WRAP, v.t. pret. and pp. wrapped or wrapt.

1. To wind or fold together. John 20.

2. To involve; to cover by winding something round; often with up; as, to wrap up a child in its blanket; wrap the body well with flannel in winter.

I, wrapt in mist of midnight vapor, glide obscure.

3. To involve; to hide; as truth wrapt in tales.

4. To comprise; to contain.

Leontines young wife, in whom all his happiness was wrapped up, died in a few days after the death of her daughter.

5. To involve totally.

Things reflected on in gross and transiently, are thought to be wrapped in impenetrable obscurity.

6. To inclose.

7. To snatch up; to transport. This is an error. It ought to be rapt. [See Rap and Rapt.]