REFER', v.t. [L. refero; re and fero, to bear.]

1. To direct, leave or deliver over to another person or tribunal for information or decision; as when parties to a suit refer their cause to another court; or the court refers a cause to individuals for examination and report. A person whose opinion is requested, sometimes refers the inquirer to another person or other source of information.

2. To reduce as to the ultimate end.

You profess and practice to refer all things to yourself.

3. To reduce; to assign; as to an order, genus or class. Naturalists are sometimes at a loss to know to what class or genus an animal or plant is to be referred.

To refer one's self, to betake; to apply. [Little used.]

REFER', v.i.

1. To respect; to have relation. Many passages of Scripture refer to the peculiar customs of the orientals.

2. To appeal; to have recourse; to apply.

In suits it is good to refer to some friend of trust.

3. To allude; to have respect to by intimation without naming. I refer to a well known fact.