DA'TED, pp. Having the time of writing or execution specified; having the time of happening noted.

DA'TELESS, a. Having no date; having no fixed term.

DA'TER, n. One that dates.

DA'TING, ppr. Expressing the time of writing or of executing a paper or instrument; noting the time of happening, or originating.

DA'TIVE, a. In grammar, the epithet of the case of nouns, which usually follows verbs that express giving, or some act directed to am object. Thus, datur tibi, it is given to you; missum est illi, it was sent to him; fecit mihi, he made or did to or for me; loquebatur illis, he spoke to them. It also follows other words expressing something to be given to a person or for his benefit; as, utilis vobis, useful to you. In English, this relation is expressed by to or for.