PROFESS', v.t. [L. professus, profiteor; pro and fateor.]

1. To make open declaration of; to avow or acknowledge.

Let no man who professes himself a christian, keep so heathenish a family as not to see God by daily worshipped in it.

They profess that they know God, but in works they deny him. Tit.1.

2. To declare in strong terms.

Then will I profess to them, I never knew you. Matt.7.

3. To make a show of any sentiments by loud declaration.

To your professing bosoms I commit him.

4. To declare publicly one's skill in any art or science, for inviting employment; as, to profess one's self a physician; he professes surgery.

PROFESS', v.i. To declare friendship. [Not in use.]