J`AR, v.i. To strike together with a short rattle or tremulous sound; to strike untunably or harshly; to strike discordantly; as a jarring sound.

A string may jar in the best master's hand.

1. To clash; to interfere; to act in opposition; to be inconsistent.

For orders and degrees

Jar not with liberty, but well consist.

2. To quarrel; to dispute; to clash in words.

3. To vibrate regularly; to repeat the same sound.

J`AR, v.t. To shake; to cause to tremble; to cause a short tremulous motion in a thing.

J`AR, n. A rattling vibration of sound; a shake; as a trembling jar.

1. A harsh sound; discord.

2. Clash of interest or opinions; collision; discord; debate.

And yet his peace is but continual jar.

3. The state of a door half open, or ready to move and strike the post.

4. Repetition of the noise made by the pendulum of a clock.

J`AR, n. A vessel with a large belly and broad mouth, made of earth or glass; as a jar of honey.

We say, an electrical battery of nine jars.

1. A certain measure; as a jar of oil.