BUSH, n. [L. pasco, originally, to feed on sprouts.]

1. A shrub with branches; a thick shrub; also, a cluster of shrubs. With hunters, a fox tail.

2. An assemblage of branches interwoven.

3. A branch of a tree fixed or hung out as a tavern sign. Hence, since the branch has been discontinued, a coronated frame of wood hung out as a tavern sign, is so called. Hence the English proverb, "Good wine needs no bush."

[I know not that this word is thus used in the U. States.]

4. A circle of metal let into the sheaves of such blocks as have iron pins, to prevent their wearing.

This word when applied to sheaves is called bush, but when applied to the circular iron of a cart wheel is, in America, called a box.

BUSH, v.i. To grow thick or bushy.

BUSH, v.t. To furnish a block with a bush.