1. Destruction; properly, the destruction of a ship or vessel on the shore. Hence,

2. The ruins of a ship stranded; a ship dashed against rocks or land and broken, or otherwise rendered useless by violence and fracture.

3. Dissolution by violence; ruin; destruction.

The wreck of matter and the crush of worlds.

4. The remains of any thing ruined; dead weeds and grass.

5. In metallurgy, the vessel in which ores are washed the third time.

6. Wreck, for wreak, is less proper. [See also Rack.]

WRECK, v.t.

1. To stand; to drive against the shore, or dash against rocks, and break or destroy. The ship Diamond of new York, was wrecked on a rock in Cardigan Bay, on the coast of Wales.

2. To ruin; as, they wreck their own fortunes.

3. Wreck, for wreak, is improper.

WRECK, v.i. To suffer wreck or ruin.