INCH, n. [L. uncia, the twelfth part.]

1. A lineal measure in Great Britain and the United States, being the twelfth part of a foot,and equal to the length of three barley corns.

2. Proverbially, a small quantity or degree; as, to die by inches, to gain ground by inches.

3. A precise point of time.

Beldame, I think, we watch'd you at an inch. [Unusual.]

INCH, v.t. To drive by inches or small degrees. [Little used.]

1. To deal out by inches; to give sparingly. [Little used.]

INCH, v.i. To advance or retire by small degrees. [Little used.]

Inched, is added to words of number; as four-inched. But in American the common practice is to add only inch; as a seven-inch cable.