LUXU'RIOUS, a. [L. luxuriosus, from luxo, to loosen; luxor, to riot.]

1. Voluptuous; indulging freely or excessively in the pleasures of the table, the gratification of appetite, or in rich and expensive dress and equipage; as a luxurious life; luxurious cities.

2. Administering to luxury; contributing to free or extravagant indulgence in diet, dress and equipage; as luxurious wealth.

3. Furnished with luxuries; as a luxurious table.

4. Softening by pleasure, or free indulgence in luxury; as luxurious ease.

5. Lustful; libidinous; given to the gratification of lust; as a luxurious bed.

6. Luxuriant; exuberant.

The work under our labor grows

Luxurious by restraint. [Not used.]