TINGE, v.t. [L. tingo; Eng. to dye.] To imbue or impregnate with something foreign; to communicate the qualities of one substance, in some degree, to another, either by mixture, or by adding them to the surface; as, to tinge a blue color with red; an infusion tinged with a yellow color by saffron; to tinge a decoction with a bitter taste. The jaundice tinges the eyes with yellow.

The virtues of sir Roger, as well as his imperfections, are tinged with extravagance.

TINGE, n. Color; dye; taste; or rather a slight degree of some color, taste, or something foreign, infused into another substance or mixture, or added to it; tincture; as a red color that has a tinge of blue; a dish of food that has a tinge of orange peel in its taste.