FE'VER, n. [L. febris, supposed to be so written by transposition for ferbis, or fervis, from ferbeo, ferveo, to be hot.]

1. A disease, characterized by an accelerated pulse, with increase of heat, impaired functions, diminished strength, and often with preternatural thirst. This order of diseases is called by Cullen pyrexy, Gr. Fevers are often or generally preceded by chills or rigors, called the cold stage of the disease. Fevers are of various kinds, but the principal division of fevers is into remitting fevers, which subside or abate at intervals; intermitting fevers, which intermit or entirely cease at intervals; and continued or continual fevers, which neither remit nor intermit.

2. Heat; agitation; excitement by any thing that strongly affects the passions. This news has given me a fever. This quarrel has set my blood in a fever .

FE'VER, v.t. To put in a fever.