1. A circular frame of wood, iron or other metal, consisting of a nave or hub, into which are inserted spokes which sustain a rim or felly; the whole turning on an axis. The name is also given to a solid circular or round piece of wood or metal, which revolves on an axis. The wheel and axle constitute one of the mechanical powers.

2. A circular body.

3. A carriage that moves on wheels.

4. An instrument for torturing criminals; as an examination made by the rack and the wheel.

5. A machine for spinning thread, of various kinds.

6. Rotation; revolution; turn; as the vicissitude and wheel of things.

7. A turning about; a compass.

He throws his flight in many an airy wheel.

8. In pottery, a round board turned by a lathe in a horizontal position, on which the clay is shaped by the hand.