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In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed... No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.
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1828 Noah Webster Dictionary
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1828 edition of Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language

1828 Noah Webster Dictionary


LAUD, n. [L. laus, laudis; Gr. ; Eng. loud. See Loud.]

1. Praise; commendation; an extolling in words; honorable mention. [Little used.]

2. That part of divine worship which consists in praise.

3. Music or singing in honor of any one.

LAUD, v.t. [L. laudo.] To praise in words alone, or with words and singing; to celebrate.


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LIFT, v.t. [We retain this sense in shoplifter. L. levo, elevo.]

1. To raise; to elevate; as, to lift the foot or the hand; to lift the head.

2. To raise; to elevate mentally.

To thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. Ps. 25.

3. To raise in fortune.

The eye of the Lord lifted up his head from misery.

4. To raise in estimation, dignity or rank. His fortune has lifted him into notice, or into office.

The Roman virtues lift up mortal man.

5. To elate; to cause to swell, as with pride. Up is often used after lift, as a qualifying word; sometimes with effect or emphasis; very often, however, it is useless.

6. To bear; to support.

7. To steal, that is, to take and carry away. Hence we retain the use of shoplifter, although the verb in this sense is obsolete.

8. In Scripture, to crucify.

When ye have lifted up the Son of man. John 8.

1. To lift up the eyes, to look; to fix the eyes on.

Lot lifted up his eyes and beheld Jordan. Gen. 13.

2. To direct the desires to God in prayer. Ps. 121.

1. To lift up the head, to raise from a low condition; to exalt. Gen. 40.

2. To rejoice. Luke 21.

1. To lift up the hand, to swear, or to confirm by oath. Gen. 14.

2. To raise the hands in prayer. Ps. 28.

3. To rise in opposition to; to rebel; to assault.

2Sam. 18.

4. To injure or oppress. Job. 31.

5. To shake off sloth and engage in duty. Heb. 41.

To lift up the face, to look to with confidence, cheerfulness and comfort. Job. 22.

To lift up the face, to look to with confidence, cheerfulness and comfort. Job. 22.

To lift up the heel against, to treat with insolence and contempt.

To lift up the horn, to behave arrogantly or scornfully. Ps. 75.

To lift up the feet, to come speedily to one's relief.

Ps. 74.

To lift up the voice, to cry aloud; to call out, either in grief or joy. Gen. 21. Is. 24.

LIFT, v.i.

1. To try to raise; to exert the strength for the purpose of raising or bearing.

The body strained by lifting at a weight too heavy -

2. To practice theft. Obs.

LIFT, n.

1. The act of raising; a lifting; as the lift of the feet in walking or running.

The goat gives the fox a lift.

2. An effort to raise; as, give us a lift. [Popular use.]

3. That which is to be raised.

4. A dead lift, an ineffectual effort to raise; or the thing which the strength is not sufficient to raise.

5. Any thing to be done which exceeds the strength; or a state of inability; as, to help one at a dead lift.

6. A rise; a degree of elevation; as the lift of a lock in canals.

7. In Scottish, the sky; the atmosphere; the firmament.

8. In seamen's language, a rope descending from the cap and mast-head to the extremity of a yard. Its use is to support the yard, keep it in equilibrio, and raise the end, when occasion requires.

About 1828

First dictionary of the American Language!

Noah Webster, the Father of American Christian education, wrote the first American dictionary and established a system of rules to govern spelling, grammar, and reading. This master linguist understood the power of words, their definitions, and the need for precise word usage in communication to maintain independence. Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions.

This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies.

No other dictionary compares with the Webster's 1828 dictionary. The English language has changed again and again and in many instances has become corrupt. The American Dictionary of the English Language is based upon God's written word, for Noah Webster used the Bible as the foundation for his definitions. This standard reference tool will greatly assist students of all ages in their studies. From American History to literature, from science to the Word of God, this dictionary is a necessity. For homeschoolers as well as avid Bible students it is easy, fast, and sophisticated.




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