GANG, v.i. To go; to walk. [Local, or used only in ludicrous language.]

GANG, n. [G., a metallic vein, a streak in a mine.]

1. Properly, a going; hence, a number of going in company; hence, a company, or a number of persons associated for a particular purpose; as a gang of thieves.

2. In seamen's language, a select number of a ship's crew appointed on a particular service, under a suitable officer.

3. In mining, literally a course or vein, but appropriately the earthy, stony, saline or combustible substance which contains the ore of metals, or is only mingled with it, without being chemically combined. This is called the gang or matrix of the ore. It differs from a mineralizer, in not being combined with the metal.

[ This word, in the latter sense, is most unwarrantably and erroneously written gangue.]