DA'YCOAL, n. A name given by miners to the upper stratum of coal.

DA'YDREAM, n. A vision to the waking senses.

DA'YFLOWER, n. A genus of plants, the Commelina.

DA'YFLY, n. A genus of insects that live one day only, or a very short time called Ephemera. The species are numerous, some of which live scarcely an hour, others, several days.

DA'YLABOR, n. Labor hired or performed by the day.

DAYLABORER, n. One who works by the day.

DAY'LIGHT, n. The light of the day; the light of the sun, as opposed to that of the moon or of a lamp or candle.

DA'YLILY, n. The same with asphodel. A species of Hemerocallis.

DA'YLY, a. The more regular orthography of daily.

DA'YSMAN, n. An umpire or arbiter; a mediator.