H`ALF, n. h`af. plu.halves, pron. h`avz.

One equal part of a thing which is divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation; a moiety; as half a pound; half a tract of land; half an orange; half the miseries or pleasures of life. It is applied to quantity, number, length, and every thing susceptible of division. In practice, of is often or usually omitted after half. We say, half a pound; half a mile; half the number.

Half the misery of life.

H`ALF, v.t. To divide into halves. [See Halve.]

H`ALF, adv. In part, or in an equal part of degree.

Half loth, and half consenting.

In composition, half denotes an equal part; or indefinitely, a part, and hence, imperfect.