IMPROVEMENT, n. improov'ment. Advancement in moral worth, learning, wisdom, skill or other excellence; as the improvement of the mind or of the heart by cultivation; improvement in classical learning, science or mechanical skill; improvement in music; improvement in holiness.

1. Melioration; a making or growing better, or more valuable; as the improvement of barren or exhausted land; the improvement of the roads; the improvement of the breed of horses or cattle.

2. A valuable addition; excellence added, or a change for the better; sometimes with on.

The parts of Sinon, Camilla, and some few others, are improvements on the Greek poet.

3. Advance or progress from any state to a better.

There is a design of publishing the history of architecture, with its several improvements and decays.

4. Instruction; growth in knowledge or refinement; edification.

I look upon your city as the best place of improvement.

5. Use or employment to beneficial purposes; a turning to good account; as the improvement of natural advantages or spiritual privileges.

A good improvement of his reason.

6. Practical application; as the improvement of the doctrines and principles of a sermon.

I shall make some improvement of this doctrine.


7. The part of a discourse intended to enforce and apply the doctrines, is called the improvement.

8. Use; occupancy.

9. Improvements, plu.,valuable additions or melioration, as building, clearings, drains, fences, &c., on a farm.