EQUIV'OCAL, a. [Low L. oequivocus; oequus, equal, and vox, a word. See Vocal.]

1. Being of doubtful signification; that may be understood in different senses; capable of a double interpretation; ambiguous; as equivocal words, terms or senses. Men may be misled in their opinions by the use of equivocal terms.

2. Doubtful; ambiguous; susceptible of different constructions; not decided. The character of the man is somewhat equivocal. His conduct is equivocal.

3. Uncertain; proceeding from some unknown cause, or not from the usual cause. Equivocal generation is the production of animals without the intercourse of the sexes, and of plants without seed. This doctrine is now exploded.

EQUIV'OCAL, n. A word or term of doubtful meaning, or capable of different meanings.