1. Nice; pleasing to the palate; of exquisite taste; delicious; as dainty food.

2. Delicate; of acute sensibility; nice in selecting what is tender and good; squeamish; soft; luxurious; as a dainty taste or palate; a dainty people.

3. Scrupulous in manners; ceremonious.

4. Elegant; tender; soft; pure; neat; effeminately beautiful; as dainty hands or limbs.

5. Nice; affectedly fine; as a dainty speaker.


1. Something nice and delicate to the taste; that which is exquisitely delicious; a delicacy.

Be not desirous of dainties, for they are
deceitful meat. Prov. xxiii

2. A term of fondness.

Why, that's my dainty. Shak.