WARBLE, v.t. [G., to turn, whirl, warble; a whirl, a vortex; a turning bone or joint, L.]

1. To quaver a sound or the voice; to modulate with turns or variations. Certain birds are remarkable for warbling their songs.

2. To cause to quaver.

And touch the warbled string.

3. To utter musically; to be modulated.

If she be right invokd with warbled song.

Warbling sweet the nuptial lay.

WARBLE, v.i.

1. To be quavered or modulated.

Such strains neer warble in the linnets throat.

2. To be uttered melodiously; as warbling lays.

For warbling notes from inward cheering flow.

3. To sing.

Birds on the branches warbling.