THRILL, n. [See the Verb.] A drill.

1. A warbling. [See Trill.]

2. A breathing place or hole.

THRILL, v.t.

1. To bore; to drill; to perforate by turning a gimblet or other similar instrument. [But in the literal sense, drill is now chiefly or wholly used. Spenser used it literally in the clause, "with thrilling point of iron brand."]

2. To pierce; to penetrate; as something sharp.

The cruel word her tender heart so thrill'd,

That sudden cold did run through every vein

A servant that he bred, thrill'd with remorse.

THRILL, v.i. To pierce; to penetrate; as something sharp; particularly, to cause a tingling sensation that runs through the system with a slight shivering; as, a sharp sound thrills through the whole frame.

A faint cold fear thrills through my veins.

1. To feel a sharp shivering sensation running through the body.

To seek sweet safety out

In vaults and prisons; and to thrill and shake--