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Wednesday - July 23, 2014

In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed... No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.
- Preface

1828 Noah Webster Dictionary
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ID Word Definition
62893 z Z, the last letter of the English Alphabet, is a sibilant articulation, and is merely a vocal S. It ...
62894 zabaism ZABAISM. [See Sabianism.]
62895 zaccho ZACCHO, n. The lowest part of the pedestal of a column.
62896 zaffer ZAFFER, n. The residuum of cobalt, after the sulphur, arsenic and other volatile matters have been ...
62897 zany ZANY, n. A merry andrew; a buffoon.
62898 zapote ZAPOTE, n. In Mexico, the generic name of fruits which are roundish and contain a hard stone; the ...
62899 zarnich ZARNICH, n. [See Arsenic.] The name of a genus of fossils, which are inflammable, of a plain ...
62900 zea ZEA, n. The generic name of maiz.
62901 zeal ZEAL, n. [Gr., L.] Passionate ardor in the pursuit of any thing. In general, zeal is an eagerness ...
62902 zealot ZEALOT, n. Zelot. One who engages warmly in any cause, and pursues his object with earnestness and ...
62903 zealotical ZEALOTICAL, a. Ardently zealous. [Little used.]
62904 zealous ZEALOUS, a. Zelus. Warmly engaged or ardent in the pursuit of an object.Being thus saved himself, ...
62905 zealously ZEALOUSLY, adv. Zelusly. With passionate ardor; with eagerness.It is good to be zealously affected ...
62906 zealousness ZEALOUSNESS, n. Zelusness. The quality of being zealous; zeal.
62907 zebra ZEBRA, n. An animal of the genus Equus, beautifully marked with stripes; a native of Africa.
62908 zebu ZEBU, n. A variety of the common ox, with a hump on the shoulders. It is found in the East Indies ...
62909 zechin ZECHIN, n. A Venetian gold coin; usually written sequin, which see. If named from Zecha, the place ...
62910 zedoary ZEDOARY, n. A medicinal root, belonging to a plant growing in the East Indies, whose leaves ...
62911 zeine ZEINE, n. A substance of a yellowish color, soft, insipid, and elastic, procured from the seeds of ...
62912 zemindar ZEMINDAR, n. [from zem, zemin, land.] In India, a feudatory or landholder who governs a district of ...
62913 zemindary ZEMINDARY, n. The jurisdiction of a zemindar.
62914 zend ZEND, n. A language that formerly prevailed in Persia.
62915 zendavesta ZENDAVESTA, n. Among the Persees, a sacred book ascribed to Zoroaster, and reverenced as a bible, ...
62916 zenith ZENITH, n. That point in the visible celestial hemisphere, which is vertical to the spectator, and ...
62917 zeolite ZEOLITE, n. [Gr., to boil, to foam; stone.] A mineral, so named by Cronstedt from its intumescence ...
62918 zeolitic ZEOLITIC, a. Pertaining to zeolite; consisting of zeolite, or resembling it.
62919 zeolitiform ZEOLITIFORM, a. Having the form of zeolite.
62920 zephyr ZEPHYR, n. [L., Gr.] The west wind; and peotically, any soft, mild, gentle breeze. The poets ...
62921 zerda ZERDA, n. An animal of the canine genus, found in the desert of Zaara, beyond mount Atlas. It is ...
62922 zero ZERO, n. Cipher; nothing. The point of a thermometer from which it is graduated. Zero, in the ...
62923 zest ZEST, n. 1. A piece of orange or lemon peel, used to give flavor to liquor; or the fine thin oil ...
62924 zeta ZETA, n. 1. A Greek letter.2. A little closet or chamber, with pipes running along the walls, to ...
62925 zetetic ZETETIC, a. [Gr., to seek.] That seeks; that proceeds by inquiry. The zetetic method in ...
62926 zeugma ZEUGMA, n. [Gr., to join. See Yoke.] A figure in grammar by which an adjective or verb which agrees ...
62927 zibet ZIBET, n. [See Civet.] AN animal of the genus Viverra; the ash-gray weasel, striated with black ...
62928 zigzag ZIGZAG, a. Having short turns.ZIGZAG, n. Something that has short turns or angles.ZIGZAG, v.t. To ...
62929 zimome ZIMOME, ZYMOME, n. [Gr.] One of the constituents of gluten.
62930 zink ZINK, n. [G. The common orthography, zine, is erroneous.] A metal of a brilliant white color, with ...
62931 zinkiferous ZINKIFEROUS, a. [zink and L. Fero.] Producing zink; as zinkiferous ore.
62932 zinky ZINKY, a. Pertaining to zink, or having its appearance.Some effervesce with acids, some not, though ...
62933 zircon ZIRCON, n. Called also jargon of Ceylon, a mineral originally found in Ceylon, in the sands of ...
62934 zirconia ZIRCONIA, n. A peculiar earth obtained from the gem zircon; a fine white powder.
62935 zirconite ZIRCONITE, n. A variety of the zircon.
62936 zirconium ZIRCONIUM, n. The metallic basis of zirconia.
62937 zivolo ZIVOLO, n. A bird resembling the yellow hammer, and by some considered as the same species.
62938 zizel ZIZEL, n. The suslik or earless marmot, a small quadruped found in Poland and the south of Russia.
62939 zocco ZOCCO, ZOCLE, ZOCCOLO, n. [L., a sock.] A square body under the base of a pedestal, &c. Serving for ...
62940 zoccolo ZOCCO, ZOCLE, ZOCCOLO, n. [L., a sock.] A square body under the base of a pedestal, &c. Serving for ...
62941 zocle ZOCCO, ZOCLE, ZOCCOLO, n. [L., a sock.] A square body under the base of a pedestal, &c. Serving for ...
62942 zodiac ZODIAC, n. [L, Gr., an animal.] A broad circle in the heavens, containing the twelve signs through ...
62943 zodiacal ZODIACAL, a. Pertaining to the zodiac.Zodiacal light, a luminous track or space in the heavens, ...
62944 zoisite ZOISITE, n. [from Van Zois, its discoverer.] A mineral regarded as a variety of epidote. It occurs ...
62945 zone ZONE, n. [L., Gr.] 1. A girdle.An embroiderd zone surrounds her waist.2. In geography, a division ...
62946 zoned ZONED, a. Wearing a zone.
62947 zonnar ZONNAR, n. A belt or girdle, which the Christians and Jews in the Levat are obliged to wear, to ...
62948 zoographer ZOOGRAPHER, n. [See Zoography.] One who describes animals, their forms and habits.
62949 zoographical ZOOGRAPHICAL, a. Pertaining to the description of animals.
62950 zoography ZOOGRAPHY, n. [Gr., an animal; to describe.] A description of animals, their forms and habits. [But ...
62951 zoolite ZOOLITE, n. [Gr., an animal; stone.] An animal substance petrified or fossil.
62952 zoological ZOOLOGICAL, a. [from zoology.] Pertaining to zoology, or the science of animals.
62953 zoologically ZOOLOGICALLY, adv. According to the principles of zoology.
62954 zoologist ZOOLOGIST, n. [from zoology.] One who is well versed in the natural history of animals, or who ...
62955 zoology ZOOLOGY, n. [Gr., an animal; discourse.] A treatise on animals, or the science of animals; that ...
62956 zoonic ZOONIC, a. [Gr., an animal.] Pertaining to animals; as the zoonic acid, obtained from animal ...
62957 zoonomy ZOONOMY, n. [Gr., an animal; law.] The laws of animal life, or the science which treats of the ...
62958 zoophite ZOOPHITE. [See Zoophyte.]
62959 zoophoric ZOOPHORIC, a. [Gr., an animal; to bear.] The zoophoric column is one which supports the figure of ...
62960 zoophorus ZOOPHORUS, n. [supra.] In ancient architecture, the same with the frieze in modern architecture; a ...
62961 zoophyte ZOOPHYTE, n. [Gr., an animal; a plant.] In natural history, a body supposed to partake of the ...
62962 zoophytological ZOOPHYTOLOGICAL, a. Pertaining to zoophytology.
62963 zoophytology ZOOPHYTOLOGY, n. [zoophyte, Gr., discourse.] The natural history of zoophytes.
62964 zootomist ZOOTOMIST, n. [See Zootomy.] One who dissects the bodies of brute animals; a comparative anatomist.
62965 zootomy ZOOTOMY, n. [Gr., an animal; to cut.] Anatomy; particularly, the dissecting of bodies of beasts or ...
62966 zoril ZORIL, n. A fetid animal of the weasel kind, found in South America.
62967 zuffolo ZUFFOLO, n. [L.] A little flute or flageolet, especially that which is used to teach birds.
62968 zumate ZUMATE, n. [See Zumic.] A combination of the zumic acid and a salifiable base.
62969 zumic ZUMIC, a. [Gr., ferment.] The zumic acid is procured from many accescent vegetable substances.
62970 zumological ZUMOLOGICAL, a. [See Zumology.] Pertaining to zumology.
62971 zumologist ZUMOLOGIST, n. One who is skilled in the fermentation of liquors.
62972 zumology ZUMOLOGY, n. [Gr., ferment; to ferment; discourse.] A treatise on the fermentation of liquors, or ...
62973 zumosimeter ZUMOSIMETER, n. [Gr., fermentation; to measure.] An instrument proposed by Swammerdam for ...
62974 zurlite ZURLITE, n. A newly discovered Vesuvian mineral, whose primitive form is a cube, or according to ...
62975 zygodactylous ZYGODACTYLOUS, a. [Gr., to join; a finger.] Having the toes disposed in pairs; distinguishing an ...
62976 zygomatic
62977 zymome ZIMOME, ZYMOME, n. [Gr.] One of the constituents of gluten.

Why 1828?

Words, the meaning and spelling of words have changed over many years. And I am always interested in how and Why. And more importantly the original meaning. I love words!

— Toni Watson (Cleveland, OH)

Word of the Day


MOR'TAL, a. [L. mortalis, from mors, death, or morior, to die, that is, to fall.]

1. Subject to death; destined to die. Man is mortal.

2. Deadly; destructive to life; causing death, or that must cause death; as a mortal wound; mortal poison.

The fruit

Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste

Brought death into the world, and all our woe--

3. Bringing death; terminating life.

Safe in the hand of one disposing power,

Or in the natal or the mortal hour.

4. Deadly in malice or purpose; as a mortal foe. In colloquial language, a mortal foe is an inveterate foe.

5. Exposing to certain death; incurring the penalty of death; condemned to be punished with death; not venial; as a mortal sin.

6. Human; belonging to man who is mortal; as mortal wit or knowledge; mortal power.

The voice of God

To mortal ear is dreadful.

7. Extreme; violent. [Not elegant.]

The nymph grew pale, and in a mortal fright--

MOR'TAL, n. Man; a being subject to death; a human being.

Warn poor mortals left behind.

It is often used in ludicrous and colloquial language.

I can behold no mortal now.

Random Word


CAR, CAER, CHAR, in names of places, is sometimes the Celtic Caer, a town or city, as in Caermarthen.

About 1828

First dictionary of the American Language!

Noah Webster, the Father of American Christian education, wrote the first American dictionary and established a system of rules to govern spelling, grammar, and reading. This master linguist understood the power of words, their definitions, and the need for precise word usage in communication to maintain independence. Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions.

This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies.

No other dictionary compares with the Webster's 1828 dictionary. The English language has changed again and again and in many instances has become corrupt. The American Dictionary of the English Language is based upon God's written word, for Noah Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions. This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies. From American History to literature, from science to the Word of God, this dictionary is a necessity. For homeschoolers as well as avid Bible students it is easy, fast, and sophisticated.




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