DECI'DENCE, n. A falling off.

DECI'DER, n. One who determines a cause or contest.

DECI'DING, ppr. Determing; ending; concluding.

DECID'UOUS, a. [L. to fall.] Falling; not perennial or permanent. In botany, a deciduous leaf is one which falls in autumn; a deciduous calyx, is that which falls after the corol opens; distinguished from permanent.

DECID'UOUSNESS, n. The quality of falling once a year.

DEC'IGRAM, n. A French weight of one tenth of a gram.

DE'CIL, n. An aspect or position of two planets, when they are distant from each other a tenth part of the zodiac.

DEC'ILITER, n. A French measure of capacity equal to one tenth of a liter.