TEM'PERATURE, n. [L. temperature.]

1. In physics, the state of a body with regard to heat or cold, as indicated by the thermometer; or the degree of free caloric which a body possesses,when compared with other bodies. When a body applied to another, either excites the sensation of heat, or expands that body, we say it is of a higher temperature; that is, it possesses more free caloric. When it excites the sensation of cold, or contracts another body, it is said to be of a lower temperature. Thus we speak of the temperature of air, of water, of a climate, &c.; two countries of the same temperature.

2. Constitution; state; degree of any quality.

Memory depends upon the consistence and temperature of the brain.

3. Moderation; freedom from immoderate passions.

In that proud port, which her so goodly graceth,

Most goodly temperature you may descry.

[Not in use.]