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In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed.. .No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.
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1828 Noah Webster Dictionary
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PLAIN, a. [L. planus; splendor. Gr. to wander.]

1. Smooth; even; level; flat; without elevations and depressions; not rough; as plain ground or land; a plain surface. In this sense, in philosophical writings, it is written plane.

2. Open; clear.

Our troops beat an army in plain fight and open field.

3. Void of ornament; simple; as a plain dress.

Plain without pomp, and rich without a show.

4. Artless; simple; unlearned; without disguise, cunning or affectation; without refinement; as men of the plainer sort.

Gen. 25.

Plain but pious christians--

5. Artless; simple; unaffected; unembellished; as a plain tale or narration.

6. Honestly undisguised; open; frank; sincere; unreserved. I will tell you the plain truth.

Give me leave to be plain with you.

7. Mere; bare; as a plain knave or fool.

8. Evident to the understanding; clear; manifest; not obscure; as plain words or language; a plain difference; a plain argument.

It is plain in the history, that Esau was never subject to Jacob.

9. Not much varied by modulations; as a plain song or tune.

10. Not high seasoned; not rich; not luxuriously dressed; as a plain diet.

11. Not ornamented with figures; as plain muslin.

12. Not dyed.

13. Not difficult; not embarrassing; as a plain case in law.

14. Easily seen or discovered; not obscure or difficult to be found; as a plain road or path. Our coarse is very plain. Ps.27.

A plain or plane figure, in geometry, is a uniform surface, from every point of whose perimeter right lines may be drawn to every other point in the same.

A plain figure, in geometry, is a surface in which, if any two points are taken,the straight line which joins them lies wholly in that surface.

A plain angle, is one contained under two lines or surfaces, in contradistinction to a solid angle.

PLAIN, adv. Not obscurely; in a manner to be easily understood.

1. Distinctly; articulately; as, to speak plain. Mark 7.

2. With simplicity; artlessly; bluntly.


1. Level land; usually, an open field with an even surface, or a surface little varied by inequalities; as all the plain of Jordan. Gen.13.

2. Field of battle.

PLAIN, v.t. To level; to make plain or even on the surface.

PLAIN, v.i. [L. plango.] To lament or wail. [Not used.] [See Complain.]


PLAIN-DE'ALING, a. [plain and deal.] Dealing or communicating with frankness and sincerity; honest; open; speaking and acting without art; as a plain-dealing man.

PLAIN-DE'ALING, n. A speaking or communicating with openness and sincerity; management without art, stratagem or disguise; sincerity.


PLA'IN-HE`ARTED, a. Having a sincere heart; communicating without art, reserve or hypocrisy; of a frank disposition.


PLAIN-HE`ARTEDNESS, n. Frankness of disposition; sincerity.


PLA'IN-SONG, n. The plain unvaried chant of churches; so called in contradistinction from the prick-song, or variegated music sung by note.


PLA'IN-SPOKEN, a. Speaking with plain, unreserved sincerity.


PLA'IN-WORK, n. Plain needlework, as distinguished from embroidery.


PLA'INLY, adv. With a level surface. [Little used.]

1. Without cunning or disguise.

2. Without ornament or artificial embellishment; as, to be plainly clad.

3. Frankly; honestly; sincerely; as, deal plainly with me.

4. In earnest; fairly.

5. In a manner to be easily seen or comprehended.

Thou shalt write on the stones all the words of this law very plainly. Deut.27.

6. Evidently; clearly; not obscurely. The doctrines of grace are plainly taught in the Scriptures.


PLA'INNESS, n. Levelness; evenness or surface.

1. Want of ornament; want of artificial show.

So modest plainness sets off sprightly wit.

2. Openness; rough, blunt or unrefined frankness.

Your plainness and your shortness please me well.

3. Artlessness; simplicity; candor; as unthinking plainness.

4. Clearness; openness; sincerity.

Seeing then we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech. 2 Cor.3.


PLAINT, n. [L. plango, to strike, to beat, to lament, whence complaint; Gr. to strike, from the root disused, whence, a stroke; L. plaga, Eng. plague.]

1. Lamentation; complaint; audible expression of sorrow.

From inward grief

His bursting passion into plaints thus pour'd.

2. Complaint; representation made of injury or wrong done.

There are three just grounds of war with Spain; one of plaints; two upon defense.

3. In law, a private memorial tendered to a court, in which the person sets forth his cause of action.

4. In law, a complaint; a formal accusation exhibited by a private person against an offender for a breach of law or a public offense.


PLA'INTFUL, a. Complaining; expressing sorrow with an audible voice; as my plaintful tongue.


PLA'INTIF, n. In law, the person who commences a suit before a tribunal, for the recovery of a claim; opposed to defendant.

[Prior uses this word as an adjective, in the French sense, for plaintive, but the use is not authorized.]


PLA'INTIVE, a. Lamenting; complaining; expressive of sorrow; as a plaintive sound or song.

1. Complaining; expressing sorrow or grief; repining.

To sooth the sorrows of her plaintive son.


PLA'INTIVELY ,adv. In a manner expressive of grief.


PLA'INTIVENESS, n. The quality or state of expressing grief.


PLA'INTLESS, a. Without complaint; unrepining.

1828 Noah Webster Dictionary


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My interests in marketing strategy are related to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial startups, and their perceptions. Specifically, how do they make sense of the information they perceive in the market place and how do these perceptions influence their marketing strategies for their entrepreneurial ideas.
An application of the Patent Rank Score will be used to validate the concept of economic development and firm value. Specifically, it will be shown that the Patent Rank Score will provide improved explanatory power over previous measures of radical innovation and firm performance. \citet{Mizik:2003} described the importance of strategic emphasis and value creation/appropriation on firm performance. In the analysis, firms were grouped into low-, stable-, and high- technology groups. In the first analysis, the firms are objectively grouped based on Patent Rank Scores. Further analysis will model firm performance based on stock returns and strategic emphasis \citep{Mizik:2003}. Mediation of innovation using Patent Rank Scores will also be considered.
There has been a call for 'new' patent data (Kortum - see Tellis et al. 2009). I believe that I can contribute to the field of marketing strategy by improving the data available, and describing its potential uses. The new data source allows for large and rich information regarding patents that can be used in many types of strategic analyses. The most recent run of these data consisted of 73 IT firms in the S&P 500. Collecting data from January 1996 to June 2009 provides over 192,000 patents with information about forward/backward citations, classification matches, and more. The programming process to run this list took nearly 36 hours as it had to analyze over 3 million patents to create the informative dataset. This is my definition of new data, and the process is continuous and ongoing: (1) All Patent Data has been harvest (8 million patents); (2) Parsed Data is currently being stored in database format; (3) Firm boundary issues [IBM, Internation Business Machines, mergers, misspellings, etc.]; (4) with an intent to do new modeling research on the patent data: (a) Diffusion of Radical Innovations (patents); (b) Patent Rank (e.g., Page Rank applied to patent network of citations) - structural and weighted ranks (e.g., classification matching); (c) EIQ; (d) Race to the Patent Office; (e) Patent Pending
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