HIGHT , n. hite, or hith.

1. Elevation above the ground; any indefinite distance above the earth. The eagle flies at a great hight, or highth.

2. The altitude of an object; the distance which any thing rises above its foot, basis or foundation; as the hight, or highth of a tower or steeple.

3. Elevation of a star or other celestial luminary above the horizon.

4. Degree of latitude either north or south. In this application, the distance from the equator is considered as elevation. Latitudes are higher as they approach the pole.

Guinea lieth to the north sea, in the same height as Peru to the south.

5. Distance of one thing above another.

6. An eminence; a summit; an elevated part of any thing.

7. A hill or mountain; any elevated ground; as the hights of Dorchester.

8. Elevation of rank; station of dignity or office.

By him that raised me to this careful height.

9. Elevation in excellence of any kind, as in power, learning, arts.

10. Elevation in fame or reputation.

11. Utmost degree in extent or violence; as the highth or hight of a fever, of passion, of madness, of folly, of happiness, of good breeding. So we say, the hight of a tempest.

12. Utmost exertion.

I shall now put you to the height of your breeding.

13. Advance; degree; progress towards perfection or elevation; speaking comparatively.

Social duties are carried to a greater height--by the principles of our religion.