THREATEN, v.t. thret'n.

1. To declare the purpose of inflicting punishment, pain or other evil on another, for some sin or offense; to menace. God threatens the finally impenitent with everlasting banishment from his presence.

2. To menace; to terrify or attempt to terrify by menaces; as for extorting money.

To send threatening letters is a punishable offense.

3. To charge or enjoin with menace, or with implied rebuke; or to charge strictly.

Let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in his name. Acts 4.

4. To menace by action; to present the appearance of coming evil; as, rolling billows threaten to overwhelm us.

5. To exhibit the appearance of something evil or unpleasant approaching; as, the clouds threaten us with rain or a storm.