VA'CANCY, n. [L. vacans, from vaco, to be empty; Heb. to empty.]

1. Empty space; vacuity. [In this sense, vacuity is now generally used.]

2. Chasm; void space between bodies or objects; as a vacancy between two beams or boards in a building; a vacancy between two buildings; a vacancy between words in a writing.

3. The state of being destitute of an incumbent; want of the regular officer to officiate in a place. Hence also it signifies the office, post or benefice which is destitute of an incumbent; as a vacancy in a parish; vacancies in the treasury of war office. There is no vacancy on the bench of the supreme court.

4. Time of leisure; freedom from employment; intermission of business.

Those little vacancies from toils are sweet.

5. Listlessness; emptiness of thought.

6. A place or office not occupied, or destitute of a person to fill it; as a vacancy in a school.