CARVE, v.t.

1. To cut into small pieces or slices, as meat at tale.

2. To cut wood, stone or other material into some particular form, with an instrument, usually a chisel; to engrave; to cut figures or devices on hard materials.

3. To make or shape by cutting; as, to carve an image.

4. To apportion; to distribute; to provide at pleasure; to select and take, as to ones self, or to select and give to another.

5. To cut; to hew.

To care out, is to cut out, or to lay out, by design; to plan.

CARVE, v.t.

1. To cut up meat; followed sometimes by for; as, to carve for all the quests.

2. To exercise the trade of a sculptor.

3. To engrave or cut figures.

CARVE, n. A carucate.