1. The action of disclosing to view, or bringing to light; as, by the discovery of a plot, the public peace is preserved.

2. Disclosure; a making known; as, a bankrupt is bound to make a full discovery of his estate and effects.

3. The action of finding something hidden; as the discovery of lead or silver in the earth.

4. The act of finding out, or coming to the knowledge of; as the discovery of truth; the discovery of magnetism.

5. The act of espying; first sight of; as the discovery of America by Columbus, or of the Continent by Cabot.

6. That which is discovered, found out or revealed; that which is first brought to light, seen or known. The properties of the magnet were an important discovery. Redemption from sin was a discovery beyond the power of human philosophy.

7. In dramatic poetry, the unraveling of a plot, or the manner of unfolding the plot or fable of a comedy or tragedy.