LIV'ING, ppr. [from live.]

1. Dwelling; residing; existing; subsisting; having life or the vital functions in operation; not dead.

2. a. Issuing continually from the earth; running; flowing; as a living spring or fountain; opposed to stagnant.

3. a. Producing action, animation and vigor; quickening; as a living principle; a living faith.

LIV'ING, n. He or those who are alive; usually with a plural signification; as in the land of the living.

The living will lay it to his heart. Eccles. 7.


1. Means of subsistence; estate.

He divided to them his living. Luke 15.

She of her want, did cast in all that she had, even all her living. Mark 41.

2. Power of continuing life. There is no living with a scold.

There is no living without trusting some body or other in some cases.

3. Livelihood. He made a living by his occupation. The woman spins for a living.

4. The benefice of a clergyman. He lost his living by non-conformity.