THWART, a. thwort. [L. verto, versus.] Transverse; being across something else.

Mov'd contrary with thwart obliquities.

THWART, v.t. thwort. To cross; to be, lie or come across the direction of something.

Swift as a shooting star

In autumn thwarts the night.

1. To cross, as a purpose; to oppose; to contravene; hence, to frustrate or defeat. We say, to thwart a purpose, design or inclination; or to thwart a person.

If crooked fortune had not thwarted me.

The proposals of the one never thwarted the inclinations of the other.

THWART, v.i. To be in opposition.

--A proposition that shall thwart at all with these internal oracles. [Unusual and improper.]

THWART, n. The seat or bench of a boat on which the rowers sit.