUS, a. Not performing duty to parents and superiors; not obedient; as an unduteous child, ...
58170 undutiful UNDU'TIFUL, a. Not obedient; not performing duty; as an undutiful son or subject.
58171 undutifully UNDU'TIFULLY, adv. Not according to duty; in a disobedient manner.
58172 undutifulness UNDU'TIFULNESS, n. Want of respect; violation of duty; disobedience; as the undutifulness of ...
58173 undying UNDY'ING, a.1. Not dying; not perishing.2. Not subject to death; immortal; as the undying souls ...
58174 unearned UNEARNED, a. unern'ed. Not merited by labor or services.Hoping heaven will bless thy slighted ...
58175 unearthed UNEARTHED, a. unerth'ed. Driven from a den, cavern or burrow.
58176 unearthly UNEARTHLY, a. unerth'ly. Not terrestrial.
58177 uneasily UNE'ASILY, adv. s as z. 1. With uneasiness or pain.He lives uneasily under the burden.2. With ...
58178 uneasiness UNE'ASINESS, n.1. A moderate degree of pain; restlessness; want of ease; disquiet.2. Unquietness ...
58179 uneasy UNE'ASY, a. s as z.1. Feeling some degree of pain; restless; disturbed; unquiet. The patient is ...
58180 uneatable UNE'ATABLE, a. Not eatable; not fit to be eaten.
58181 uneaten UNE'ATEN, a. Not eaten; not devoured.
58182 uneath UNE'ATH, adv.1. Not easily. [Not in use.]2. Beneath; below. [Not in use. See Neither and ...
58183 uneclipsed UNECLIPS'ED, a. Not eclipsed; not obscured.
58184 unedifying UNED'IFYING, a. Not edifying; not improving to the mind.
58185 uneducated UNED'UCATED, a. Not educated; illiterate.
58186 uneffaced UNEFFA'CED, a. Not effaced; not obliterated.
58187 uneffectual UNEFFECT'UAL, a. Ineffectual. [The latter is the word now used.]
58188 unelastic UNELAS'TIC, a. Not elastic; not having the property of recovering its original state, when bent or ...
58189 unelated UNELA'TED, a. Not elated; not puffed up.
58190 unelbowed UNEL'BOWED, a. Not attended by any at the elbow.
58191 unelected UNELECT'ED, a. Not elected; not chosen; not preferred.
58192 unelegant UNEL'EGANT, a. Not elegant. [Not used. See Inelegant.]
58193 uneligible UNEL'IGIBLE, a. Not proper to be chosen; ineligible. [The latter is the word now used.
58194 unemancipated UNEMAN'CIPATED, n. Not emancipated or liberated from slavery.
58195 unembalmed UNEMB'ALMED, a. Not embalmed.
58196 unembarrassed UNEMBAR'RASSED, a.1. Not embarrassed; not perplexed in mind; not confused. The speaker appeared ...
58197 unembittered UNEMBIT'TERED, a. Not embittered; not aggravated.
58198 unembodied UNEMBOD'IED, a.1. Free from a corporeal body; as unembodied spirits.2. Not embodied; not ...
58199 unemphatic UNEMPHAT'IC, a. Having no emphasis.
58200 unemployed UNEMPLOY'ED, a. 1. Not employed; not occupied; not busy; at leisure; not engaged.2. Not being in ...
58201 unempowered UNEMPOW'ERED, a. Not empowered or authorized.
58202 unemptiable UNEMP'TIABLE, a. Not to be emptied; inexhaustible. [Not in use.]
58203 unemulating UNEM'ULATING, a. Not emulating; not striving to excel.
58204 unenchanted UNENCH'ANTED, a. Not enchanted; that cannot be enchanted.
58205 unencumber UNENCUM'BER, v.t. To free from incumbrance.
58206 unencumbered UNENCUM'BERED, pp.1. Disengaged from incumbrance.2. a. Not encumbered; not burdened.
58207 unendowed UNENDOW'ED, a.1. Not endowed; not furnished; not invested; as a man unendowed with virtues.2. Not ...
58208 unenduring UNENDU'RING, a. Not lasting; of temporary duration.
58209 unenervated UNEN'ERVATED, a. Not enervated or weakened.
58210 unengaged UNENGA'GED, a. 1. Not engaged; not bound by covenant or promise; free from obligation to a ...
58211 unengaging UNENGA'GING, a. Not adapted to engage or win the attention or affections; not inviting.
58212 unenjoyed UNENJOY'ED, a. Not enjoyed; not obtained; not possessed.
58213 unenjoying UNENJOY'ING, a. Not using; having no fruition.
58214 unenlarged UNENL'ARGED, a. Not enlarged; narrow.
58215 unenlightened UNENLIGHTENED, a. Not enlightened; not illuminated.
58216 unenslaved UNENSLA'VED, a. Not enslaved; free.
58217 unentangle UNENTAN'GLE, v.t. To free from complication or perplexity; to disentangle.
58218 unentangled UNENTAN'GLED, pp.1. Disentangled;2. a. Not entangled; not complicated; not perplexed.
58219 unenterprising UNEN'TERPRISING, a. Not enterprising; not adventurous.
58220 unentertaining UNENTERTA'INING, a. Not entertaining or amusing; giving no delight.
58221 unentertainingness UNENTERTA'ININGNESS, n. The quality of being unentertaining or dull.
58222 unenthralled UNENTHRALL'ED, a. Not enslaved; not reduced to thralldom.
58223 unentombed UNENTOMBED, a. Not buried; not interred.
58224 unenvied UNEN'VIED, a. Not envied; exempt from the envy of others.
58225 unenvious UNEN'VIOUS, a. Not envious; free from envy.
58226 unepitaphed UNEP'ITAPHED, a. Having no epitaph.
58227 unequable UNE'QUABLE, a. Different from itself; different at different times; not uniform; diverse; as ...
58228 unequal UNE'QUAL, a. [L. inaequalis.] 1. Not equal; not even; not of the same size, length, breadth, ...
58229 unequalable UNE'QUALABLE, a. Not to be equaled.
58230 unequaled UNE'QUALED, a. Not to be equaled; unparalleled; unrivaled; in a good or bad sense; as unequaled ...
58231 unequally UNE'QUALLY, adv.1. Not equally; in different degrees; in disproportion to each other.2. Not with ...
58232 unequalness UNE'QUALNESS, n. State of being unequal; inequality.
58233 unequitable UNEQ'UITABLE, a.1. Not equitable; not just.2. Not impartial. [Inequitable is generally used.]
58234 unequivocal UNEQUIV'OCAL, a.1. Not equivocal; not doubtful; clear; evident; as unequivocal evidence.2. Not ...
58235 unequivocally UNEQUIV'OCALLY, adv. Without doubt; without room to doubt; plainly; with full evidence.
58236 unerrable UNER'RABLE, a. Incapable of erring; infallible.
58237 unerrableness UNER'RABLENESS, n. Incapacity of error.
58238 unerring UNER'RING, a.1. Committing no mistake; incapable of error; as, the unerring wisdom of God.2. ...
58239 unerringly UNER'RINGLY, adv. Without mistake.
58240 uneschewable UNESCHEW'ABLE, a. Unavoidable. [Not in use.]
58241 unespied UNESPI'ED, a. Not espied; not discovered; not seen.
58242 unessayed UNESSA'YED, a. Not essayed; unattempted.
58243 unessential UNESSEN'TIAL, a.1. Not essential; not absolutely necessary; not of prime importance.2. Not ...
58244 unestablish UNESTAB'LISH, v.t. To unfix; to deprive of establishment. [Little used.]
58245 unestablished UNESTAB'LISHED, a. Not established; not permanently fixed.
58246 unevangelical UNEVANGEL'ICAL, a. Not orthodox; not according to the gospel.
58247 uneven UNEVEN, a. une'vn.1. Not even; not level; as an uneven road or way; uneven ground.2. Not equal; ...
58248 unevenly UNE'VENLY, adv. In an uneven manner.
58249 unevenness UNE'VENNESS, n.1. Surface not level; inequality of surface; as the unevenness of ground or of ...
58250 unevitable UNEV'ITABLE, a. Not to be escaped; unavoidable. [The word now used is inevitable.]
58251 unexact UNEXACT', a. Not exact. [See Inexact, which is generally used.]
58252 unexacted UNEXACT'ED, a. Not exacted; not taken by force.
58253 unexaggerated UNEXAG'GERATED, a. Not exaggerated.
58254 unexaggerating UNEXAG'GERATING, a. Not enlarging in description.
58255 unexaminable UNEXAM'INABLE, a. Not to be examined or inquired into.
58256 unexamined UNEXAM'INED, a.1. Not examined; not interrogated strictly; as a witness.2. Not inquired into; not ...
58257 unexampled UNEXAM'PLED, a. Having no example or similar case; having no precedent; unprecedented; ...
58258 unexceptionable UNEXCEP'TIONABLE, a. Not liable to any exception or objection; unobjectionable; as unexceptionable ...
58259 unexceptionablenes UNEXCEP'TIONABLENESS, n. State or quality of being unexceptionable.
58260 unexceptionably UNEXCEP'TIONABLY, adv. In a manner liable to no objection; as a point unexceptionably proved.
58261 unexcised UNEXCI'SED, a. s as z. Not charged with the duty of excise.
58262 unexcited UNEXCI'TED, a. Not excited; not roused.
58263 unexcogitable UNEXCOG'ITABLE, a. Not to be found out. [Not in use.]
58264 unexcommunicated UNEXCOMMU'NICATED, a. Not excommunicated.
58265 unexcusable UNEXCU'SABLE, a. s as z. Not excusable. [We now use inexcusable.]
58266 unexcusableness UNEXCU'SABLENESS, n. Inexcusableness, which see.
58267 unexecuted UNEX'ECUTED, a.1. Not performed; not done; as a task, business or project unexecuted.2. Not ...
58268 unexemplary UNEX'EMPLARY, a. Not exemplary; not according to example.
58269 unexemplified UNEXEM'PLIFIED, a. Not exemplified; not illustrated by example.
58270 unexempt UNEXEMPT', a. Not exempt; not free by privilege.
58271 unexercised UNEX'ERCISED, a. s as z. Not exercised; not practiced; not disciplined; not experienced.
58272 unexerted UNEXERT'ED, a. Not called into action; not exerted.
58273 unexhausted UNEXHAUST'ED, a.1. Not exhausted; not drained to the bottom, or to the last article.2. Not spent; ...
58274 unexistent UNEXIST'ENT, a. Not existing.
58275 unexorcised UNEX'ORCISED, a. s as z. Not exorcised; not cast out by exorcism.
58276 unexpanded UNEXPAND'ED, a. Not expanded not spread out.
58277 unexpectation UNEXPECTA'TION, n. Want of foresight. [Not in use.]
58278 unexpected UNEXPECT'ED, a. Not expected; not looked for; sudden; not provided against.
58279 unexpectedly UNEXPECT'EDLY, adv. At a time or in a manner not expected or looked for; suddenly.
58280 unexpectedness UNEXPECT'EDNESS, n. The quality of being unexpected, or of coming suddenly and by surprise.
58281 unexpectorating UNEXPEC'TORATING, a. Not expectorating; not discharging from the throat or lungs.
58282 unexpedient UNEXPE'DIENT, a. Not expedient. [But inexpedient is the word now used.]
58283 unexpended UNEXPEND'ED, a. Not expended; not laid out. There is an unexpended balance of the appropriation.
58284 unexpensive UNEXPENS'IVE, a. Not expensive; not costly.
58285 unexperienced UNEXPE'RIENCED, a.1. Not experienced; not versed; not acquainted by trial or practice.2. Untried; ...
58286 unexpert UNEXPERT', a. Wanting skill; not ready or dextrous in performance.
58287 unexpired UNEXPI'RED, a. Not expired; not ended.
58288 unexplainable UNEXPLA'INABLE, a. That cannot be explained.
58289 unexplored UNEXPLO'RED, a. 1. Not explored; not searched or examined by the eye; unknown.2. Not examined ...
58290 unexposed UNEXPO'SED, a. s as z. 1. Not laid open to view; concealed.2. Not laid open to censure.
58291 unexpounded UNEXPOUND'ED, a. Not expounded; not explained.
58292 unexpressed UNEXPRESS'ED, a. Not expressed; not mentioned or named; not exhibited.
58293 unexpressible UNEXPRESS'IBLE, a. That cannot be expressed. [But inexpressible is the word now used.]
58294 unexpressive UNEXPRESS'IVE, a.1. Not having the power of expressing.2. Inexpressible; unutterable.
58295 unextended UNEXTEND'ED, a. Occupying no assignable space; having no dimensions; as a spiritual, an unextended ...
58296 unextinct UNEXTINCT', a. Not extinct; not being destroyed; not having perished.
58297 unextinguishable UNEXTIN'GUISHABLE, a.1. That cannot be extinguished; unquenchable; as unextinguishable fire.2. ...
58298 unextinguishably UNEXTIN'GUISHABLY, adv. In a manner or degree that precludes extinction.
58299 unextinguished UNEXTIN'GUISHED, a. Not extinguished; not quenched; not entirely repressed.
58300 unextirpated UNEX'TIRPATED, a. Not extirpated; not rooted out.
58301 unextorted UNEXTORT'ED, a. Not extorted; not wrested.
58302 unextracted UNEXTRACT'ED, a. Not extracted or drawn out.
58303 unfaded UNFA'DED, a.1. Not faded; not having lost its strength of color.2. Unwithered; as a plant.
58304 unfading UNFA'DING, a.1. Not liable to lose strength or freshness of coloring.2. Not liable to wither; as ...
58305 unfadingness UNFA'DINGNESS, n. The state or quality of being unfading.
58306 unfailable UNFA'ILABLE, a. That cannot fail. [Not in use.]
58307 unfailableness UNFA'ILABLENESS, n. The quality of being unfailable. [Not in use.]
58308 unfailing UNFA'ILING, a.1. Not liable to fail; not capable of being exhausted; as an unfailing spring; ...
58309 unfailingness UNFA'ILINGNESS, n. The state of being unfailing.
58310 unfainting UNFA'INTING, a. Not fainting; not sinking; not failing under toil.
58311 unfair UNFA'IR, a.1. Not honest; not impartial; disingenuous; using trick or artifice; as an unfair ...
58312 unfairly UNFA'IRLY, adv. Not in a just or equitable manner.
58313 unfairness UNFA'IRNESS, n.1. Dishonest or disingenuous conduct or practice; use of trick or artifice; applied ...
58314 unfaithful UNFA'ITHFUL, a.1. Not observant of promises, vows, allegiance or duty; violating trust or ...
58315 unfaithfully UNFA'ITHFULLY, adv.1. In violation of promises, vows or duty; treacherously; perfidiously.2. ...
58316 unfaithfulness UNFA'ITHFULNESS, n. Neglect or violation of vows, promises, allegiance or other duty; breach of ...
58317 unfalcated UNFAL'CATED, a. Not curtailed; having no deductions.
58318 unfallen UNFALL'EN, a. Not fallen.
58319 unfallowed UNFAL'LOWED, a. Not fallowed.
58320 unfamiliar UNFAMIL'IAR, a. Not accustomed; not common; not rendered agreeable by frequent use.
58321 unfamiliarity UNFAMILIAR'ITY, n. Want of familiarity.
58322 unfashionable UNFASH'IONABLE, a. 1. Not fashionable; not according to the prevailing mode; as unfashionable ...
58323 unfashionableness UNFASH'IONABLENESS, n. Neglect of the prevailing mode; deviation from reigning custom.
58324 unfashionably UNFASH'IONABLY, adv. Not according to the fashion; as, to be unfashionably dressed.
58325 unfashioned UNFASH'IONED, a. Not modified by art; amorphous; shapeless; not having a regular form; as a ...
58326 unfast UNF'AST, a. Not safe; not secure.
58327 unfasten UNF'ASTEN, v.t. To loose; to unfix; to unbind; to untie.
58328 unfastened UNF'ASTENED, pp. Loosed; untied; unfixed.
58329 unfathered UNF'ATHERED, a. Fatherless.
58330 unfatherly UNF'ATHERLY, a. Not becoming a father; unkind.
58331 unfathomable UNFATH'OMABLE, a.1. That cannot be sounded by a line; as an unfathomable lake.2. So deep or ...
58332 unfathomableness UNFATH'OMABLENESS, n. The state of being unfathomable.
58333 unfathomably UNFATH'OMABLY, adv. So as not to be capable of being sounded.
58334 unfathomed UNFATH'OMED, a. Not sounded; not to be sounded.
58335 unfatigued UNFATIGUED, a. unfatee'ged. Not wearied; not tired.
58336 unfaulty UNFAULT'Y, a. Free from fault; innocent.
58337 unfavorable UNFA'VORABLE, a.1. Not favorable; not propitious; not disposed or adapted to countenance or ...
58338 unfavorableness UNFA'VORABLENESS, n. Unpropitiousness; unkindness; want of disposition to countenance or promote.
58339 unfavorably UNFA'VORABLY, adv. Unpropitiously; unkindly; so as not to countenance, support or promote; in a ...
58340 unfavored UNFA'VORED, a. Not favored; not assisted.
58341 unfeared UNFE'ARED, a. 1. Not affrighted; not daunted. [Not in use.]2. Not feared; not dreaded.
58342 unfeasible UNFE'ASIBLE, a. s as z. That cannot be done; impracticable.
58343 unfeathered UNFEATH'ERED,
58344 unfeatured UNFE'ATURED, a. Wanting regular features; deformed.Visage rough, deform'd, unfeatur'd.
58345 unfed UNFED', a. Not fed; not supplied with food.
58346 unfeed UNFEE'D, a. 1. Not feed; not retained by a fee.2. Unpaid; as an unfeed lawyer.
58347 unfeeling UNFEE'LING, a.1. Insensible; void of sensibility.2. Cruel; hard.
58348 unfeelingly UNFEE'LINGLY, adv. In an unfeeling or cruel manner.
58349 unfeelingness UNFEE'LINGNESS, n. Insensibility; harness of heart; cruelty.
58350 unfeigned UNFEIGNED, a. Not feigned; not counterfeit; not hypocritical; real; sincere; as unfeigned piety to ...
58351 unfeignedly UNFEIGNEDLY, adv. Without hypocrisy; really; sincerely.He pardoneth all them that truly repent, ...
58352 unfelicitating UNFELIC'ITATING, a. Not producing felicity. [Unusual.]
58353 unfellowed UNFEL'LOWED, a. Not matched.
58354 unfelt UNFELT', a. Not felt; not perceived.
58355 unfence UNFENCE, v.t. unfens'. To strip of fence; to remove a fence from.
58356 unfenced UNFEN'CED, pp.1. Deprived of a fence.2. a. Not fenced; not inclosed; defenseless; as a tract of ...
58357 unfermented UNFERMENT'ED, a. 1. Not fermented; not having undergone the process of fermentation; as liquor.2. ...
58358 unfertile UNFER'TILE, a.1. Not fertile; not rich; not having the qualities necessary to the production of ...
58359 unfethered UNFETH'ERED, a. Having no feathers; unfledged; implumous; naked of feathers.
58360 unfetter UNFET'TER, v.t.1. To loose from fetters; to unchain; to unshackle.2. To free from restraint; to ...
58361 unfettered UNFET'TERED, pp. 1. Unchained; unshackled; freed from restraint.2. a. Not restrained.
58362 unfettering UNFET'TERING, ppr. Unchaining; setting free from restraint.
58363 unfigured UNFIG'URED, a. Representing no animal form.
58364 unfilial UNFIL'IAL, a. Unsuitable to a son or child; undutiful; not becoming a child.
58365 unfilled UNFILL'ED, a. Not filled; not fully supplied.
58366 unfinished UNFIN'ISHED, a. Not finished; not complete; not brought to an end; imperfect; wanting the last ...
58367 unfired UNFI'RED, a. Not fired; not inflamed.
58368 unfirm UNFIRM', a. [See Firm.]1. Not firm; weak; feeble; infirm.[Note. When we speak of the weakness of ...
58369 unfirmness UNFIRM'NESS, n. A weak state; instability.
58370 unfit UNFIT', a. 1. Not fit; improper; unsuitable.2. Unqualified; as a man unfit for an office.UNFIT', ...
58371 unfitly UNFIT'LY, adv. Not properly; unsuitably.
58372 unfitness UNFIT'NESS, n.1. Want of suitable powers or qualifications, physical or moral; as the unfitness of ...
58373 unfitted UNFIT'TED, pp. Rendered unsuitable; disqualified.
58374 unfitting UNFIT'TING, ppr.1. Rendering unsuitable; disqualifying.2. a. Improper; becoming.
58375 unfix UNFIX', v.t.1. To loosen from any fastening; to detach from any thing that holds; to unsettle; to ...
58376 unfixed UNFIX'ED, pp.1. Unsettled; loosened.2. a. Wandering; erratic; inconstant; having no settled ...
58377 unfixing UNFIX'ING, ppr. Unsettling; loosening.
58378 unflagging UNFLAG'GING, a. Not flagging; not drooping; maintaining strength or spirit.
58379 unflattered UNFLAT'TERED, a. Not flattered.
58380 unflattering UNFLAT'TERING, a.1. Not flattering; not gratifying with obsequious behavior; not coloring the ...
58381 unfledged UNFLEDG'ED, a.1. Not yet furnished with feathers; implumous; as an unfledged bird.2. Young; not ...
58382 unfleshed UNFLESH'ED, a. Not fleshed; not seasoned to blood; raw; as an unfleshed hound; unfleshed valor.
58383 unfoiled UNFOIL'ED, a. Not vanquished; not defeated.
58384 unfold UNFOLD, v.t1. To open folds; to expand; to spread out.2. To open any thing covered or close; to ...
58385 unfolded UNFOLDED, pp. Opened; expanded; revealed; displayed; released from a fold.
58386 unfolding UNFOLDING, ppr. Opening; expanding; disclosing; displaying; releasing from a fold.UNFOLDING, n. ...
58387 unfool UNFOOL', v.t. To restore from folly. [Not in use.]
58388 unforbearing UNFORBEARING, a. Not forbearing.
58389 unforbid UNFORBID',
58390 unforbidden UNFORBID'DEN, a. 1. Not forbid; not prohibited; applied to persons.2. Allowed; permitted; legal; ...
58391 unforbiddenness UNFORBID'DENNESS, n. The state of being unforbidden. [Not in use.]
58392 unforced UNFORCED, a.1. Not forced; not compelled; not constrained.2. Not urged or impelled.3. Not ...
58393 unforcible UNFORCIBLE, a. Wanting force or strength; as an unforcible expression.
58394 unfordable UNFORDABLE, a. Not fordable; that cannot be forded, or passed by wading; as an unfordable river.
58395 unforeboding UNFOREBO'DING, a. Giving no omens.
58396 unforeknown UNFOREKNOWN, a. Not previously known or foreseen.
58397 unforeseeable UNFORESEE'ABLE, a. That cannot be foreseen. [A bad word and not in use.]
58398 unforeseen UNFORESEE'N, a. Not foreseen; not foreknown.
58399 unforeskinned UNFO'RESKINNED, a. Circumcised. [Bad.]
58400 unforetold UNFORETOLD, a. Not predicted.
58401 unforewarned UNFOREWARN'ED, a. a. [See Warn.] Not previously warned or admonished.
58402 unforfeited UNFOR'FEITED, a. Not forfeited.
58403 unforgiven UNFORGIV'EN, a. Not forgiven; not pardoned.
58404 unforgiving UNFORGIV'ING, a. Not forgiving; not disposed to overlook or pardon offenses; implacable.
58405 unforgot UNFORGOT'
58406 unforgotten UNFORGOT'TEN, a. 1. Not forgot; not lost to memory.2. Not overlooked; not neglected.
58407 unform UNFORM', v.t. To destroy; to unmake; to decompose or resolve into parts.
58408 unformed UNFORM'ED, a. Not molded into regular shape; as unformed matter.
58409 unforsaken UNFORSA'KEN, a. Not forsaken; not deserted; not entirely neglected.
58410 unfortified UNFOR'TIFIED, a.1. Not fortified; not secured from attack by walls or mounds.2. Not guarded; not ...
58411 unfortunate UNFOR'TUNATE, a. Not successful; not prosperous; as an unfortunate adventure; an unfortunate ...
58412 unfortunately UNFOR'TUNATELY, adv. Without success; unsuccessfully; unhappily. the scheme unfortunately ...
58413 unfortunateness UNFOR'TUNATENESS, n. Ill luck; ill fortune; fortune; failure of success.
58414 unfostered UNFOS'TERED, a.1. Not fostered; not nourished.2. Not countenanced by favor; not patronized.
58415 unfought UNFOUGHT, a. unfaut'. Not fought.
58416 unfouled UNFOUL'ED, a. Not fouled; not polluted; not soiled; not corrupted; pure.
58417 unfound UNFOUND', a. Not found; not met with.
58418 unfounded UNFOUND'ED, a.1. Not founded; not built or established.2. Having no foundation; vain; idle; as ...
58419 unframable UNFRA'MABLE, a. Not to be framed or molded. [Not in use.]
58420 unframableness UNFRA'MABLENESS, n. The quality of not being framable. [Not in use.]
58421 unframed UNFRA'MED, a.1. Not framed; not fitted for erection; as unframed timber.2. Not formed; not ...
58422 unfraternal UNFRATERN'AL, a. Not brotherly.
58423 unfree UNFREE', a. Not free; as unfree peasants.
58424 unfrequency UNFRE'QUENCY, n. The state of being unfrequent.
58425 unfrequent UNFRE'QUENT, a. Not frequent; not common; not happening often; infrequent.UNFRE'QUENT, v.t. To ...
58426 unfrequented UNFRE'QUENTED, a. Rarely visited; seldom resorted to by human beings; as an unfrequented place or ...
58427 unfrequently UNFRE'QUENTLY, adv. Not often; seldom.
58428 unfriable UNFRI'ABLE, a. Not easily crumbled.
58429 unfriended UNFRIENDED, a. unfrend'ed. Wanting friends; not countenanced or supported.
58430 unfriendliness UNFRIEND'LINESS, n. Want of kindness; disfavor.
58431 unfriendly UNFRIEND'LY, a.1. Not friendly; not kind or benevolent; as an unfriendly neighbor.2. Not ...
58432 unfrock UNFROCK', v.t. To divest.
58433 unfrozen UNFRO'ZEN, a. Not frozen; not congealed.
58434 unfrugal UNFRU'GAL, a. Not frugal; not saving or economical.
58435 unfruitful UNFRUITFUL, a.1. Not producing fruit; barren; as an unfruitful tree.2. Not producing off-spring; ...
58436 unfruitfulness UNFRUITFULNESS, n. Barrenness; infecundity; unproductiveness; applied to persons or things.
58437 unfrustrable UNFRUS'TRABLE, a. That cannot be frustrated.
58438 unfulfilled UNFULFILL'ED, a. Not fulfilled; not accomplished; as a prophecy or prediction unfulfilled.
58439 unfumed UNFU'MED, a.1. Not fumigated.2. Not exhaling smoke; not burnt.
58440 unfunded UNFUND'ED, a. Not funded; having no permanent funds for the payment of its interest; as an ...
58441 unfurl UNFURL', v.t. To loose and unfold; to expand; to open or spread; as, to unfurl sails.
58442 unfurled UNFURL'ED, pp. Unfolded; expanded.
58443 unfurling UNFURL'ING, ppr. Unfolding; spreading.
58444 unfurnish UNFUR'NISH, v.t.1. To strip of furniture; to divest; to strip.2. To leave naked.
58445 unfurnished UNFUR'NISHED, a.1. Not furnished; not supplied with furniture; as an unfurnished room or house.2. ...
58446 unfused UNFU'SED, a. s as z. Not fused; not melted.
58447 unfusible UNFU'SIBLE, a. s as z. Infusible. [The latter word is generally used.]
58448 ungainable UNGA'INABLE, a. That cannot be gained. [Little used.]
58449 ungainful UNGA'INFUL, a. Unprofitable; not producing gain.
58450 ungainly UNGA'INLY, a. Not expert or dextrous; clumsy; awkward; uncouth; as an ungainly strut in walking.[I ...
58451 ungalled UNGALL'ED, a. Unhurt; not galled.
58452 ungarnished UNG'ARNISHED, a. Not garnished or furnished; unadorned.
58453 ungarrisoned UNGAR'RISONED, a. Not garrisoned; not furnished with troops for defense.
58454 ungartered UNG'ARTERED, a. Being without garters.
58455 ungathered UNGATH'ERED, a. Not gathered; not cropped; not picked.
58456 ungear UNGE'AR, v.t. To unharness; to strip of gear.
58457 ungeared UNGE'ARED, pp. Unharnessed.
58458 ungearing UNGE'ARING, ppr. Stripping of harness or gear.
58459 ungenerated UNGEN'ERATED, a. Having no beginning; unbegotten.
58460 ungenerative UNGEN'ERATIVE, a. Begetting nothing.
58461 ungenerous UNGEN'EROUS, a.1. Not of a noble mind; not liberal; applied to persons; as an ungenerous man or ...
58462 ungenerously UNGEN'EROUSLY, adv. Unkindly; dishonorably.
58463 ungenial UNGE'NIAL, a. Not favorable to nature or to natural growth; as ungenial air; ungenial soils.Sullen ...
58464 ungenteel UNGENTEE'L, a. Not genteel; used of persons; not consistent with polite manners or good breeding; ...
58465 ungenteelly UNGENTEE'LLY, adv. Uncivilly; not with good manners.
58466 ungentle UNGEN'TLE, a. Not gentle; harsh; rude.
58467 ungentlemanlike UNGEN'TLEMANLIKE, a. Not like a gentleman.
58468 ungentlemanly UNGEN'TLEMANLY, a. Not becoming a gentleman.
58469 ungentleness UNGEN'TLENESS, n.1. Want of gentleness; harshness; severity; rudeness.2. Unkindness; incivility.
58470 ungently UNGEN'TLY, adv. Harshly; with severity; rudely.
58471 ungeometrical UNGEOMET'RICAL, a. Not agreeable to the rules of geometry.
58472 ungifted UNGIFT'ED, a. Not gifted; not endowed with peculiar faculties.
58473 ungilded UNGILD'ED,
58474 ungilt UNGILT', a. Not gilt; not overlaid with gold.
58475 ungird UNGIRD', v.t. [See Gird.] To loose from a girdle or band; to unbind. Gen. 24.
58476 ungirded UNGIRD'ED, pp. Loosed from a girth or band.
58477 ungirding UNGIRD'ING, ppr. Loosing from a girdle or band.
58478 ungirt UNGIRT', pp. 1. Unbound.2. a. Loosely dressed.
58479 ungiving UNGIV'ING, a. Not bringing gifts.
58480 unglazed UNGLA'ZED, a.1. Not furnished with glass; as, the windows are unglazed; the house is yet ...
58481 unglorified UNGLO'RIFIED, a. Not glorified; not honored with praise or adoration.
58482 unglorious UNGLO'RIOUS, a. Not glorious; bringing no glory or honor.
58483 unglove UNGLOVE, v.t. To take off the gloves. [Not in use.]
58484 ungloved UNGLOVED, a. Having the hand naked. [Little used.]
58485 unglue UNGLUE, v.t. to separate any thing that is glued or cemented.
58486 unglued UNGLU'ED, pp. Loosed from glue or cement.
58487 ungluing UNGLU'ING, ppr. Separating what is cemented.
58488 ungod UNGOD', v.t. to divest of divinity.
58489 ungodlily UNGOD'LILY adv. Impiously; wickedly.
58490 ungodliness UNGOD'LINESS, n. Impiety; wickedness; disregard of God and his commands and neglect of his ...
58491 ungodly UNGOD'LY, a.1. Wicked; impious; neglecting the fear and worship of God, or violating his commands. ...
58492 ungored UNGO'RED, a.1. Not gored; not wounded with a horn.2. Not wounded.
58493 ungorged UNGORG'ED, a. Not gorged; not filled; not sated.
58494 ungot UNGOT',
58495 ungotten UNGOT'TEN, a.1. Not gained.2. Not begotten.
58496 ungovernable UNGOVERNABLE, a. 1. That cannot be governed; that cannot be ruled or restrained.2. Licentious; ...
58497 ungovernably UNGOVERNABLY, adv. So as not to be governed or restrained.
58498 ungoverned UNGOVERNED, a.1. Not being governed.2. Not subjected to laws or principles; not restrained or ...
58499 ungowned UNGOWN'ED, a. Not having or not wearing a gown.
58500 ungraceful UNGRA'CEFUL, a. Not graceful; not marked with ease and dignity; wanting beauty and elegance; as ...
58501 ungracefully UNGRA'CEFULLY, adv. Awkwardly; inelegantly.
58502 ungracefulness UNGRA'CEFULNESS, n. Want of gracefulness; want of ease and dignity; want of elegance; awkwardness; ...
58503 ungracious UNGRA'CIOUS, a. 1. Wicked; odious; hateful.2. Offensive; unpleasing; as ungracious manners.3. ...
58504 ungraciously UNGRA'CIOUSLY, adv.1. With disfavor. The proposal was received ungraciously.2. Not in a pleasing ...
58505 ungrammatical UNGRAMMAT'ICAL, a. Not according to the established and correct rules of grammar.
58506 ungrammatically UNGRAMMAT'ICALLY, adv. In a manner contrary to the rules of grammar.
58507 ungranted UNGR'ANTED, a.1. Not granted; not bestowed; not transferred by deed or gift; as ungranted lands. ...
58508 ungrate UNGRA'TE, a. Not agreeable; ungrateful. [Not in use.]
58509 ungrateful UNGRA'TEFUL, a.1. Not grateful; not feeling thankful for favors.2. Not making returns, or making ...
58510 ungratefully UNGRA'TEFULLY, adv.1. With ingratitude.2. Unpleasingly; unacceptably.
58511 ungratefulness UNGRA'TEFULNESS, n.1. Ingratitude; want of due feelings of kindness for favors received; ill ...
58512 ungratified UNGRAT'IFIED, a.1. Not gratified; not compensated.2. Not pleased.3. Not indulged; as ungratified ...
58513 ungravely UNGRA'VELY, adv. Without gravity or seriousness.
58514 ungrounded UNGROUND'ED, a. Having no foundation or support; as ungrounded hopes or confidence.
58515 ungroundedly UNGROUND'EDLY, adv. Without ground or support; without reason.
58516 ungroundedness UNGROUND'EDNESS, n. Want of foundation or support.
58517 ungrudging UNGRUDG'ING, a. Not grudging; freely giving.
58518 ungrudgingly UNGRUDG'INGLY, adv. Without ill will; heartily; cheerfully; as, to bestow charity ungrudgingly.
58519 unguarded UNGU'ARDED, a.1. Not guarded; not watched.2. Not defended; having no guard.3. Careless; ...
58520 unguardedly UNGU'ARDEDLY, adv. Without watchful attention to danger; without caution; carelessly; as, to speak ...
58521 unguent UN'GUENT, n. [L. unguentum, from ungo, to anoint.]Ointment; a soft composition used as a topical ...
58522 unguentous UNGUENT'OUS, a. Like unguent, or partaking of its qualities.
58523 unguessed UNGUESS'ED, a. [See Guess.] Not obtained by guess or conjecture.
58524 unguestlike UNGUEST'LIKE, a. [See Guest.] Not becoming a guest.
58525 unguicular UNGUIC'ULAR, a. [L. unguis, the nail.] In botany, of the length of the human nails, or half an ...
58526 unguiculate UNGUIC'ULATE,
58527 unguiculated UNGUIC'ULATED, a. [L. unguis, a claw.]1. Clawed; having claws.2. In botany, clawed; having a ...
58528 unguided UNGUI'DED, a.1. Not guided; not led or conducted.2. Not regulated.
58529 unguilty UNGUILTY, a. ungilt'y. Not guilty; not stained with crime; innocent.
58530 unguinous UN'GUINOUS, a. [L. unguinosus.] Oily; unctuous; consisting of fat or oil, or resembling it.
58531 ungula UN'GULA, n. [L. a hoof.] In geometry, a section or part of a cylinder, cut off by a plane oblique ...
58532 ungulate UN'GULATE, a. Shaped like a hoof.
58533 unhabitable UNHABITABLE, a. [L. inhabitabilis, inhabito.]That cannot be inhabited by human beings; ...
58534 unhabituated UNHABIT'UATED, a. Not habituated; not accustomed.
58535 unhacked UNHACK'ED, a. Not hacked; not cut, notched or mangled.
58536 unhackneyed UNHACK'NEYED, a. Not hackneyed; not much used or practiced.
58537 unhale UNHA'LE, a. Unsound; not entire; not healthy.
58538 unhallow UNHAL'LOW, v.t. To profane; to desecrate.The vanity unhallows the virtue.
58539 unhallowed UNHAL'LOWED, pp.1. Profaned; deprived of its sacred character.2. a. Profane; unholy; impure; ...
58540 unhand UNHAND', v.t. To loose from the hand; to let go.
58541 unhandily UNHAND'ILY, adv. Awkwardly; clumsily.
58542 unhandiness UNHAND'INESS, n. Want of dexterity; clumsiness.
58543 unhandled UNHAND'LED, a. Not handled; not treated; not touched.
58544 unhandsome UNHAND'SOME, a. 1. Ungraceful; not beautiful.I cannot admit that there is anything unhandsome or ...
58545 unhandsomely UNHAND'SOMELY, adv. 1. Inelegantly; ungracefully.2. Illiberally; unfairly.3. Uncivilly; ...
58546 unhandsomeness UNHAND'SOMENESS, n.1. Want of beauty and elegance.2. Unfairness; disingenuousness.3. Incivility.
58547 unhandy UNHAND'Y, a.1. Not dextrous; not skillful; not ready in the use of the hands; awkward; as a person ...
58548 unhang UNHANG', v.t.1. To divest or strip of hangings, as a room.2. To take from the hinges; as, to ...
58549 unhanged UNHANG'ED,
58550 unhap UNHAP', n. Ill luck; misfortune. [Not in use.]
58551 unhappied UNHAP'PIED, a. Made unhappy. [Not in use.]
58552 unhappily UNHAP'PILY, adv. Unfortunately; miserably; calamitously.
58553 unhappiness UNHAP'PINESS, n.1. Misfortune; ill luck.2. Infelicity; misery.It is our great unhappiness, when ...
58554 unhappy UNHAP'PY, a.1. Unfortunate; unlucky. He has been unhappy in his choice of a partner. Affairs ...
58555 unharassed UNHAR'ASSED, a. Not harassed; not vexed or troubled.
58556 unharbor UNH'ARBOR, v.t. To drive from harbor or shelter.
58557 unharbored UNH'ARBORED, a. Not sheltered, or affording no shelter.
58558 unhardened UNH'ARDENED, a.1. Not hardened; not indurated; as metal.2. Not hardened; not made obdurate; as ...
58559 unhardy UNH'ARDY, a.1. Not hardy; feeble; not able to endure fatigue.2. Not having fortitude; not bold; ...
58560 unharmed UNH'ARMED, a. Unhurt; uninjured; unimpaired.
58561 unharmful UNH'ARMFUL, a. Not doing harm; harmless; innoxious.Themselves unharmful, let them live unharm'd.
58562 unharmonious UNHARMO'NIOUS, a.1. Not having symmetry or congruity; disproportionate.2. Discordant; unmusical; ...
58563 unharmoniously UNHARMO'NIOUSLY, adv. With jarring; discordantly.
58564 unharness UNH'ARNESS, v.t.1. To strip of harness; to loose from harness or gear.2. To disarm; to divest of ...
58565 unhatched UNHATCH'ED, a.1. Not hatched; not having left the egg.2. Not matured and brought to light; not ...
58566 unhazarded UNHAZ'ARDED, a. Not hazarded; not put in danger; not exposed to loss; not adventured.
58567 unhead UNHEAD, v.t. unhed'. To take out the head of; as, to unhead a cask.
58568 unheaded UNHEADED, pp. unhed'ed. Having the head taken out.
58569 unheading UNHEADING, ppr. unhed'ing. Taking out the head of.
58570 unhealthful UNHEALTHFUL, a. unhelth'ful.1. Not healthful; injurious to health; insalubrious; unwholesome; ...
58571 unhealthfulness UNHEALTHFULNESS, n. unhelth'fulness.1. Unwholesomeness; insalubriousness; noxiousness to health.2. ...
58572 unhealthily UNHEALTHILY, adv. unhelth'ily. In an unwholesome or unsound manner.
58573 unhealthiness UNHEALTHINESS, n. unhelth'iness.1. Want of health; habitual weakness or indisposition; applied to ...
58574 unhealthy UNHEALTHY, a. unhelth'y.1. Wanting health; wanting a sound and vigorous state of body; habitually ...
58575 unheard UNHE'ARD, a.1. Not heard; not perceived by the ear.2. Not admitted to audience.What pangs I feel, ...
58576 unheart UNHE'ART, v.t. To discourage; to depress; to dishearten. [Not in use.]
58577 unheated UNHE'ATED, a. Not heated; not made hot.
58578 unhedged UNHEDG'ED, a. Not hedged; not surrounded by a hedge.
58579 unheeded UNHEE'DED, a. Not heeded; disregarded; neglected.The world's great victor passed unheeded by.
58580 unheedful UNHEE'DFUL, a. Not cautious; inattentive; careless.
58581 unheeding UNHEE'DING, a. Not heeding; careless; negligent.
58582 unheedy UNHEE'DY, a. Precipitate; sudden.
58583 unhele UNHE'LE, v.t. To uncover. [Not in use.]
58584 unhelmed UNHELM'ED, a. Having no helm.
58585 unhelped UNHELP'ED, a. Unassisted; having no aid or auxiliary; unsupported.
58586 unhelpful UNHELP'FUL, a. Affording no aid.
58587 unhesitating UNHES'ITATING, a. Not hesitating; not remaining in doubt; prompt; ready.
58588 unhesitatingly UNHES'ITATINGLY, adv. Without hesitation or doubt.
58589 unhewn UNHEWN', a. Not hewn; rough.
58590 unhidebound UNHI'DEBOUND, a. Lax of maw; capacious. [Not in use.]
58591 unhindered UNHIN'DERED, a. Not hindered; not opposed; exerting itself freely.
58592 unhinge UNHINGE, v.t. unhinj'.1. To take from the hinges; as, to unhinge a door.2. To displace; to unfix ...
58593 unhoard UNHOARD, v.t. To steal from a hoard; to scatter.
58594 unholiness UNHO'LINESS, n.1. Want of holiness; an unsanctified state of the heart.2. Impiety; wickedness; ...
58595 unholy UNHO'LY, a. 1. Not holy; not renewed and sanctified. 2Timothy 3.2. Profane; not hallowed; not ...
58596 unhonest UNHON'EST, a. [See Honest.] Dishonest; dishonorable. Obs.
58597 unhonored UNHON'ORED, a. [See Honor.] Not honored; not regarded with veneration; not celebrated.
58598 unhook UNHOOK', v.t. To loose from a hook.
58599 unhoop UNHOOP', v.t. To strip of hoops.
58600 unhoped UNHO'PED, a. Not hoped for; not so probable as to excite hope.With unhop'd success.Unhoped for, ...
58601 unhopeful UNHO'PEFUL, a. Such as leaves no room to hope.
58602 unhorned UNHORN'ED, a. Having no horns.
58603 unhorse UNHORSE, v.t. unhors'. To throw from a horse; to cause to dismount.
58604 unhorsed UNHORS'ED, pp. Throwing from a horse; to cause to dismount.
58605 unhorsing UNHORS'ING, ppr. Throwing from a horse; dismounting.
58606 unhositable UNHOS'ITABLE, a. Not kind to strangers. [But inhospitable is the word now used.]
58607 unhostile UNHOS'TILE, a. Not belonging to a public enemy.
58608 unhouse UNHOUSE, v.t. unhouz'. 1. To drive from the house or habitation; to dislodge.2. To deprive of ...
58609 unhoused UNHOUS'ED, pp.1. Driven from a house or habitation.2. a. Wanting a house; homeless.3. Having no ...
58610 unhouseled UNHOUS'ELED, a. s as z. Not having received the sacrament.
58611 unhuman UNHU'MAN, a. Inhuman. [But inhuman is the word used.]
58612 unhumanize UNHU'MANIZE, v.t. To render inhuman or barbarous.
58613 unhumbled UNHUM'BLED, a.1. Not humbled; not affected with shame or confusion; not contrite in spirit.2. In ...
58614 unhung UNHUNG', a. Not hung upon a gallows; not punished by hanging.
58615 unhurt UNHURT', a. Not hurt; not harmed; free from wound or injury.
58616 unhurtful UNHURT'FUL, a. Not hurtful; harmless; innoxious.
58617 unhurtfully UNHURT'FULLY, adv. Without harm; harmlessly.
58618 unhusbanded UNHUS'BANDED, a. s as z. 1. Deprived of support; neglected.2. Not managed with frugality.
58619 unhusked UNHUSK'ED, a. Not being stripped of husks.
58620 unicapsular UNICAP'SULAR, a. [L. unus, one, and capsula, chest.]Having one capsule to each flower, as a ...
58621 unicorn U'NICORN, n. [L. unicornis; unus, one, and cornu, horn.]1. an animal with one horn; the ...
58622 unicornous UNICORN'OUS, a. Having only one horn.
58623 unideal UNIDE'AL, a. Not ideal; real.
58624 uniflorous UNIF'LOROUS, a. [L. unus, one, and flos, flower.]Bearing one flower only; as a uniflorous ...
58625 uniform U'NIFORM a. [L. uniformis; unus, one, and forma, form.]1. Having always the same form or manner; ...
58626 uniformity UNIFORM'ITY, n.1. resemblance to itself at all times; even tenor; as the uniformity of design in a ...
58627 uniformly U'NIFORMLY, adv.1. With even tenor; without variation; as a temper uniformly mild.2. Without ...
58628 unigeniture UNIGEN'ITURE, n. [L. unigenitus; unus and genitus.]The state of being the only begotten.
58629 unigenous UNIG'ENOUS, a. [L. unigena.] Of one kind; of the same genus.
58630 unilabiate UNILA'BIATE, a. In botany, having one lip only, as a corol.
58631 unilateral UNILAT'ERAL, a. [L. unus, one, and latus, side.]1. Being on one side or party only. [Unusual.]2. ...
58632 uniliteral UNILIT'ERAL, a. [L. unus, one, and litera, letter.] Consisting of one letter only.
58633 unilluminated UNILLU'MINATED, a.1. Not illuminated; not enlightened; dark.2. Ignorant.
58634 unillustrated UNILLUS'TRATED, a. Not illustrated; not made plain.
58635 unilocular UNILOC'ULAR, a. [L. unus, one, and loculus, cell.]Having one cell only; as a unilocular pericarp.
58636 unimaginable UNIMAG'INABLE, a. Not to be imagined; not to be conceived.
58637 unimaginably UNIMAG'INABLY, adv. To a degree not to be imagined.
58638 unimagined UNIMAG'INED, a. Not imagined; not conceived.
58639 unimbued UNIMBU'ED, a. Not imbued; not tinctured.
58640 unimitable UNIM'ITABLE, a. That cannot be imitated. [But the word now used is inimitable.]
58641 unimitated UNIM'ITATED, a. Not imitated.
58642 unimmortal UNIMMOR'TAL, a. Not immortal; perishable.
58643 unimpairable UNIMPA'IRABLE, a. Not liable to waste or diminution.
58644 unimpassioned UNIMPAS'SIONED, a.1. Not endowed with passion.2. Free from passion; calm; not violent; as an ...
58645 unimpeachable UNIMPE'ACHABLE, a.1. That cannot be impeached; that cannot be accused; free from stain, guilt or ...
58646 unimpeached UNIMPE'ACHED, a. 1. Not impeached not charged or accused; fair; as an unimpeached character.2. ...
58647 unimpeded UNIMPE'DED, a. Not impeded; not hindered.
58648 unimplicated UNIM'PLICATED, a. Not implicated; not involved.
58649 unimplied UNIMPLI'ED, a. Not implied; not included by fair inference.
58650 unimplored UNIMPLO'RED, a. Not implored; not solicited.
58651 unimportant UNIMPORT'ANT, a.1. Not important; not of great moment.2. Not assuming airs of dignity.
58652 unimportuned UNIMPORTU'NED, a. Not importuned; not solicited.
58653 unimposing UNIMPO'SING, a. s as z. 1. Not imposing; not commanding respect.2. Not enjoining as obligatory; ...
58654 unimpregnated UNIMPREG'NATED, a. Not impregnated.
58655 unimpressive UNIMPRESS'IVE, a. Not impressive; not forcible; not adapted to affect or awaken the passions.
58656 unimprovable UNIMPROVABLE, a.1. Not capable of improvement, melioration or advancement to a better condition.2. ...
58657 unimprovableness UNIMPROVABLENESS, n. The quality of being not improvable.
58658 unimproved UNIMPROVED, a.1. Not improved; not made better or wiser; not advanced in knowledge, manners or ...
58659 unimproving UNIMPROVING, a. Not improving; not tending to advance or instruct.
58660 unimputable UNIMPU'TABLE, a. Not imputable or chargeable to.
58661 uninchanted UNINCH'ANTED, a. Not enchanted; not affected by magic or enchantment; not haunted. [Usually ...
58662 unincreasable UNINCRE'ASABLE, a. Admitting no increase. [Not in use.]
58663 unincumbered UNINCUM'BERED, a. 1. Not incumbered; not burdened.2. Free from any temporary estate or interest, ...
58664 unindebted UNINDEBT'ED, a. 1. Not indebted.2. Not borrowed. [Unusual.]
58665 unindifferent UNINDIF'FERENT, a. Not indifferent; not unbiased; partial; leaning to one party.
58666 unindorsed UNINDORS'ED, a. Not indorsed; not assigned; as an unindorsed note or bill.
58667 unindustrious UNINDUS'TRIOUS, a. Not industrious; not diligent in labor, study or other pursuit.
58668 uninfected UNINFECT'ED, a.1. Not infected; not contaminated or affected by foul infectious air.2. Not ...
58669 uninfectious UNINFEC'TIOUS, a. Not infectious; not foul; not capable of communicating disease.
58670 uninflamed UNINFLA'MED, a.1. Not inflamed; not set on fire.2. Not highly provoked.
58671 uninflammable UNINFLAM'MABLE, a. Not inflammable; not capable of being set on fire.
58672 uninfluenced UNIN'FLUENCED, a.1. Not influenced; not persuaded or moved by others, or by foreign ...
58673 uninformed UNINFORM'ED, a.1. Not informed; not instructed; untaught.2. unanimated; not enlivened.
58674 uninforming UNINFORM'ING, a. Not furnishing information; uninstructive.
58675 uningenious UNINGE'NIOUS, a. Not ingenious; dull.
58676 uningenuous UNINGEN'UOUS, a. Not ingenuous; not frank or candid; disingenuous.
58677 uninhabitable UNINHAB'ITABLE, a. a. Not inhabitable; that in which men cannot live; unfit to be the residence ...
58678 uninhabitableness UNINHABITABLENESS, n. The state of being uninhabitable.
58679 uninhabited UNINHAB'ITED, a. Not inhabited by men; having no inhabitants.
58680 uninitiated UNINI'TIATED, a. Not initiated.
58681 uninjured UNIN'JURED, a. Not injured; not hurt; suffering no harm.
58682 uninquisitive UNINQUIS'ITIVE, a. s as z. Not inquisitive; not curious to search and inquire.
58683 uninscribed UNINSCRI'BED, a. Not inscribed; having no inscription.
58684 uninspired UNINSPI'RED, a. Not having received any supernatural instruction or illumination.
58685 uninstructed UNINSTRUCT'ED, a. 1. Not instructed or taught; not educated.2. Not directed by superior ...
58686 uninstructive UNINSTRUCT'IVE, a. Not instructive; not conferring improvement.
58687 uninsulated UNIN'SULATED, a. Not insulated; not being separated or detached from every thing else.
58688 uninsured UNINSU'RED, a. [See Sure.] Not insured; not assured against loss.
58689 unintelligent UNINTEL'LIGENT, a.1. Not having reason or consciousness; not possessing understanding.2. Not ...
58690 unintelligibility UNINTELLIGIBIL'ITY, n. The quality of being not intelligible.
58691 unintelligible UNINTEL'LIGIBLE, a. Not intelligible; that cannot be understood.
58692 unintelligibly UNINTEL'LIGIBLY, adv. In a manner not to be understood.
58693 unintended UNINTEND'ED, a. Not intended; not designed.
58694 unintentional UNINTEN'TIONAL, a. Not intentional; not designed; done or happening without design.
58695 unintentionally UNINTEN'TIONALLY, adv. Without design or purpose.
58696 uninterested UNIN'TERESTED, a.1. Not interested; not having any interest or property in; having nothing at ...
58697 uninteresting UNIN'TERESTING, a. Not capable of exiting an interest, or of engaging the mind or passions; as an ...
58698 unintermission UNINTERMIS'SION, n. Defect or failure of intermission.
58699 unintermitted UNINTERMIT'TED, a. Not intermitted; not interrupted; not suspended for a time; continued.
58700 unintermitting UNINTERMIT'TING, a. Not intermitting; not ceasing for a time; continuing.
58701 unintermittingly UNINTERMIT'TINGLY, adv. Without cessation; continually.
58702 unintermixed UNINTERMIX'ED, a. Not intermixed; not mingled.
58703 uninterpolated UNIN'TERPOLATED, a. Not interpolated; not inserted at a time subsequent to the original writing.
58704 uninterrupted UNINTERRUPT'ED, a.1. Not interrupted; not broken.2. Not disturbed by intrusion or avocation.
58705 uninterruptedly UNINTERRUPT'EDLY, adv. Without interruption; without disturbance.
58706 unintrenched UNINTRENCH'ED, a. Not intrenched; not defended by intrenchments.
58707 unintricated UNIN'TRICATED, a. Not perplexed; not obscure or intricate. [Not in use.]
58708 unintroduced UNINTRODU'CED, a. Not introduced; not properly conducted; obtrusive.
58709 uninured UNINU'RED, a. Not inured; not hardened by use or practice.
58710 uninvented UNINVENT'ED, a. Not invented; not found out.
58711 uninvested UNINVEST'ED, a.1. Not invested; not clothed.2. Not converted into some species of property less ...
58712 uninvestigable UNINVES'TIGABLE, a. That cannot be investigated or searched out.
58713 uninvidious UNINVID'IOUS, a. Not invidious.
58714 uninvited UNINVI'TED, a. Not invited; not requested; not solicited.
58715 union U'NION, n. [L. unio, to unite, from unus, one.]1. The act of joining two or more things into one, ...
58716 uniparous UNIP'AROUS, a. [L. unus, one, and pario, to bear.] Producing one at a birth.
58717 uniradiated UNIRA'DIATED, a. Having one ray.
58718 unirritated UNIR'RITATED, a.1. Not irritated; not fretted.2. Not provoked or angered.
58719 unirritating UNIR'RITATING, a. 1. Not irritating or fretting.2. Not provoking.3. Not exciting.
58720 unison U'NISON, n. [L. unus, one, and sonur, sound.]1. In music, an accordance or coincidence of sounds, ...
58721 unisonance UNIS'ONANCE, n. Accordance of sounds.What constitutes unisonance is the equality of the number of ...
58722 unisonant UNIS'ONANT, a. Being in unison; having the same degree of gravity or acuteness.
58723 unisonous UNIS'ONOUS, a. Being in unison.
58724 unit U'NIT, n. [L. unus, one; unitas, unity.]1. One; a word which denotes a single thing or person; ...
58725 unitarian UNITA'RIAN, n. [L. unitus, unus.] One who denies the doctrine of the trinity, and ascribes ...
58726 unitarianism UNITA'RIANISM, n. The doctrines of Unitarians, who contend for the unity of the Godhead, in ...
58727 unite UNI'TE, v.t. [L. unio, unitus.]1. To put together or join two or more things, which make one ...
58728 united UNI'TED, pp. Joined; made to agree; cemented; mixed; attached by growth.United flowers, are such ...
58729 uniter UNI'TER, n. The person or thing that unites.
58730 uniting UNI'TING, ppr. Joining; causing to agree; consolidating; coalescing; growing together.
58731 unition UNI'TION, n. Junction; act of uniting. [Not in use.]
58732 unitive U'NITIVE, a. Having the power of uniting. [Not used.]
58733 unity U'NITY, n. [L. unitas.]1. The state of being one; oneness. Unity may consist of a simple ...
58734 univalve U'NIVALVE, a. [L. unus, one, and valve.] Having one valve only, as a shell or pericarp.U'NIVALVE, ...
58735 univalvular UNIVALV'ULAR, a. Having one valve only; as a univalvular pericap or shell.
58736 universal UNIVERS'AL, a. [L. universalis;unus and versor.]1. All; extending to or comprehending the whole ...
58737 universalism UNIVERS'ALISM, n. In theology, the doctrine or belief that all men will be saved or made happy in ...
58738 universalist UNIVERS'ALIST, n. One who holds the doctrine that all men will be saved.
58739 universality UNIVERSAL'ITY, n. The state of extending to the whole; as the universality of a proposition; the ...
58740 universally UNIVERS'ALLY, adv. With extension to the whole; in a manner to comprehend all; without exception. ...
58741 universalness UNIVERS'ALNESS, n. Universality.
58742 universe U'NIVERSE, n. [L. universitas.]The collective name of heaven and earth, and all that belongs to ...
58743 university UNIVERS'ITY, n. An assemblage of colleges established in any place, with professors for ...
58744 univocal UNIV'OCAL, a. [L. unus, one, and vox, word.]1. Having one meaning only. A univocal word is ...
58745 univocally UNIV'OCALLY, adv. 1. In one term; in one sense. How is sin univocally distinguished into venial ...
58746 univocation UNIVOCA'TION, n. Agreement of name and meaning.
58747 univoke U'NIVOKE, a. In music, univocal concords are the octave and its recurrences, above or below.
58748 univoque U'NIVOQUE,
58749 unjoint UNJOINT', v.t. To disjoint.
58750 unjointed UNJOINT'ED, a.1. Disjointed; separated.2. Having no joint or articulation; as an unjointed stem.
58751 unjoyous UNJOY'OUS, a. Not joyous; not gay or cheerful.
58752 unjudged UNJUDG'ED, a. Not judged; not judicially determined.
58753 unjust UNJUST', a.1. Not just; acting contrary to the standard of right established by the divine law; ...
58754 unjustifiable UNJUST'IFIABLE, a. Not justifiable; that cannot be proved to be right; not to be vindicated or ...
58755 unjustifiableness UNJUST'IFIABLENESS, n. The quality of not being justifiable.
58756 unjustifiably UNJUST'IFIABLY, adv. In a manner that cannot be justified or vindicated.
58757 unjustified UNJUST'IFIED, a. 1. Not justified or vindicated.2. Not pardoned.
58758 unjustly UNJUST'LY, adv. In an unjust manner; wrongfully.
58759 unked UNKED,
58760 unkemmed UNKEM'MED,
58761 unkempt UNKEMPT', a. Uncombed; unpolished. [Obsolete, except in poetry.]
58762 unkennel UNKEN'NEL, v.t.1. To drive from his hole; as, to unkennel a fox.2. To rouse from secrecy or ...
58763 unkenneled UNKEN'NELED, pp. Driven or let loose from confinement, as a fox or dog.
58764 unkent UNKENT', a. [un and ken, to know.] Unknown. Obs.
58765 unkept UNKEPT', a.1. Not kept; not retained; not preserved.2. Not observed; not obeyed; as a command.
58766 unkerneled UNKERN'ELED, a. Destitute of a kernel.
58767 unkid UNKID, for uncouth, odd; strange. [Not in use.]
58768 unkind UNKIND, a. 1. Not kind; not benevolent; not favorable; not obliging.2. Unnatural.
58769 unkindly UNKINDLY, a.1. Unnatural; contrary to nature; as an unkindly crime.2. Unfavorably; malignant; as ...
58770 unkindness UNKINDNESS, n. 1. Want of kindness; want of natural affection; want of good will.2. Disobliging ...
58771 unking UNKING', v.t To deprive of royalty.
58772 unkinglike UNKING'LIKE,
58773 unkingly UNKING'LY, a. Unbecoming a king; not noble.
58774 unkissed UNKISS'ED, a. Not kissed.
58775 unkle UNKLE. [See Uncle.]
58776 unknightly UNKNIGHTLY, a. Unbecoming a knight.
58777 unknit UNKNIT', v.t.1. To separate threads that are knit; to open; to loose work that is knit or ...
58778 unknot UNKNOT', v.t. To free from knots; to untie.
58779 unknow UNKNOW, v.t. To cease to know. [Not in use.]
58780 unknowable UNKNOWABLE, a. That cannot be known.
58781 unknowing UNKNOWING, a. Not knowing; ignorant; with of.Unknowing of deceit.
58782 unknowingly UNKNOWINGLY, adv. Ignorantly; without knowledge or design.
58783 unknown UNKNOWN, a.1. Not known. The author of the invention is unknown.2. Greater than is imagined.3. ...
58784 unlabored UNLA'BORED, a. 1. Not produced by labor; as unlabored harvests.2. Not cultivated by labor; not ...
58785 unlaborious UNLABO'RIOUS, a. Not laborious; not difficult to be done.
58786 unlace UNLA'CE, v.t 1. To loose from lacing or fastening by a cord or strings passed through loops and ...
58787 unlaced UNLA'CED, pp. Loosed from lacing; unfastened.
58788 unlacing UNLA'CING, ppr. Loosing from lacing or fastening.
58789 unlackeyed UNLACK'EYED, a. Unattended with a lackey.
58790 unlade UNLA'DE, v.t.1. To unload; to take out the cargo of; as, to unlade a ship.2. To unload; to ...
58791 unladen UNLA'DEN, pp. of lade. Unloaded.
58792 unlaid UNLA'ID, a. 1. Not placed; not fixed.2. Not allayed; not pacified; not suppressed.3. Not laid ...
58793 unlamented UNLAMENT'ED, a. Not lamented; whose loss is not deplored.Thus unlamented pass the proud away.
58794 unlarded UNL'ARDED, a. Not intermixed or inserted for improvement.
58795 unlatch UNLATCH', v.i. To open or loose by lifting the latch.
58796 unlaureled UNLAU'RELED, a. Not crowned with laurel; not honored.
58797 unlavish UNLAV'ISH, a. Not lavish; not profuse; not wasteful.
58798 unlavished UNLAV'ISHED, a. Not lavished; not spent wastefully.
58799 unlaw UNLAW', v.t. To deprive of the authority of law.
58800 unlawful UNLAW'FUL, a. Not lawful; contrary to law; illegal; not permitted by law.Unlawful assembly, in ...
58801 unlawfully UNLAW'FULLY, adv. 1. In violation of law or right; illegally.2. Illegitimately; not in wedlock; ...
58802 unlawfulness UNLAW'FULNESS, n.1. Illegality; contrariety to law.2. Illegitimacy.
58803 unlearn UNLEARN', v.t. unlern'. To forget or lose what has been learned. It is most important to us all ...
58804 unlearned UNLEARN'ED, pp.1. Forgotten.2. a. Not learned; ignorant; illiterate; not instructed.3. Not ...
58805 unlearnedly UNLEARN'EDLY, adv. Ignorantly.
58806 unlearnedness UNLEARN'EDNESS, n. want of learning; illiterateness.
58807 unleavened UNLEAVENED, a. unlev'ened. Not leavened; not raised by leaven, barm or yeast. Ex. 12.
58808 unlectured UNLEC'TURED, a. Not taught by lecture.
58809 unleisured UNLEISURED, a. unlezh'ured. Not having leisure. [Not in use.]
58810 unlent UNLENT', a. Not lent.
58811 unless UNLESS', conj.Except; that is, remove or dismiss the fact or thing stated in the sentence or clause ...
58812 unlessoned UNLES'SONED, a. Not taught; not instructed.
58813 unlettered UNLET'TERED, a. Unlearned; untaught; ignorant.
58814 unletteredness UNLET'TEREDNESS, n. Want of learning.
58815 unleveled UNLEV'ELED, a. Not leveled; not laid even.
58816 unlibidinous UNLIBID'INOUS, a. Not libidinous; not lustful.
58817 unlicensed UNLI'CENSED, a. Not licensed; not having permission by authority; as an unlicensed innkeeper.The ...
58818 unlicked UNLICK'ED, a. shapeless; not formed to smoothness; as an unlicked bear whelp.
58819 unlighted UNLIGHTED, a.1. Not lighted; not illuminated.2. Not kindled or set on fire.
58820 unlightsome UNLIGHTSOME, a. Dark; gloomy; wanting light.
58821 unlike UNLI'KE, a. 1. Dissimilar; having no resemblance. Never were two men more unlike. The cases are ...
58822 unlikelihood UNLI'KELIHOOD,
58823 unlikeliness UNLI'KELINESS, n. Improbability.
58824 unlikely UNLI'KELY, a.1. Improbably; such as cannot be reasonably expected; as an unlikely event. The ...
58825 unlikeness UNLI'KENESS n. Want of resemblance; dissimilitude.
58826 unlimber UNLIM'BER, a. Not limber; not flexible; not yielding.
58827 unlimitable UNLIM'ITABLE, a. Admitting no limits; boundless. [We now us illimitable.]
58828 unlimited UNLIM'ITED, a.1. Not limited; having no bounds; boundless.2. Undefined; indefinite; not bounded ...
58829 unlimitedly UNLIM'ITEDLY, adv. Without bounds.
58830 unlimitedness UNLIM'ITEDNESS, n. The state of being boundless, or of being undefined.
58831 unlineal UNLIN'EAL, a. Not in a line; not coming in the order of succession.
58832 unlink UNLINK', v.t. To separate links; to loose; to unfasten: to untwist.
58833 unliquidated UNLIQ'UIDATED, a.1. Not liquidated; not settled; not having the exact amount ascertained; as an ...
58834 unliquified UNLIQ'UIFIED, a. Unmelted; not dissolved.
58835 unliquored UNLIQ'UORED, a. Not moistened; not smeared with liquor; not filled with liquor.
58836 unlistening UNLIS'TENING, a. Not listening; not hearing; not regarding.
58837 unliveliness UNLI'VELINESS, n. Want of life; dullness.
58838 unlively UNLI'VELY, a. Not lively; dull.
58839 unload UNLOAD, v.t.1. To take the load from; to discharge of a load or cargo; as, to unload a ship; to ...
58840 unloaded UNLOADED, pp. Freed from a load or cargo; disburdened.
58841 unloading UNLOADING, ppr. Freeing from a load or cargo; disburdening; relieving of a burden.
58842 unlocated UNLO'CATED, a.1. Not place; not fixed in a place.2. In America, unlocated lands are such new or ...
58843 unlock UNLOCK',1. To unfasten what is locked; as, to unlock a door or a chest.2. To open, in general; to ...
58844 unlocked UNLOCK'ED, pp. 1. Opened.2. a. Not locked; not made fast.Unlocked for, not expected; not ...
58845 unloose UNLOOSE, v.t. unloos'. To loose. [An ill formed word, as it expresses the same idea as ...
58846 unlosable UNLOSABLE, a. s as z. That cannot be lost. [Not in use.]
58847 unloved UNLOVED, a. Not loved.
58848 unloveliness UNLOVELINESS, n. Want of loveliness; unamiableness; want of the qualities which attract love.
58849 unlovely UNLOVELY, a. Not lovely; not amiable; destitute of the qualities which attract love, or possessing ...
58850 unloving UNLOVING, a. Not loving; not fond.
58851 unluckily UNLUCK'ILY, adv. Unfortunately; by ill fortune.
58852 unluckiness UNLUCK'INESS, n. 1. Unfortunateness; ill fortune.2. Mischievousness.
58853 unlucky UNLUCK'Y, a.1. Unfortunate; not successful; as an unlucky man.2. Unfortunate; not resulting in ...
58854 unlustrous UNLUS'TROUS, a. Wanting luster; not shining.
58855 unlusty UNLUST'Y, a. Not lusty; not stout; weak.
58856 unlute UNLU'TE, v.t. To separate things cemented or luted; to take the lute or clay from.
58857 unluted UNLU'TED, pp. Separated, as luted vessels.
58858 unluting UNLU'TING, ppr. Separating, as luted vessels.
58859 unmade UNMA'DE, pp.1. Deprived of its form or qualities.2. a. Not made; not yet formed.3. Omitted to be ...
58860 unmagnetic UNMAGNET'IC, a. Not having magnetic properties.
58861 unmaidenly UNMA'IDENLY, a. Not becoming a maiden.
58862 unmaimed UNMA'IMED, a. Not maimed; not disabled in any limb; sound; entire.
58863 unmakable UNMA'KABLE, a. Not possible to be made. [Little used.]
58864 unmake UNMA'KE, v.t.1. To destroy the form and qualities which constitute a thing what it is.God does not ...
58865 unmaking UNMA'KING, ppr. Destroying the peculiar properties of a thing.
58866 unmalleability UNMALLEABIL'ITY, n. The quality or state of being unmalleable.
58867 unmalleable UNMAL'LEABLE, a. Not malleable; not capable of being hammered into a plate, or of being extended ...
58868 unman UNMAN', v.t.1. To deprive of the constitutional qualities of a human being, as reason, &c.2. To ...
58869 unmanageable UNMAN'AGEABLE, a.1. Not manageable; not easily restrained, governed or directed; not ...
58870 unmanaged UNMAN'AGED, a.1. Not broken by horsemanship.2. Not tutored; not educated.
58871 unmanlike UNMAN'LIKE,
58872 unmanly UNMAN'LY, a.1. Not becoming a human being2. Unsuitable to a man; effeminate.Unmanly warmth and ...
58873 unmanned UNMAN'NED, pp. Deprived of the qualities of a man.
58874 unmannered UNMAN'NERED, a. Uncivil; rude.
58875 unmannerliness UNMAN'NERLINESS, n. Want of good manners; breach of civility; rudeness of behavior.
58876 unmannerly UNMAN'NERLY, a.1. Ill bred; not having good manners; rude in behavior; as an unmannerly youth.2. ...
58877 unmanufactured UNMANUFAC'TURED, a. Not manufactured; not wrought into the proper form for use.
58878 unmanured UNMANU'RED, a. 1. Not manured; not enriched by manure.2. Uncultivated.
58879 unmarked UNM'ARKED, a.1. Not marked; having no mark.2. Unobserved; not regarded; undistinguished.
58880 unmarred UNM'ARRED, a. Not marred; not injured; not spoiled; not obstructed.
58881 unmarriable UNMAR'RIABLE, a. Not marriageable. [Little used.]
58882 unmarried UNMAR'RIED, a. Not married; having no husband or no wife.
58883 unmarry UNMAR'RY, v.t. To divorce.
58884 unmarshaled UNM'ARSHALED, a. Not disposed or arranged in due order.
58885 unmasculate UNM'ASCULATE, v.t. To emasculate.
58886 unmasculine UNM'ASCULINE, a. Not masculine or manly; feeble; effeminate.
58887 unmask UNM'ASK, v.t. To strip of a mask or of any disguise; to lay open what is concealed.UNM'ASK, v.i. ...
58888 unmasked UNM'ASKED, pp.1. Stripped of a mask or disguise.2. a. Open; exposed to view.
58889 unmasterable UNM'ASTERABLE, a. That cannot be mastered or subdued. [Not in use.]
58890 unmastered UNM'ASTERED, a.1. Not subdued; not conquered.2. Not conquerable.He cannot his unmaster'd grief ...
58891 unmatchable UNMATCH'ABLE, a. That cannot be matched; that cannot be equaled; unparalleled.
58892 unmatched UNMATCH'ED, a. Matchless; having no match or equal.
58893 unmeaning UNME'ANING, a.1. Having no meaning or signification; as unmeaning words.2. Not expressive; not ...
58894 unmeant UNMEANT, a. unment'. Not meant; not intended.
58895 unmeasurable UNMEASURABLE, a. unmezh'urable. That cannot be measured; unbounded; boundless.[For this, ...
58896 unmeasurably UNMEAS'URABLY, adv. Beyond all measure.
58897 unmeasured UNMEAS'URED, a.1. Not measured; plentiful beyond measure.2. Immense; infinite; as unmeasured ...
58898 unmechanical UNMECHAN'ICAL, a. Not mechanical; not according to the laws or principles of mechanics.Unmeddled ...
58899 unmeddling UNMED'DLING, a. Not meddling; not interfering with the concerns of others; not officious.
58900 unmeddlingness UNMED'DLINGNESS, n. Forbearance of interposition. [Not in use.]
58901 unmeditated UNMED'ITATED, a. Not meditated; not prepared by previous thought.
58902 unmeet UNMEE'T, a. Not fit; not proper; not worthy or suitable.
58903 unmeetly UNMEE'TLY, adv. Not fitly; not properly; not suitably.
58904 unmeetness UNMEE'TNESS, n. Unfitness; unsuitableness.
58905 unmellowed UNMEL'LOWED, a. Not mellowed; not fully matured.
58906 unmelodious UNMELO'DIOUS, a. Not melodious; wanting melody; harsh.
58907 unmelted UNMELTED, a. 1. Undissolved; not melted.2. Not softened.
58908 unmentioned UNMEN'TIONED, a. Not mentioned; not named.
58909 unmercantile UNMER'CANTILE, a. Not according to the customs and rules of commerce.
58910 unmerchantable UNMER'CHANTABLE, a. Not merchantable; not of a quality fit for the market.
58911 unmerciful UNMER'CIFUL, a.1. Not merciful; cruel; inhuman to such beings as are in one's power; not disposed ...
58912 unmercifully UNMER'CIFULLY, adv. Without mercy or tenderness; cruelly.
58913 unmercifulness UNMER'CIFULNESS, n. Want of mercy; want of tenderness and compassion towards those who are in ...
58914 unmeritable UNMER'ITABLE, a. Having no merit or desert. [Not in use.]
58915 unmerited UNMER'ITED, a.1. Not merited; not deserved; obtained without service or equivalent; as unmerited ...
58916 unmeritedness UNMER'ITEDNESS, n. State of being unmerited.
58917 unmet UNMET', a. Not met.
58918 unmetallic UNMETAL'LIC, a. Not metallic; not having the properties of metal; not belonging to metals.
58919 unmighty UNMIGHTY, a. Not mighty; not powerful.