WAG, v.t. To move one way and the other with quick turns; to move a little way, and then turn the other way; as, to wag the head.

Every one that passeth thereby shall be astonished, and wag his head. Jer. 18. Matt 27. [Wag expresses particulary the motion of the head and body used in buffoonery, mirth, derision, sport and mockery. It is applied also to birds and beasts; as, to wag the tail.]

WAG, v.i.

1. To be quick in ludicrous motion; to stir.

Tis merry in hall, where beards wag all.

Tremble and start at wagging of a straw.

2. To go; to depart; to pack offf.

I will provoke him tot, or let him wag.

3. To be moved one way and the other.

The resty sieve waggd neer the more.

WAG, n. A droll; a man full of low sport and humor; a ludicrous fellow.

We wink at wags, when they offend.

The counselor never pleaded without a piece of packthread in his hand, which he used to twist about his finger all the while he was speaking; the wags used to call it the thread of his discourse.