INEQUAL'ITY, n. [L. inoequalitas; in and oequalis, equal.]

1. Difference or want of equality in degree, quantity, length, or quality of any kind; the state of not having equal measure, degree, dimensions or amount; as an inequality in size or stature; an inequality of number or of power; inequality of distances or of motions.

2. Unevenness; want of levelness; the alternate rising and falling of a surface; as the inequalities of the surface of the earth, or of a marble slab.

3. Disproportion to any office or purpose inadequacy; incompetency; as the inequality of terrestrial things to the wants of a rational soul.

4. Diversity; want of uniformity in different times or places, as the inequality of air or temperature.

5. Difference of rank, station or condition; as the inequalities of men in society; inequalities of rank or property.