P`ARCEL, n. [L. particula, particle, from pars, part.]

1. A part; a portion of any thing taken separately.

The same experiments succeed on two parcels of the white of an egg.

2. A quantity; any mass.

3. A part belonging to a whole; as in law, one piece of ground is part and parcel of a greater piece.

4. A small bundle or package of goods.

5. A number of persons; on contempt.

6. A number or quantity; in contempt; as a parcel of fair words.

P`ARCEL, v.t. To divide into parts or portions; as, to parcel an estate among heirs.

These ghostly kings would parcel out my power.

1. To make up into a mass. [Little used.]

To parcel a seam, in seamen's language, to lay canvas over it and daub it with pitch.