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In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed.. .No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.
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1828 Noah Webster Dictionary
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1. A house consecrated to the worship of God, among Christians; the Lords house. This seems to be the original meaning of the word. The Greek, to call out or call together, denotes an assembly or collection. But, Lord, a term applied by the early Christians to Jesus Christ; and the house in which they worshipped was named from the title. So church goods, bona ecclesiastica; the Lords day, dies dominica.

2. The collective body of Christians, or of those who profess to believe in Christ, and acknowledge him to be the Savior of mankind. In this sense, the church is sometimes called the Catholic or Universal Church.

3. A particular number of christens, united under one form of ecclesiastical government, in one creed, and using the same ritual and ceremonies; as the English church; the Gallican church; the Presbyterian church; the Romish church; the Greek church.

4. The followers of Christ in a particular city or province; as the church of Ephesus, or of Antioch.

5. The disciples of Christ assembled for worship in a particular place, as in a private house. Col. 4.

6. The worshipers of Jehovah or the true God, before the advent of Christ; as the Jewish church.

7. The body of clergy, or ecclesiastics, in distinction from the laity. Hence, ecclesiastical authority.

8. An assembly of sacred rulers convened in Christs name to execute his laws.

9. The collective body of Christians, who have made a public profession of the Christian religion, and who are untied under the same pastor; in distinction from those who belong to the same parish, or ecclesiastical society, but have made no profession of their faith.

CHURCH, v.t. To perform with any one the office of returning thanks in the church, after any signal deliverance, as from the dangers of childbirth.


CHURCH-ALE, n. A wake or feast commemoratory of the dedication of the church.


CHURCH-ATTIRE, n. The habit in which men officiate in divine service.


CHURCH-AUTHORITY, n. Ecclesiastical power; spiritual jurisdiction.


CHURCH-BENCH, n. The seat in the porch of a church.


CHURCH-BURIAL, n. Burial according to the rites of the church.


CHURCH-DISCIPLINE, n. Discipline of the church, intended to correct the offenses of its members.


CHURCH-FOUNDER, n. He that builds or endows a church.


CHURCH-HISTORY, n. History of the Christian church; ecclesiastical history.


CHURCH-LAND, n. Land belonging to a church.


CHURCH-MEMBER, n. A member in communion with a church; a professor of religion.



1. The service of singing or chanting in a church.

2. Music suited to church service.


CHURCH-WARDEN, n. A keeper or guardian of the church, and a representative of the parish. Church-wardens are appointed by the minister, or elected by the parishioners, to superintend the church, its property and concerns, and the behavior of the parishioners. For these and many other purposes, they possess corporate powers.


CHURCH-WAY, n. The way, street or road that leads to the church.


CHURCH-WORK, n. Work carried on slowly.


CHURCH-YARD, n. The ground adjoining to a church in which the dead are buried; a cemetery.


CHURCHDOM, n. The government or authority of the church.


CHURCHING, n. The act of offering thanks in church after childbirth.


CHURCHLIKE, a. Becoming the church.



1. An ecclesiastic or clergyman; one who ministers in sacred things.

2. An episcopalian, as distinguished from a presbyterian or congregationalist, &c.


CHURCHSHIP, n. Institution of the church.

1828 Noah Webster Dictionary


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