HEEL, n. [L. calx; Gr. a tumor.]

1. The hind part of the foot, particularly of man; but it is applied also to the corresponding part of the feet of quadrupeds.

2. The whole foot.

The stag recalls his strength, his speed,

His winged heels--

3. The hind part of a shoe, either for man or beast.

4. The part of a stocking intended for the heel.

To be out at the heels, is to have on stockings that are worn out.

5. Something shaped like the human heel; a protuberance or knob.

6. The latter part; as, a bill was introduced into the legislature at the heel of the session.

7. A spur.

This horse understands the heel well.

8. The after end of a ship's keel; the lower end of the stern-post to which it is connected; also,the lower end of a mast.

To be at the heels, to pursue closely; to follow hard; also, to attend closely.

Hungry want is at my heels.

To show the heels, to flee; to run from.

To take to the heels, to flee; to betake to flight.

To lay by the heels, to fetter; to shackle; to confine.

To have the heels of, to outrun.

Neck and heels, the whole length of the body.

HEEL, v.i. To dance.

HEEL, v.t. To arm a cock.

1. To add a heel to; as, to heel a shoe.

HEEL v.i. To incline; to lean; as a ship; as, the ship heels a-port, or a star-board.