1. An expression of civility, respect or regard; as, to send, or make ones compliments to an absent friend. In this application, the plural is always used.

He observed few compliments in matter of arms.

2. A present or favor bestowed. My friend made me a compliment of Homers Iliad.


1. To praise; to flatter by expressions of approbation, esteem or respect.


Should compliment their foes, and shun their friends.

She compliments Menelaus very handsomely.

2. To congratulate; as, to compliment a prince on the birth of a son.

3. To bestow a present; to manifest kindness or regard for, by a present or other favor.

He complimented us with tickets for the exhibition.

COMPLIMENT, v.i. To pass compliments; to use ceremony, or ceremonious language.

I make the interlocutors upon occasion compliment with each other.