HETEROGE'NEOUS, a. [Gr. other, and kind.] Of a different kind or nature; unlike or dissimilar in kind; opposed to homogeneous.

The light whose rays are all alike refrangible, I call simple, homogeneal and similar; and that whose rays are some more refrangible than others, I call compound, heterogeneal and dissimilar.

Heterogeneous nouns, are such as are of different genders in the singular and plural numbers; as hic locus, of the masculine gender in the singular, and hi loci and haec loca, both masculine and neuter in the plural. Hoc coelum, neuter in the singular; hi coeli, masculine in the plural.

Heterogeneous quantities, are those which are of such different kind and consideration, that one of them, taken any number of times, never equals or exceeds the other.

Heterogeneous surds, are such as have different radical signs.