FA'VORABLE, a. [L. favorabilis.]

1. Kind; propitious; friendly; affectionate.

Lend favorable ear to our request.

Lord, thou hast been favorable to thy land. Ps. 85.

2. Palliative; tender; averse to censure.

None can have the favorable thought that to obey a tyrant's will they fought.

3. Conducive to; contributing to; tending to promote. A salubrious climate and plenty of food are favorable to population.

4. Convenient; advantageous; affording means to facilitate, or affording facilities. The low price of labor and provisions is favorable to the success of manufactures. The army was drawn up on favorable ground. The ship took a station favorable for attack.

The place was favorable for making levies of men.

5. Beautiful; well favored. obs.