EASE, n. s as z. [L. otium.]

1. Rest; an undisturbed state. Applied to the body, freedom from pain, disturbance, excitement or annoyance. He sits at his ease. He takes his ease.

2. Applied to the mind, a quiet state; tranquillity; freedom from pain, concern, anxiety, solicitude, or any thing that frets or ruffles the mind.

His soul shall dwell at ease. Ps.25.

Wo to them that are at ease in Zion. Amos.6.

3. Rest from labor.

4. Facility; freedom from difficulty or great labor. One man will perform this service with ease. This author writes with ease.

5. Freedom from stiffness, harshness, forced expressions, or unnatural arrangement; as the ease of style.

6. Freedom from constraint or formality; unaffectedness; as ease of behavior.

At ease, in an undisturbed state; free from pain or anxiety.