IN'CIDENT, a. Falling; casual; fortuitous; coming or happening occasionally, or not in the usual course of things, or not according to expectation or in connection with the main design.

As the ordinary course of common affairs is disposed of by general laws, so man's rarer incident necessities and utilities should be with special equity considered.

A proposition introduced by who,which, whose, whom, &c. is called an incident proposition; as, Julius, whose surname was Caesar, overcame Pompey.

1. Happening; apt to happen; as intemperate passions incident to human nature; diseases incident to a climate; misfortunes incident to the poor.

2. Appertaining to or following the chief or principal. A court baron is incident to a manor.

IN'CIDENT, n. That which falls out; an event; casualty.

1. That which happens aside of the main design; an episode or subordinate action.

No person, no incident in a play but must be of use to carry on the main design.