CAKE, n.

1. A small mass of dough baked; or a composition of flour, butter, sugar, or other ingredients, baked in a small mass. The name is applied to various compositions, baked or cooked in different shapes.

2. Something in the form of a cake, rather flat than high, but roundish; as a cake on a tree.

3. A mass of matter concreted; as a cake of ice.

In New England, a piece of floating ice in a river or lake.

4. A hard swelling on the flesh; or rather a concretion without such swelling.

CAKE, v.t. To form into a cake or mass.

CAKE, v.i. To concrete, or form into a had mass, as dough in an oven, or as flesh or any other substance.

CAKE, v.i. To cackle.