STEREOTYPE, n. [Gr., fixed; type, form.]

1. Literally, a fixed metal type; hence, a plate of fixed or solid metallic types for printing books. Thus we say, a book is printed on stereotype, or in stereotype. In the latter use, the word seems rather to signify the workmanship or manner of printing, than the plate.

2. The art of making plates of fixed metallic types, or of executing work on such plates.


1. Pertaining to fixed metallic types.

2. Done on fixed metallic types, or plates of fixed types; as stereotype work; stereotype printing; a stereotype copy of the Bible.

STEREOTYPE, v.t. To make fixed metallic types or plates of type metal, corresponding with the words and letters of a book; to compose a book in fixed types; as, to stereotype the New Testament; certain societies have stereotyped the Bible.