DECOCT'IVE, a. That may be easily decocted.

DECOCT'URE, n. A substance drawn by decoction.

DE'COLLATE, v.t. To behead.

DE'COLLATED, pp. Beheaded.

DECOLLA'TION, n. [L. to behead; the neck.] The act of beheading; the act of cutting off the neck of an animal, and severing the head from the body. It is especially used of St. John the Baptist, and of a painting which represents his beheading.

DECOLORA'TION, n. Absence of color.

DE'COMPLEX, a. Compounded of complex ideas.

DECOMPO'SABLE, a. That may be decomposed; capable of being resolved into its constituent elements.

DECOMPO'SE, v.t. To separate the constituent parts of a body or substance; to disunite elementary particles combined by affinity or chimical attraction; to resolve into original elements.

DECOMPO'SED, pp. Separated or resolved into the constituent parts.

DECOMPO'SING, ppr. Separating into constituent parts.

DECOMPOS'ITE, a. Compounded a second time; compounded with things already composite.