MU'SIC, n. s as z. [L. musica.]

1. Melody or harmony; any succession of sounds so modulated as to please the ear, or any combination of simultaneous sounds in accordance or harmony. Music is vocal or instrumental. Vocal music is the melody of a single voice, or the harmony of two or more voices in concert. Instrumental music is that produced by one or more instruments.

By music minds an equal temper know.

2. Any entertainment consisting in melody or harmony.

What music and dancing and diversions and songs are to many in the world, that prayers and devotions and psalms are to you.

3. The science of harmonical sounds, which treats of the principles of harmony, or the properties, dependencies and relations of sounds to each other. This may be called speculative or theoretical music.

4. The art of combining sounds in a manner to please the ear. This is practical music or composition.

5. Order; harmony in revolutions; as the music of the spheres.