DEB'ILE, a. Relaxed; weak; feeble; languid; faint; without strength.

DEBIL'ITATE, v.t. To weaken; to impair the strength of; to enfeeble; to make faint or languid. Intemperance debilitates the organs of digestion. Excessive indulgence debilitates the system.

DEBIL'ITATED, pp. Weakened; enfeebled; relaxed.

DEBIL'ITATING, ppr. Weakening; enfeebling; impairing strength.

DEBILITA'TION, n. The act of weakening; relaxation.

DEBIL'ITY, n. Relaxation of the solids; weakness; feebleness; languor of body; faintness; imbecility; as, morbid sweats induce debility.

DEB'IT, n. [L. debitum, from debeo, to owe.] Debt. It is usually written debt. But it is used in mercantile language, as the debit side of an account.

DEB'IT, v.t.