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Sunday - February 1, 2015

In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed... No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.
- Preface

1828 Noah Webster Dictionary
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1828 edition of Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language

1828 Noah Webster Dictionary


LEC'TION, n. [L. lectio, from lego, to read, Gr.]

1. A reading.

2. A difference or variety in copies of a manuscript or book.

3. A lesson or portion of Scripture read in divine service.


Why 1828?

I use it to do my daily devotions

— Crystal (Rockford, IL)

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LEV'EL, a. [Eng. sleek. L. libella, libra, belong to the root.]

1. Horizontal; coinciding with the plane of the horizon. To be perfectly level is to be exactly horizontal.

2. Even; flat; not having one part higher than another; not ascending or descending; as a level plain or field; level ground; a level floor or pavement. In common usage, level is often applied to surfaces that are not perfectly horizontal, but which have no inequalities of magnitude.

3. Even with any thing else; of the same height; on the same line or plane.

4. Equal in rank or degree; having no degree of superiority.

Be level in preferments, and you will soon be level in your learning.

LEV'EL, v.t.

1. To make horizontal.

2. To make even; to reduce or remove inequalities of surface in any thing; as, to level a road or walk.

3. To reduce or bring to the same height with something else.

And their proud structures level with the ground.

4. To lay flat; to reduce to an even surface or plain.

he levels mountains, and he raises plains.

5. To reduce to equality of condition, state or degree; as, to level all ranks and degrees of men.

6. To point, in taking aim; to elevate or depress so as to direct a missile weapon to an object; to aim; as, to level a cannon or musket.

7. To aim; to direct; as severe remarks leveled at the vices and follies of the age.

8. To suit; to proportion; as, to level observations to the capacity of children.

LEV'EL, v.i.

1. To accord; to agree; to suit. [Little used.]

2. To aim at; to point a gun or an arrow to the mark.

3. To aim at; to direct the view or purpose.

The glory of God and the good of his church, ought to be the mark at which we level.

4. To be aimed; to be in the same direction with the mark.

He raised it till he level'd right.

5. To aim; to make attempts.

Ambitious York did level at thy crown.

6. To conjecture; to attempt to guess. [Not used.]

LEV'EL, n.

1. A horizontal line, or a plane; a surface without inequalities.

2. Rate; standard; usual elevation; customary height; as the ordinary level of the world.

3. Equal elevation with something else; a state of equality.

Providence, for the most part, sets us on a level.

4. The line of direction in which a missile weapon is aimed.

5. An instrument in mechanics by which to find or draw a horizontal line, as in setting buildings, or in making canals and drains. The instruments for these purposes are various; as the air level, the carpenter's level, the mason's level, and the gunner's level.

6. Rule; plan; scheme: borrowed from the mechanic's level.

Be the fair level of thy actions laid. -

About 1828

First dictionary of the American Language!

Noah Webster, the Father of American Christian education, wrote the first American dictionary and established a system of rules to govern spelling, grammar, and reading. This master linguist understood the power of words, their definitions, and the need for precise word usage in communication to maintain independence. Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions.

This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies.

No other dictionary compares with the Webster's 1828 dictionary. The English language has changed again and again and in many instances has become corrupt. The American Dictionary of the English Language is based upon God's written word, for Noah Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions. This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies. From American History to literature, from science to the Word of God, this dictionary is a necessity. For homeschoolers as well as avid Bible students it is easy, fast, and sophisticated.




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