H`ARDLY, adv. [See Hard.] With difficulty; with great labor.

Recovering hardly what he lost before.

1. Scarcely; barely; almost not.

Hardly shall you find any one so bad, but he desires the credit of being thought good.

2. Not quite or wholly. The object is so distant we can hardly see it. The veal is hardly done. The writing is hardly completed.

3. Grudgingly, as an injury.

4. Severely; unfavorably; as, to think hardly of public measures.

5. Rigorously; oppressively. The prisoners were hardly used or treated.

6. Unwelcomely; harshly.

Such information comes very hardly and harshly to a grown man.

7. Coarsely; roughly; not softly.

Heaven was her canopy, bare earth her bed;

So hardly lodged.